Obama Using Gas To Burn Economy, Not Propel It.

Flash Back From Brock Lawley: Regular gas is at $4.49 per gallon in New York city. The average California pump price is $4.67 per gallon.
The Left will Cry “The President doesn’t control pump prices!”
However, Barack Obama disagrees. In his 2008 presidential campaign he released numerous ads claiming that John McCain and W. were responsible for the costs. http://youtu.be/BdvW2zco-y8

  • Can’t hear anything over the music. Otherwise a pretty good video.

  • Matt

    3 quick things:

    -What does secularism have to do with gas prices?
    -Prices have doubled, but only because when he took office; they were abnormally low.
    -That sticker technique is vandalism, no?

    • J walls

      Three things: youre an idiot , youre his supporter, and finally , open your EYES!

  • Jason

    The point is Obama and the people in his administration blamed Bush for high gas prices and now that he’s been in office four years and prices have done nothing but gone up, will he take the blame he put on the previous pres? Of course not. Obama feels he’s not responsible for negative thing that has happened because he has a great alibi….. He was our playing golf when it happened!

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