Ann Coulter Holds Her Own On The View

If you were able to watch this without grabbing the first thing you could get your hands on, including the family cat and start smashing your computer with it, then you are a well tempered human being.

The women of the View accused Ann Coulter of being hateful and controversial while Whoopie Goldberg solicits applause by cursing.

Like Ann Coulter, I talk at length about the myth of the Southern Strategy that Liberals try to stump Republicans with. (And those republicans who get stumped by it are the ones who haven’t downloaded my audio book, WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION. That wouldn’t happen to be you would it? Hmmmmmmmm?

Anyway. This is the very sad part. Democrats have a morbid history of bigotry that spans over 100 years. A war to keep institutionalized slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, Dred Scott, Revocation of civil rights and voting rights, segregation, Eugenics, and Anti-miscegenation.

Democrats have done these things, yet try to mask they’re racist history by trying to point the finger at republicans for the past 40 years with some phantom charges of racism that sticks to the wall about as well as a dry noodle.

These women say that we republicans are stuck in the past, and boast about how they’re living in the now. BULL. Liberals were accusing us of racism then too. You can’t accuse us republicans of living in the past when you liberals have been accusing us republicans of racism, SINCE THE PAST, and it’s the past that you liberals are still angry about IN THE PRESENT! And just like y’all don’t see that, you refuse to see that it was you democrats who were always causing it in the 1st place, PAST, PRESENT and it looks like that’s how it will be going into the FUTURE!

Ann’s book, MUGGED is like Draino, and the women of the view were like the hair that clogs up the sink. They became a bubbling mess,and got flushed down.

I was so proud of Ann when one of the View women rhetorically asked, “So republicans are the party that embraces black people with all this warm and fuzziness.” And Ann responds in effect saying, Like you’ve been so welcoming and warm to republicans?

Liberals can’t see beyond they’re own hatred, which is understandable. It’s hard to see through the walls of one’s own colon.

There’s a reason why the Bible says, “before trying to take the splinter out of someone else’s eye, you might want to take the cell phone tower out of your own.”

So Whoopy plays to an audience who thrives on drama like it’s the dessert on the plate and treats truth like it was a cock roach that crawled across their fork.

Whoopy cowardly accuses Ann of not knowing what it’s like to be black, and says, she doesn’t need to read Ann’s book because her grandmother was there, and saw what happened.

Really? If her grand mother saw what happened then she would have noticed that the institutionalized racism and disenfranchisement was imposed by democrats.

And Like I say. The Pharasies were right there when Jesus walked the Earth. They looked right into the face of God, and didn’t know the truth when they saw Him and Had him nailed to a cross.

Liberals wouldn’t know the truth if it died for them. – AlfonZo Rachel

  • toni1015

    Whoopie doesn’t even know her own heritage, How sad.

  • Auntie_Social

    Trying to watch it but I know I will turn it off any second. Whoopie Goldberg is deliberately being too STUPID to live!

  • Slubbage

    Liberals can’t see beyond they’re own hatred, which is understandable. It’s hard to see through the walls of one’s own colon. – Best line ever…I’ll be using this one

  • Burlywine

    Your points were great, but why don’t you have someone read your copy? Typos make you look ignorant.

  • I love Whoopi’s reactions! We gotta get Zo on ‘The View’! LOL

  • Amen! Preach it, Zo! And to you libs accusing US of racism… um, you wanna be the pot or the kettle?!

  • Charli Chad

    I will be buying this book. Thank You, Ann Coulter. You have great strength and patience to face these blinded airheads. Thank you, Alfonzo for your intelligence.

  • MsTexas

    Speaking as a black person, I find Whoopi’s ignorance and inability to argue the point that Coulter was making only emphasizes the dumbing down of the voting public. I’m NO fan of Ann Coulter but she is absolutely correct. White liberals are the most racist people you will ever meet. They have DESTROYED the black family.

    • Guest

      She is only controversial against the Liberals. Not the fact searching public. FACT!! Liberals LIE THEIR ARSES OFF. Conservatives believe in facts. Of course you are going to have some looney conservatives but every Liberal is looney.

