Left Wingers Shoot The Bullets, And Right Wingers Bite The Bullets

From PJTV: Liberals have no respect for the First Amendment. They do not believe in freedom of religion, and hide their hate by accusing others of anger and violence. They even accuse Christians of being extremists because of their opposition to abortion. Check out more in this ZoNation video!

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  • ArgoNunya

    Well put. Although I would recommend a revisit to the term “liberal” in which there is no tolerance of the views, let alone rights, of others. I believe the old fashioned “liberals” were not big government leftists like those considered “liberals” today. Let’s face it, they and the Democrat party are the voice of government, just like Nazis (yes, they were leftists too), communists, and their wannabes, socialists.

  • Evermyrtle

    When it comes to abortion and homosexuality, I am extreme. They both are an abomination to GOD. And you are an extremist or you don’t care one way or the other very much. I am dead set against both of these evils, as are all Christians should be.

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