Obama Puts Up His Nukes, and Loses

From PJTV: While Zo thinks that President Obama performed better in the third and final debate, he still failed to beat Governor Mitt Romney.

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Thanks y’all!!!

  • Tim

    Right on!

    • Ivan Campbell

      yeah o right dont foger to donated to buy my books whatt a freaking dope

  • Awh, look, how cute, another liberal elitist who thinks the rules don’t apply to him. Now isn’t that original.

  • Rock

    Being pro-war is a conservative agenda? Why? I don’t have a horse in this race. And I’m on here because you talk allot of sense…until now. Beating up weaker kids in the playground because we can needs to be rethought on your part. If you stay with the logic, you’ll keep me as a fan of your work, if not, you’ll loss me :-). War is a last options (I’m a real Veteran) so playing with that isn’t cool, especially when you talkin’ nukes. Not cool and is the number one reason why neither Dems nor Repubs can go unchecked. I expect you to stay focused with your message. And I hope your not serving a master…stay independent in your thinking and criticize your own party the most because that’s what should really matter to you. The Dems suck I know, but make sure your Repubs don’t start sucking more. one The Trivium

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