Examining Biden’s, “They Gon’ Put Y’all Back In Chains” Statement.

Considering the crap that Joe Biden says, I’m just gonna call ’em, Joe “Butt Mouth” Biden. Biden, a typical democrat is trying to pander to the black community, and qualify white liberals as the “for the black folk” party by projecting their racist history on to the republican party. Let’s examine that in thisZoNation video Shall we!? -Zo

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  • Autonomy Radio

    Nailed it again Zo, but unfortunately its like trying to drive wet spaghetti through a brick wall when it comes to trying to drive truth into the liberal skull. Come to think of it, maybe their heads ARE full of wet spaghetti…hmmm…

  • Zachariah

    Zo, old friend, I still enjoy your video’s…I spread the word about you every chance I get…miss those days when WiseMan and Superslave would jam! Be cool, and keep this up….RUN FOR OFFICE.

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