    • JimMcKee

      Facts to a liberal are like garlic to a vampire.



  • Michelle

    Love this!!! Very well said! (Might want to watch your “their & they’re” references… sorry…personal pet peeve of mine) 🙂

    • Mine too, in fact I’ve been accused of being a frustrated English teacher. Since they haven’t taught proper English for 4 decades, it’s no surprise. Their; possessive pronoun meaning it belongs to them. They’re; a contraction for They Are. There; an indicative adverb, as in “over there”.

  • Patrick S.

    yeah typical liberal reactons. they wouldn’t shut up long enough for her to make any of her points. maybe they were afraid that she was right

  • Zo, you are brilliant, and I am so happy you are on my side! No one can answer the nonsense the left presents better than you!

  • This was a well written great review.

  • Nick


  • Lyndon B. Johnson Democrat, President 1963 to 1969. Took over the Presidency after JFK was killed!

    “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years” — Lyndon B. Johnson!

    I guess that was SOOOOOO LONG AGO Huh Whoopi!

    • JimMcKee

      I have read this LBJ quote before, but have not found a credible source for it. Do you have one? (I am not challenging you, I just don’t want to spread something around without a source. Thanks.)

    • I found an article says it is found in a book Inside the White House-Ronald Kessler


      This isn’t that particular quote but, If he will use it here, he will use it anywhere.

    • Lorraine Edwards

      WOW YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT! Does Whoopi even know that that illustrious democrat made such a statement? When ARE they going to realize that the democrats in power are only interested in creating more poverty (not WEALTH) and keeping blacks down while pandering to them is exactly what obama and that horse’s arse biden do with mastery.

  • Ann Coulter had guts or is a masochist for going on “The View”. the blacks on the show
    are liberal racists. Behar and Barbara Walters are just liberals; they hate republicans!

  • She is only controversial against Liberals. Not the fact searching public. FACT!! Liberals LIE THEIR ARSES OFF. Conservatives believe in facts. Of course you are going to have some looney conservatives but every Liberal is looney.

  • I wish they’d get a dose of ZOnation and A.S.S. Destruction. Whoopie is proud to be in the dark about real history. She doesn’t want to Admit that Abe Lincoln was Republican, she doesn’t want to admit KKK was started by Dems, or that Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood which are LIBERALLY BACKED are targeting the extermination of impoverished black neighborhoods. It’s absolutely revolting the way she defends the DEMs and grandma when she didn’t walk in her grandma’s shoes.

  • Evadne

    How sad that someone feels the need for a warm and fuzzy embrace from a political party. Of course Sherri Shepherd is the same person who wasn’t sure if the world was round or flat because she “never thought about it.” And this dingbat, along with pseudo-intellectual Whoppi Goldberg, didn’t know the definition of “suffrage.” Whoopi also didn’t know that black men had the right to vote before white women. Maybe “Hollywood Squares” wasn’t great preparation for not-so-moderate “moderator” of “The View.” And the genius of the bunch, Joy Behar, pronounces “Valentine” as “valentime.” The formerly vocal conservative Elisabeth seems to have been muzzled these past few years. Aren’t you glad our president took the time to sit down with this think tank instead of meeting with Netanyahu?

    • Lorraine Edwards

      Well, Valerie Jarrett wants him to appear on mindless idiotic talk shows instead of doing anything in the realm of leadership. Elisabeth H. is way too bright to be amongst those twits anyway.

    • Daniel Sinclair

      Agree with you about Elizabeth. Aside from some vague references to a deity here and there, I’ve never seen her promote, much less defend, conservative positions on that show.

  • I have never watched “The View” until today. Too bad their “view” is so lopsided. It would have been refreshing to actually have an adult discussion that didn’t use profanity. Maybe Whoopi should have used her Obama Phone and let off some steam before Ann made a fool of her.

  • Cindy

    Please learn how to spell. I see at least 3 words spelled incorrectly. Maybe then it will be easier to read your ridiculous views. While Ann Coulter was skipping history class, you must have missed spelling.

    • Derelictus

      Ann Coulter has forgotten more about history than I’m sure you ever learned in your whole life. Also good job at debunking the article. Oh wait…

  • love it zo!

