AlfonZo Rachel & Kira Davis: The Taboo Topic… Faith and Politics

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  • violet

    This is great, but my poor eyes can’t stand the special visual effects. I left early.

  • ThePlateau

    You two should team up more often. Great commentary and honest information. Also, Kira is very easy to look at. You guys rock.

  • domsdad6

    Great stuff!

  • Very interesting perpective, from an African-American, Christian perspective. Thank you.

  • Demosthenes

    This commentary is rife with logical fallacies, disgusting distortions of both past and present, and meaningless unsubstantiated rhetoric and religious pandering. Using the Bible to argue against abortion and same-sex marriage for example is an incredibly dishonest strategy because, to put it bluntly, the Bible condemns neither. Furthermore, it’s irrelevant; freedom of religion necessarily also implies freedom from religion. No one has the right to impose their personal moral code on anyone else.

    What about lying? What does the Bible say about that? Romney is a serial, pathological liar. What about warmongering? What were Christ’s words regarding living by the sword? Which candidate and which party have historically been and still are in support of the vast and unnecessary expansion of the military? What about the death penalty? Is that what the Republican party considers “pro-life”? Did Jesus tell us that we have the right to judge others to the point of taking their life away? Or did he say something else entirely? What about charity and compassion? What did Jesus tell the rich man who approached him and asked him to be his follower? Does the Republican platform reflect either of these qualities? How did Jesus react when he found merchants selling their wares in the temple?

    The truth is that both through his words and actions, Christ condemned the ultra-capitalistic, rich-get-richer, “you’re on your own” ethos embodied by the Republican party. If you don’t agree, you may consider re-reading the scriptures.

    Jesus rejected involvement in politics. When the Jews tried to make them their king, he firmly stated that his kingdom is in heaven. I’m confident that the two of you would be among the crowd to which he would say “I never knew you.”

    • Zo

      Wow. Talk about selective scripture reading. You’ve cherry picked verse too suit your self righteous world view. I’m not impressed.

    • Demosthenes

      The Bible has little influence on my personal world view, as I’m not a Christian. Nonetheless, I’m literate in what it says. The reality is that Christ’s words simply do not support the values of the Republican party. Christ taught that we should be compassionate, charitable, just, and non-judgmental. He clearly and firmly rejected capitalism and militarism. He clearly stated that we should give Ceasar what is owed to Ceasar. I am genuinely unsure how it’s possible to reconcile the values of Christianity and the Republican party. If you could please explain that to me, or how my reading of the Bible is selective (again keeping in mind that I personally have no personal or ethical ties to the Bible), that’d be great.

    • Joe

      Maybe you should read the Bible more, especially Romans 13:1-8, because that deals with role of government and the civil society. A little background into this: Roman Empire was one of the most brutal regimes ever to conquer the civilized world and yet even as evil as they were they were still elected to protect the civil society. Since you are not a Christian. I will just use some logic. On a Abortion: The woman has been given powers by the state/federal/local governments to deny right to life to the child she possesses in womb. Under our current laws this is contradiction to the 14th amendment, because the human child has been tried and sentence to death without due process. Some have concluded that the child in the womb is not really a life, and I say to you we have already gone down that road in the past with blacks not really being truly human. In truth, that child was human at conception, the lie to justify the crime is to deny personhood from that life, and label it as a potential life. Therefore giving a belief that it is not a true lifeform at a certain stage. Amazing that we think we determine a person’s worth by ideal or non-ideal circumstance. The entire black community came into being through less than ideal circumstances. Most of our ancestors were children of rape through the hands of slave owners, and yet I hear those everyday, even in the pro-life community saying it is ok to abort a child that is conceived from rape. Don’t they realize that they are saying I am less than human because I came into this world by not being planned. Some of our greatest heroes came into this world unplanned and some of our greatest villains came into this world planned.

    • joe

      Christ was not a pacifist nor a communist. Christianity is a justice system that deals with criminals, namely us, humans. He established laws to protect us, but since we could not keep the law, we must be judged for being law breakers. However, because the Judge actually loves the people he must judge for breaking his law he provided a grace period for them to get right, but this is not just any grace period, he sent his own Son to pay the penalty for what we deserved as law breakers, after he took on this act of mercy and love, he supernaturally overcame the grave and today if we trust in the Son we are no longer seen as criminals in God’s eyes, but citizens of a new world with a great inheritance. Christ will judge, through war against his enemies (those who kept their criminal status purposely). Thats what a good judge does, they bring justice when it is rightfully deserved. Only guilty people, desire to appease the judge with bribes of past good works of character to try overcome the sentence. One more thing from Paul, a man who claimed he was filled with Christ’s spirit

      Now we command you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you keep away from any brother who is walking in idleness and not in accord with the tradition that you received from us.
      For you yourselves know how you ought to imitate us, because we were not idle when we were with you,
      nor did we eat anyone’s bread without paying for it, but with toil and labor we worked night and day, that we might not be a burden to any of you.
      It was not because we do not have that right, but to give you in ourselves an example to imitate.
      For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.
      For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies.
      Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living.
      As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good.
      If anyone does not obey what we say in this letter, take note of that person, and have nothing to do with him, that he may be ashamed.
      Do not regard him as an enemy, but warn him as a brother.

    • Zo

      Wow. You have greatly affirmed that you have a very self suiting view of the Bible. It would take a book to tell you how profoundly wrong you are. