Hey, Look Y’all!!! Vaginas!!!

That’s not me saying that. That’s the antics of Code Pink. Dan Joseph loads up on anti-biotics and walks among the vagina clad Code Pinkos who truly represent everything bad about the attribute they claim to hold in such worshipful feminist esteem.

  • Actually, my husband votes Republican because I introduced him to Thomas Sowell. Guess these ladies can’t get past their fascination with their vaginas long enough to read books about economics. Poor dears.

    • their vaginas are inside out!!

  • The day my husband tells me how to vote will NEVER come…It just so happens that we, mostly, agree. We’ve voted for very different people in primaries before and it will happen again. As much as I love him I don’t think he is always right…BTW anyone dressed as a vagina and that thinks it shows “strength” has got to have some screws missing. Lady: It shows you are a kook

  • elmersvilegirl

    my hubby also votes republican because of what i’ve shared with him!

  • DBlair

    How insulting that they assume any woman who thinks differently than they do is being “told by their husbands” how to vote. I am a woman. I have been raped. I was lucky not to become pregnant by it, but had I been I would have had the baby. If I couldn’t live with the child, I would have given it up for adoption. Zo, you and I went to high school with a girl that gang raped and became pregnant from it. She kept the baby and now there is a wonderful 20yr old son in her life. Code Pink disgusts me.

    • otdblair, you are a saint! Mothers are Mothers to at least let the child be born! millions would love to adopt

    • panors77

      Funny……. I’d seen a documentary on women who’d had abortions. MANY/most also can’t live with themselves and are remorseful. Many are in counseling trying to come to grips with what they’d done.

  • Oh my… just goes to show that liberal women can’t put two and two together… they aren’t listening nor do they care to… I’m sorry for those that can’t do more than “think vagina”. 😉

  • fliteking

    Group aggregate IQ = 57

    • mr_bad_example

      ummm…. you’re using the “new math” where you multiply everything by obama’s 57 states, i’m assuming…

  • Brooke

    WOW! I thought this was a Saturday Night Live bit at first but no…. It
    really is a bunch of dumb vagina’s. God Bless America, Land that I
    love!!!! I say send a care package filled with heavy flow Maxi Pads,
    super size tampons, Midol, and some bubble bath! They are such angry

    • mr_bad_example

      or a truckload of econo-sized douche bags 😉

  • MikeR

    So now, since nowhere in the Republican platform does it say what they were told it said, I wonder if they enjoyed flashing their vaginae. Better put, made to look like fools.

  • pep

    I am completely insulted, as well, as a woman and also an attendee at the Tea Party rally in my small hometown (which currently has an unemployment rate of at least 24% last time I checked). I hate that my womanhood somehow lumps me in with these loones and, despite my severe disagreement with the majority of Liberal stances on issues that warrant legislation and, of course, those that only do so under such a large government that seems to be their preference, I could never fathom wishing death upon any candidates, how shameful. I enjoy staying informed and involved, but any time I attempt discourse with those who express opinions different than mine with the ignorance and arrogance as shown in this video, I get so damn frustrated. I’ve been called racist and a woman who has no respect for herself simply because I disagree with so much government funding for the reasons obvious to anyone reading this forum right now. Ugh, thanks for all your efforts Zo!!!

  • DO NOT understand women who tout female genitalia (or breasts, for that matter) as a political statement. And then wonder why no one is interested in their “minds”.

    I’m not saying it wouldn’t be a nice idea if the human body weren’t viewed as a sexual, forbidden object, but we certainly are not going to generate respect for it by putting it on full display in a hypersexualized culture as a banner to gather under. This is the real world.

  • venicementor

    Oh my god!! There is no hope. Idiocracy prevails and the whole nation is going to have to go down to it’s knees before those, who can and will make a difference, vote with wisdom and logic and not their emotion. We may have to go through four more years of pure idiocy, total ruin and hopefully the eradication of this type of thinking.

    • panors77

      It’ll be MORE than “4 more years” if BO gets back in……that’s a big point.

  • nightingayle

    they are fools and too dumb to see it

  • Sam

    Code Pink always seems to get on the wrong side of issues. Remember when they went to the Gaza strip and tried to get in with their boat? They are a sick bunch of people and they sure don’t represent real women who have good sense.

  • Bruce O’H.

    Code Pink=Allies of Hamas

    • panors77

      Code Pink=wanna be communists. They really need to change to RED….seriously, heh.

  • Lari

    All these people need locked up at Gitmo!

  • Strait Arrow

    What is wrong with these women? Do they think they are doing anything for their cause? I am sooo glad they belong to the Dem’s.. I wouldn’t want to claim them as someone supporting my candidate. These people are so ignorant and do not get it. They are like sheep to the slaughter house The only thing that works with what they are doing is where their head is because it is up their _ _ _!!

  • mr_bad_example

    i don’t think any of them code pinkers have a worry about the possibility of reproducing, unless they get too close to a drunken/drugged OWS POS

  • panors77

    Soooo…..it’s “ok” that the dem party has been taken over by communists then? PHEH!! The one older lady sitting talking about profit like it’s an evil thing. Right out of the manifesto….wow.

  • RonMar

    Where is Cindy What’s-her-face who camped out on the road to President Bush’s home in Crawford, TX? I haven’t seen or heard from here in awhile.

  • Whoa, what a bunch of simpletons with NO COMMON SENSE! Idiots have reached a new high.

  • jimpeel

    Why one would display a vagina that looks worn out, used up, and would accept a dump truck driving through it is beyond me. As George Carlin used to say about feminists in his routines “Who’d want to f— them anyway?”

  • Bill L

    Code Pink thinks there is a war on women. What will they say when they’re relegated to wearing show no skin clothes or having stones thrown at them for small infractions? I t seems as though sharia is making inroads into our way of life.

  • This video is why the Framers didn’t include suffrage for women in the original Constitution, and why Salem had Witch Trials…

  • Stupidity is abundant with the liberals. It’s sad that they are so stupid they don’t see that they are advertising that they are idiots! These people are not only a disgrace to themselves, but they are a disgrace to all of America.

  • Ken

    Where do these “Idiots” come from???

  • KWKid

    “Romney is a businessman, and that means profit, and that means somebody is being
    disenfranchised.” Wow! So she wants nobody to make a profit and the government to
    grow money on trees. Brilliant!

  • NPC

    Birds of a feather fly together.

  • JC in SC

    Their IQ’s, or lack thereof are showing.

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