Ladies and Gents… Kira Davis

Try not to fall too much in love with ‘er y’all. she’s married. But we do luvs ‘er!

  • sybilll

    I’ve already fallen in love with her Zo, and her husband is a lucky man. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Zo when I attend the premiere of Runaway Slave in Memphis. I will proudly be wearing my Breitbart Is Here t-shirt. Dang Zo, still so amazing seeing your incredible success. Well deserved my friend.

  • Love it Kira & love your work Zo! looking forward to reading your fictional writing one day as well. This is very honest & heartfelt 🙂

  • georgi

    Dear Alphonso,
    I am so sad for Kira’s experiences, and I understand how hurtful it can be! Growing up as a poor white child, I was continually put down by all races, snubbed daily, called ‘honky, and other very mean things, (I will not go into details) and though it hurt and I did not understand, I never wanted to return that hate and now I believe it is because God’s example of love (my Mom taught me to love, forgive, give before receiving, etc.) I feel sorry for those people that do not know real LOVE! Thanks to our loving God, we will live a new life in eternity with no tears!Sincerely, Debbie (georgi)
    P.S. Thank you for a straightforward program that we can all relate to! (ZoNation, of course) I am subscribed.

  • Vincent

    HUZZAH KIRA!!!!!

  • WOW!!! Kira YOU are absolutely amazingly beautiful and brave…You left no stone unturned. You put his UGLY words in the proper light and EXPOSED his hatred for what it truly is. This should go viral! He need to apologize or be fired.

  • Sgt63b

    Very well said Kira.

  • Audrey

    Kira is so right, and she as had all the experiences that make her able to stand there and say what she did. I’ve seen so many people so quick to play the race card, and this Democratic party along with their followers are doing so with gusto. If you disagree with Obama, you do it because he’s black, not because he’s just a bad president…come on everything is not about race, yet the democrats are trying to make it only about that. If a person has not walked a mile in another persons shoes, then they have not right to say the things they do, and Kira seems to have walked that mile, so Toure, maybe you need to walk that mile yourself. Race should never be an issue, the record of what they did while in office, the way they voted, the money they spent, the programs they sliced/made, what kind of president this man has been in the last 4 years is the only thing we need to look at, and well, from what I’ve seen/experienced, it’s time for a CHANGE, and I HOPE we get one.

  • I’m a Christian, conservative, white woman living in the heart of the “bible-belt”. What irks me about the race baiting the liberals are intent upon, is the fact that Obama is only half black. His other half is as white as I am, and I don’t agree with it either. I don’t like his white Vice President, his white director of homeland security, his white campaign manager etc. Obama was raised in a white household with a white mother and grandparents, yet none of this is mentioned when a white American disagrees with his policies and performance. Black liberals condemn us white conservatives with rabid zeal, and insinuate that we owe them something because their ancestors were once slaves in this country. Well, I have news for them, “Read your Bible!”….unless one is a direct descendant of Egyptian royalty, WE’RE ALL DESCENDED FROM SLAVES. White Americans didn’t create slavery, many of us destroyed it in this country. It’s because of white Republicans, that black Americans gained their freedom. ( I actually learned that from you Mr. Rachel). I find it beyond despicable that liberals continue to throw race into the mix. Race, is the least of Americas problems. As bad as our economy, deficit, immigration policy, energy policy, small business destruction etc. are, I think the REAL danger to America is our moral decline. Our society has become so anti-God/ pro-every other false idol…we have no moral compass left and as such our once great nation is crumbling. May God have mercy on us.

  • fliteking

    Well stated, smarter than most adults twice her age.

    The last minute of the vid is an upper cut followed by a round-house that connects!

  • Michael

    Go Kira! CNN and the Democrats are involved directly in their own “Black on Black” crime by using this kind of rhetoric.

  • Isil

    What a beautiful lady! And smart, too!!

  • sotr

    WOW !! BRAVO Kira . Incredibly brave of you to publicly say something that is patently obvious. Your comments about the cheapening of racism equally apply to people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, people who are doing immense damage, selling out the very people they claim to speak for, for their own personal gain. It is revolting and frankly I cant for the life of me understand how the vast majority of people dont see it for what it is and shun these charlatans.

  • Oh Kira! God love you! I agree with you completely!!!

  • Isle Say

    I think there is still hope for our country. Thank you Kira and Zo – love you!!!

  • Very well done Kira. I hope you get to deliver that face to face. As a white man, I am angered by the casual bandying of the term “racist” at anything the left doesn’t agree with, yet I can’t reason with people who don’t listen as they have already dismissed anything I say on those biased terms.
    I object to massive entitlement programs with no resonsibility attached – I am called racist; a candidate says blacks should demand paychecks not foodstamps, they are racist. But begining a discussion about the issue, demographics etc and the very same liberals then hide behind the relative quantities of people on entitlements to assert that more whites are on foodstamps than blacks. While this is true since there are roughly 3 times as many in the population, if its true then ending foodstamps really wouldn’t be “racist” would it? Only, percentage of each population on those programs is higher among minorities in many areas – liberals change the basis of their cited statistics to apply or dodge the term while totally misusing it. They certainly do though, ge the ugly basis of it, that is why it is an effective smear.

    It is encouraging to see people like yourself speak up about what racism really is. Keep up the good work, other stuff I have seen from you is very well reasoned and presented.

  • Brude

    Hopefully Toure will see how he is being used and come to his senses. He has done an injustice to all those who have felt the pain of true racism. God bless you, Kira.

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