  • abbycat

    well I don’t hate people but Anne Coulter is more than I can stomach

    • oz33

      cos she states facts that aren’t politically correct? get a grip

  • Janice

    Whoppie was as we say in the country “loaded for bear”. She was going to be outraged no matter what Ann said or did. The question or statement “What do you know about being black”? wasn’t an appropriate or timely question. It just kinda came out of left field. Ann never said she knew “about being black”, she was speaking about racism as it has affected our country and the misuse of racial sympathies and prejudices for political gain. I thought all the hosts were rude, however, Whoppie just showed her bad manners and her own racial prejudices. The fact that the audience cheered her when she was so hositle and silly makes me think she invited all her black friends and had a prearranged agenda to behave badly for her followers.

    Slaves were freed over a hundred years ago. Blacks have been elevated by our government since 1961. Yet so many blacks, like Whoppie, remain angry and full of hate. Are they angry because they’re black, or do they think that simply being black deserves privilege?

  • bananafanafo

    In Africa slavery was a way of life Slavery culture started their. The first ORIGINAL slave OWNER(MASTER) in America was a BLACK MAN Anthony Johnson, 1654 his slave was also BLACK John Casor. WHOOPI doesn’t know here facts & most people WAS NOT TAUGHT true HISTORY. Tryed 2 take out of history books! B-4 Anthony Johnson slaves were released, after working off the pay to have them transported from Africa! Anthony Johnson won’t let his slave go!

  • henryknox

    Amazing to see ‘educated’ people with such false understanding. This makes it painfully obvious how difficult the task before us. Saving America is an uphill battle because of all the misinformation that is taken as fact. It was also amazing to see how insistent these ladies were that we forget the past.

  • donrich

    it’s embarrassing that these so called ‘educated’ women have NO IDEA what they are talking about… they can only spew the liberal talking points…. don’t have a clue !!!

  • Lorsonline

    Whoopie Goldberg as ugly inside as out. Talk about protesting too much!! You go ANN, they were NOT interested in hearing that liberals are the enemies of blacks. They truly are their OWN WORST ENEMY–Miss Goldberg, and all you liberal witches on that horrid show, maybe you should read the book and LEARN SOMETHING instead of sticking to your drivel mantras. Yes, Barbara Walters–she writes those books so that maybe, just maybe one of you TWITS might step outside of your liberal mindset and learn the truth.

  • You know, the mark of intelligence is being able to sit and listen more than you speak! The ladies on the view are as dumb as rocks apparently because they didn’t give their guest a chance to explain herself…..Too bad really because Ann Coulter is extremely interesting and entertaining. I guess you can’t slobber over all your guests and they certainly drained all their spit from when the Cleric in Chief was on with his wife!!!

  • Osamas Pajamas

    Whoopie Goldberg is a fat, racist pig. If “The View” is going to have affirmative-action racists as regulars — as opposed to inviting Al Sharpton on the show occasionally — then why have someone with the IQ of a Whoopie Cushion and the morals of a pickpocket?

  • Name

    I’m with you on the issue, but please for the love of intelligence and the loss of dumbing-down, at least use a spelling/grammar checker!! (You’re vs. your, Pharasies? It wouldn’t catch Whoopie vs. Whoopy but…. yikes, man!)

  • george moody

    WHY DIDN’T YOU BRING UP MARGARET SAINGER WITH WHOOPI? Sanger was the woman , as Im sure you know , started planned plarenthood aka abortion mill. That is a perfect example of liberal democrat that hates Black people. Planned parenthood has killed more black babies in the past than the holocaust killed jews. I bet you that is a true statement.

    • Daniel Sinclair

      Blacks are no longer the largest minority group in America because of PP. One in every two blacks dies by abortion.

