Samuel L. Jackson Should Take His Own Advice And Wake The FLUKE Up.

From PJTV: Ann Coulter appeared on The View and was scolded by Whoopi Golderberg on issues of race. AlfonZo Rachel thinks that Whoopi Goldberg does not understand racism, or the role the Democratic Party played in segregationism. He also asks why Hollywood liberals like Samuel L. Jackson not only have to curse and swear to make their points, but also have to misstate facts. Hear the Details on this ZoNation!

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We need to get you a show on FOX News or something!

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Thanks y’all!!!

  • ray wall

    Get the Audio Book! It is worth it.

  • Fonz!! There’s a new prophet on you tube! I am loyal to you, I bought the audio book but what are we going to do about this new prophet??

  • TruckinMack

    Tell me how much you know about being Black. Well, I know that Black people want to take care of their family. They want a good job and a good home. They go to church and want to make God smile everyday. Pretty much being Black is a lot like being White. We breathe, bleed and sweat all them same. Did I miss something? … said the White boy.

    • RS

      Great points!

  • sybilll

    Zo, Ann Coulter just tweeted this video. Seems like forever ago you were her “favorite new conservative”. Huge congrats. And the video is spot on.

  • johnnie

    Hey fonz, Ann is my girl!!

  • You are AWESOME.

  • paul fostet

    OMG look dude you are great I need a subscription

  • Thumper

    Great sense of humor Alfonzo. I like how you lampoon the libs with a smile. Keep up the dialogue and always remember what’s best in life.

  • DanO

    Great videos. Keep raising the pressure on liberal maniacs. They hate facts; their pea-sized brains don’t have room for numbers.

  • josh

    God bless you Alfonzo!

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