God Not Welcome With Democrats

If ya Like the message in the video,
You’ll Have a BLAST listening to this liberal narrative nukin’ work of Christian conservative perspectives, written and read by AlfonZo Rachel!

  • Why is it so hard to get this message through?

  • Rita DeSilvio

    It’s not that hard with social media. I post his videos everyday and people are watching them. If it helps one person it’s worth it!!!!!!

  • Sometimes I just want to take your videos and physically force some liberal people I know to what them until reality finally trumps their delusions and they voluntarily go to a Tea Party rally. It would be like waterboarding, but with ZoNation. ZoBoarding! That sounds like something fun to do on the weekends!

  • I’ve been watching your videos on you tube. Sorry, but you really are pathetic. Siding with the evil right-wing in America./ You'[ve been totally hoodwinked by the,m. Your abortion video is pure bullshit. Right to life? What about the right to decen tfood, shelter, education and medical care? As long as there are so many poor pregnant women who cannot provide these basic necessities for their children, born or unborn, abortion will remain common whether it is legal or not. And whenn and if it ever becomes illegal aga9in here, rich women will easily be able to fly off to Europe for safe ones., And poor black and Hispanic women will be the ones worst effected by the ban. They’ll just to to back-alley abportionists to die, you pathewtic fool ! Anti-choicers are both racists and sexists .

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