  • Jalayne823

    Did anyone watch the 2011 VIEW, when Ann was plugging “Demonic”?
    Clearly, Whoopi was seething at comments made against Obama, by Ann. Whoopi actually looked as if she was about to explode. At the time, Whoopi really had nothing relevant to say in response, other than to ask if Ann was referring to “our President” (insinuating, in her words, that Ann was disrespecting Obama). Ann did not miss a beat or blink when she said “Yes, I am”.
    Whoopi also tried to make Ann sound irrelevant and that came out badly as well.
    So, obviously Whoopi was waiting to pounce this time. Gee, you would think that after a year of seething, Whoopi could have come up with a better way to try to “put Ann in her place”.
    It is sad to watch 5 women throwing questions and never giving Ann a chance to explain without an interruption. Why ask if you don’t want an answer? Oh, that’s right. FACTS will hurt their case, won’t they?
    They should change the name from “The View” to “OUR LIBERAL VIEW”. We need more women on television who know what the H they are talking about. The View is the equivalent of a babbling brook….background noise and nothing else.

  • There is nothing that liberals hate more in this world than a black conservative. ALL liberals to us are nutjobs, liars, and ignoramuses. But liberals have very special names for blacks who dare think for themselves, uncle tom, whitewashed, sell outs. But still they refuse to accept that they are only blacks best friends if it means their vote. Just because they are throwing dry noodles at the wall doesn’t mean a thing if there’s always at least one touching it during the ever lasting barrage. They will NEVER see it, and they will ALWAYS point fingers.

  • An_American_Thinker

    I was appalled, but not surprised, by Whoopi’s behavior. Shortly after Whoopi declared that Ann Coulter could not comment on the black experience because she wasn’t black (which had nothing to do with Ann’s book), I changed the channel. Whoopi should not venture into political history discussions when she clearly hasn’t educated herself on the subject. Whoopi, Joy and Sherri have all been duped by the propaganda put out by the Democrats and the leftist mainstream media. Actually, the program is so far left, they should be filling out “in kind” contribution reports! You know, Zo, I tried, I really did. The last time I saw Whoopi show her political ignorance in just such a manner, I sent the show a comment and suggested Whoopi check out your videos for a little history lesson!

  • whatever

    love that the blacks don’t know their facts and just pick the black side no matter what!

  • ufosrreal

    Dumbasses on the View are soooooo freaking stupid, so self-assured, so knowing, and oh so ignorant!. How can these ladies be educated when they are so profoundly ignorant and unwilling to learn? They should be dropped from the airwaves so as not to influence / corrupt others who may be willing to learn.

  • ronnomix

    Amusing to see Ms. Whoopie Pie with that ‘sista hand on her hip’ pose/not poised!(LOL) while ‘trying’ to discredit Ann. Of course . Ms. Joy who always does her best to act on her Bette Midler (minus the ‘pushed up bra’) shtick. Not to forget Ba-bra’s closing ‘what I feel sleep, entertain me’ gobbly-gook. Guess all miss their turn to audition for the Ed Sullivan show back in the day…..

  • Jeni

    Plenty bothers me about The View, wtf are they doing, that crew talking politics? Waltahs is there to lend fake credibility. B4 The View, I had no clue who Joy Behar was, what is she, a comedian? Dunno. They should just not have a conservative on the show if all they do is a. make fun of her and b. hate her bcuz she’s pretty. Then Whoopi and her Polanski not rape-rape commentary. Behar makes fun of the UKs queen for wearing yellow, an 85yo woman shaking, Behar calls her a bumblebee? that’s all she has to say about the UK. no mention of supporting Argentina’s side in the Falklands question like a thinking person could, just “bumblebee.” that’s all she’s got. And shame on Elizabeth, cashing a paycheck and casting no positive light on non-liberal views. she’s a horrible representative. she knows she’s only there to be made fun of and vilified, but she cashes the checks and keeps coming back. Maybe Coulter will sign on for once a week? work her way into EH’s spot? how about this, maybe nobody thought of, but an equal number of representatives? A liberal, a libertarian, a conservative, a green partier, a tea partier, an anarchist, who else? One of each instead of three or four on one. The more I see clips from this show, the more I just can’t stand Walters. what place does she have in the news industry anymore? did she ever have one? and then she’s on the view. It’s like The Widow Couric, she gets a lot of applause and accolades and ppl forget about Sawyer. and then cute little Katie gets her own daytime show. OMG. The View’s crew thinks their song is Shoot to Thrill when it’s actually Say That You Love Me.

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