Wait! You’re Punishing the Wrong One!

At the end of the day, the pro-abortion liberals are just trying to justify the slaughtering of the innocent.

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  • Absolutely perfect. You should redo that skit with a little better production quality and see about getting it aired.

  • …another thing to add, people call us insensitive for criticizing women, making the choice to have an abortion hard and stressful, when it’s already the most difficult decision of their life. To that I say, it should be a difficult decision! It should be such a difficult decision that no one would decide to go through with it! The only reason the decision is so difficult is because they already know it’s wrong, are having a difficult time rationalizing it. The absolute worse thing you could do for that woman is allow her to go through with it, emotionally scarring her for life.

  • Knollibe

    How about we move forward and let abortion laws stand. I am a registered republican and am sick and tired of the non issue abortion arguement again and again. Deal with it. Booze is legal, abortion is legal and slavery is not legal. Lets get on with the real issues. This abortion issue will split the party and give obama another 4 years.

    • Truth

      My friend, in the end the abortion law should not stand. It is bad law. Show me, in the constitution or in the declaration of independence where there is a “right” to abortion or privacy. You cannot, it is not there. The decision was made by a man who did not have the fortitude to stand up for what was right and instead relied on the opinion of his wife and daughter, not the existing law.

      Then there is the argument for the health of women. Many women that go through this procedure and end up having mental problems (guilt from knowing what they did was wrong), physical problems (not being able to have a child in the future or other physical problems) and in the worst case death, but women are not told of these possibilities before the procedure is done.

      You are complicit in the damage done by the myths of the pro abortion lobby. Stand up and get a pair. You cannot argue for what is right in one area of life (economics, taxes, personal property, etc) with out standing up for what is right in ALL areas of life.

      You are a hypocrite

  • Sam

    What is worse is how the the democrats stand up for gay marriage. Sick!

  • Alfonzo, you are smart, keep it up and be careful! Enjoy your thoughts.

  • Concerning the RNC Convention, the power mongers do not want to share power, they know the new movement(true conservatism) within the party will push them out, therefore they got rid Of Ron Paul, they did not want Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman., business as usual is the order of the day and Mitt is their boy!

  • Dude, the more I watch your vids, the better they get. God bless you!

  • Anita

    Have been watching these videos for several months; really enjoy them. Keep on telling the truth!

  • NEIL


  • Alfonzo, If you ever wonder if you’re accomplishing anything. You are. You really put me to thinking tonight.

  • Big D

    Just came across your site a couple of weeks ago, can’t get enough !!!!!! One of the few who see this countries government crystal clear
    I love it a true conservative and a man who is telling it how it is.

  • Blonde Justice

    Alonzo you go man! Keep speaking the truth. I will pray for you to continue to speak with boldness.

  • SmithWinston6478

    Alfonzo, Most sincere thanks for your courage and dedication trying to saving America! Since first learning of your efforts, I have enthusiastically hyperlinked many friends and acquaintances to your videos. Your reasoning and logic are all but impossible to dispute.

  • Brother, you have said just about ALL of it. Go, man, GO!

  • Chris

    Take your stupid religion and take it back to the dark ages. This planet is overpopulated because of religious clowns who want their religion to be the biggest. We are not “promoting” abortion. We want women to have the right to control their own bodies. We want women to live and not have old religious nutcases like the Roman Catholic bishops tell them they have to die. A fetus isn’t even an “innocent”. It is note even “aware”. Do you remember when you were born – NO – I didn’t think so. We want women to live. We want girls that are raped by their fathers to have a complete life.
    Liberals are mostly more intelligent than you clowns who grovel under the submission of a man made god. Believing in an impossible heaven, reading the same old fiction in the Bible over and over again and yet you still cannot agree on which is the right religion. Even Mitt and Ryan worship different fictional cults.
    The Republicans said they would work on giving us jobs at the last election – instead they lied and and concentrated on social issues that do nothing but evoke control instead of the freedom they say they are for.
    Another bunch of liars for Jesus.

    • All this is being said by someone who has their life! You will have to stand before God and give an account for your actions. This is true whether you believe it or not!

    • Beachtennisguy

      Religion that takes care of orphans, feeds, clothes, and houses the poor, and provides a coherent explanation for life, is stupid? The earth is not overpopulated, except by fools who oppose Judeo-Christianity and capitalism, and worship worthless gods. There are at least two persons involved in an abortion. Nothing-created-everything is what nutcases believe. Innocent human life is not dependent on being “aware.” Were you “aware” during your last major surgery? You want women to live – except the millions who were aborted thanks to your culture of death. Murdering the unborn is not normally necessary to give the mother a “complete” life. If you want to see a “complete” life, watch the videos of women who were conceived as part of a rape and not successfully aborted. The God of the Bible is not man-made Anyone who worships another god, including himself, worships a worthless god. Heaven is impossible? Why, because you pretend that life is some kind of freakish accident, without meaning, purpose, or consequences? Fiction in the Bible? Like “Thou shalt not murder” the God of love and mercy, and the 2500 inerrant prophecies, all but 500 of which have been fulfilled? The biggest fictional cult is nothing-created-everything atheism. The next biggest lie is that more government brings about utopia. That’s Obama’s lie. It’s the Marxist clown in the White House who wants control, control over health care, General Motors, the economy, our money, our lives. It’s the same failed atheist/Marxist power-grabbing delusions that turn countries into hellholes like North Korea, Cuba, and Zimbabwe. Only masterminds and their useful idiots want four more years of Marxist destruction.

  • Awesome, Alfonzo! Oh for the ability to hack into the DemonicRATs’ sound system today and patch THAT in. 🙂 (The RNC convention could have benefited too.)

  • Abortion is Hellcare!

  • Cosmo

    Zo, it’s time you put on a suit and run for Congress!

  • Love this guy!!

  • Great message Alphonzo, keep up the good work!!

  • If there is anything I can do to help the cause, please let me know.

  • joetex

    Great Message here.!! Nailed it!!

  • beanr

    Thank you Alfonzo, keep up the good work

  • Steve

    Love the site, your video’s are spot on while also entertaining!! BUT, stop with the damn pop-up for your book on EVERY SINGLE PAGE CLICK!!! My God, if I didn’t buy it the first hundred times, I’m not f’ken buying it!!!! Make it stop please!!!!!!


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