The Democrats Don’t Own Dr. Martin Luther King

From PJTV: “Nobody owns Dr. Martin Luther King. So why do the Democrats think that they should have complete control over his legacy? AlfonZo Rachel thinks that King and his vision is one for all Americans, not just those registered in the Democratic party.

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  • I am SOOOOOO TIRED of watching the Liberal Media show support for a politcal party daily!!!
    Today the Huffington post gave Obama back states enough to put him over the 270 mark.
    on their same map Romney has only moved from 191 once to 206 and has been firmly planted there even though after BOTH debates there were major swings in the voting!!
    And they do this RIGHT before the debates so that when Romney wins they can take Obama down a bit but still have him ahead!!

    Why are they allowed to get away with such blatant lying?

    Why are the Conservatives not pointing all this out on every news station?

    Why are the Conservatives not showing in the news that the Ohio ad that Obama put out about the Miners was a LIE?? That those Miners have put out a video telling Obama he lied about them with 500 signatures!!

    Romney could take that video and make a commercial about it and run it in Ohio for the election WIN there!!!!

    Romney NEEDS OHIO If not for any other reason then SURETY!!!

    What the heck is going on that our Media lies and the people suck it up like a sponge?

    • Because most stations belong to Obama, even if Romney wins this election I’m not sure he’ll ever get to take office. Obama is getting more of a dictator everyday. I remarked on one place about the taxes on the rich that Obama keeps promising…how is it that people like Bill Gates who has a net worth of 66 billion dollars backing someone who is going to tax him??? It’s all fluff, all smoke and mirrors, but the Obama minions that eat up everything he shovels believe him, and won’t stop no matter what you show them.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      It’s not that people are still believeing Obama, it’s just that the other side can always manage to sound worse than Obama.

    • Things will clean up when both sides start in their own backyards and not play the game of capture the flag. As a liberal, I like taking it to the Right, but I also take it to fellow libs who are off track because they can do more damage to my interests than anybody on the Right. Your fellow conservatives are doing themselves in with their antics. They can either blame the media and keep losing, or they can practice the very personal responsibility they preach.

  • that one guy

    why does all this have to do with what government party did or does what. why cant any one these days look at what an individual has done or is doing. and saying “democrats try to own MLK” is strange to me and false. in modern society people who lean towards the teachings and way of life like to label them selves as democrats, this does not mean they have anywhere close to the same opinion of people during the life of MKL did, just as the same can be said for the republicans. if you follow a party no mater what you will always fall victim to this blame game. tho if you truly listen to the words of people like MLK it wont matter what “political party” you belong to you will simply be able to live “correct”

  • that one guy

    oh and p.s. you dont hear about lynching anymore not because the states are now “red” its more CAUSE OF THE CIVIL WAR! YA KNOW SOMETHING LIKE THAT CHANGES LIKE YA KNOW…EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY

  • By the way, Dems never claimed to have ownership of MLK, that’s the Right’s own guilty conscience.

  • Virginia Qureshi


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