Let’s Hope BeBe Can At Least Now See The Democrat’s True Colors.

Oh my gravy. The democrats aren’t showing me anything I don’t already know about them, but dang!!! The Democrat National Convention is just a big hamper of dirty-crat laundry. I point out some of those colorful stains to BeBe Winans in this ZoNation

If ya Like the message in the video, please see the article to your right titled, “Help Zo get more of the word out there.” There’s somethin’ good in it for ya!

  • Where’s the video?

  • D Wendt

    I loved this video! I wish more people could see it! I’ve shared it on my page, and sent it to others, hopefully this helps. You point out the obvious, and blow away the smoke and break the mirrors they are using to mask what Democrats are really like.

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