I Dig Conservative Pastors, But Here’s What Get’s On My Nerves About Some of Them

My latest ZoNation Vid y’all, where I’ll be talkin’ about somethin’ that get’s on my nerves more than a dude who combs his nose hair down into his mustache. On a side note: With all the developments, I wonder if my fellow republicans can take this into consideration. There is no amount of criticism we can wage at Obama that’s going to help him. He sucks. But if we really are Christians, maybe we need to own up to it, and pray for the dude. Seriously. He needs Divine Intervention. He’s in need of wisdom no human can give ’em. He needs wisdom from the Most High. We need to realize that and pray for it. He may not pray for it himself. After all, he is a liberal democrat who believes that nobody builds anything themselves so I reckon he needs someone else to do it for him. But we’d be praying for a hand up from the Lord for Obama, not a hand out. -Zo

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  • I agree with you on my wife and I pray for Obama daily. I also hope that he would see and listen to the leaving of our Lord. I enjoy your videos and I think I’m many things we would be about the same views. Our Lord Jesus Christ first all others are second.

  • Forgot to add when it comes to prayer for those that you don’t agree with or don’t get along with I have seen it work at work.

  • Deborah8050

    We are called to be salt and light in our society. When salt loses it’s saltiness it’s not fit for anything.

  • Rip them another one!!! Like your rants..

  • Nice photo Zo!

  • Peter Wesson

    While I do wish you would not use some of the vulgarities that you do, I agree with the sentiments whole-heartedly. Jesus said to the one-talent man “But his master answered him, ‘You wicked and slothful servant! You knew that I reap where I have not sown and gather where I scattered no seed? Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I should have received what was my own with interest.” In other words, God often works through His followers to carry-out His will. Is God in control? Most definitely. However, this truth from Daniel 2.21 was not given to us as an excuse to avoid doing our part, but as comfort for the things that we cannot do.
    Alfonzo, thanks for speaking up on these matters!

    • While some are distraught by them, the harshness that Zo exhibits is exactly what this country needs. He is trying to WAKE PEOPLE UP. I too do not like foul words. But I understand why he is using them, and I understand the effect he is having on Liberals.. The whole getting them to think for themselves.

  • Zo, you just keep getting better and better. Well said!

  • RevLamos

    As a conservative pastor I appreciate your challenge. I feel that I don’t personally fit into that category of conservative pastors of which you spoke in this video, but I can still use a challenge to keep me on my toes and examining how I am presenting the Gospel.



    • Pamela

      Yes, it is biblical to pray for our leaders. But here’s something I haven’t heard much talk about: what if Obama and all that comes with him is God’s discipline on His church. Has the church lost its first love (the One who first loved us), and become indistinguishable from the ways of the world by pursuing idols (such as the American Dream) over and above Him? And now that American Dream is about to be taken away. Let’s get real with God, all of us, as one. Time to humble our own selves and stop feeling superior by focusing on the corruption out there and forgetting the corruption within. In repentance and rest is our salvation. In quietness and trust is our strength. (Isaiah 30) Warfare begins with our own sinful natures.

  • Great message, Zo. Oh, you get extra points for wearing that great Red Foxx shirt!

  • Barbara Borden

    Thanks for speaking out, Zo. Sending a few bucks. If you all agree, join me and send your contribution,

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