So, who is it that clings bitterly to their guns and religion again?

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  • Jamie

    Well put comments as always…

  • Zo your the best!!!


    Is there any where I can get the shirt that I see you wearing. I love the design with the flag, saying and the wings? Keep up the great work.

    • Those are the old Macho Sauce shirts you can’t ’em anymore but he’s got new shirts that still have that “one mighty nation under all mighty God” which is still fun to wear & offend people with 😉

  • Goodywilkins

    I thank God for Americans like you.

  • There a few of us who tried to warn others when Mubarack and Ghaddfi were overthrown, that this was what we were concerned was going to happen. This violent protest and murders of our embassy personnel was a well preplanned assault. There are alot of what if’s out there, the rumour mill is running at full speed ahead, as to muddy up the water as to what is true and what is pure BS is muddied
    . It’s scary that I agree with you so much. It’s like we’re twins with diff mothers LOL. Anyway keep posting the truth and I’ll keep listening

  • Is it true that Runaway Slave will SOON be available in most retail stores before our November election, even before the dates for early voting? Reaching out to LARGER groups of people quicker, BEFORE the election is extremely important to save our country.
    Also heard it was to be played free at all churches that request it, especially in the South.

    • Wow, I hope that’s true this movie NEEDS to be played in the so churches!

  • Big D

    Today obumer condemns free speech at the UN and once again trying to blame the video that has been out for 6 months, after the WH admits it wasn’t the reason. News flash what did obumer do 90 minutes after the WH heard about the embasyy attack ?…….he ….. went to bed……real concerned about our ambassadors safety.
    Our muslim president is slowly turning America into a nation where sharia law rules the land.
    Better wake up America because its not just Christians there after you’ll be face with convert, pay a tax for not converting or loose your head.
    Riddle me this BAtman
    Why isn’t obumer so concerned about the insult to Christians with the piss on christ deal OH OH yea that’s ok
    why?…………. because he’s a muslim

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