Zo Talking about Kira Davis Responding To Black Republicans Being Seen As Short Line Attention Seekers

FROM PJTV: “On a recent edition of HuffPost Live, Marc Lamont Hill accused black conservatives of selling out for the media spotlight. Is Marc Lamont Hill correct? Find out on this Zo Nation.”
It’s very simple. The reason why there aren’t as many self proclaimed conservatives who are black, is because of being ostracized by liberals, mainly liberals who are black.
Many blacks are conditioned to believe that their place is with the democrat party, and if you dare to break free from this narrative you are a “sell out” This attributes to the shortage of black conservatives. If there’s a short line, that would be why. -Zo

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  • domsdad6

    Go, Zo, go!

  • ftw23

    Alfonzo I love your videos. As a Hispanic conservative I see some of that same hate you describe. It would great if you can do a video about Hispanic conservatism. Reagan once said ”Hispanics are Republicans they just don’t know it yet” I would love to spread that message out to open some eyes.

    • I agree with you, my friend. My Hispanic friends are hardworking, have family values and love God. Bless you!

  • Knowbody

    Zo is such an idiot.

    • And you are what?

    • Knowbody

      I’m just the opposite, i’m well informed.

    • Zo

      I’m not impressed. You’re just informed with a bunch of Donkey droppings.

    • More like un-informed.

    • carlcasino

      knowbody is a VERY low information client of the Dumbocrat party.

  • Audrey

    I love this dude, Alfonzo you are the man. You put it out there where most are afraid to, because either they are white and if you ever say anything against Obama you are a racist…yet there are so many that claim to have voted for Obama because he was black, how racist is that?? And man are you so right people, my opinion is that most of the people who are voting for Obama are voting for him because they are afraid of losing their food stamps and welfare, what happened to people who had pride, who wanted to stand on their own feet, not take handouts from the government?

    • domsdad6

      I voted against his white half, just to be sure I can’t be called a racist.

  • Alfonzo keep speaking the truth.

  • Rebecca

    All my life I have seen conservatives in show biz get black balled as soon as they let it slip they have conservative views. Now most of those that are keep it in the closet until they are rich enough to finance their own projects.

  • spanky 7209

    Smart minors conservatives are a big problem for poverty pimps .Like Jesse Jackson,Al Sharpton etc

  • Saliba

    Great work AR. Let me add to your list. Remember how Bush was threatened by people on youtube & how Clinton was threatened …….. with impeachment. Ok that was a bit of a stretch but could not help but mention it.

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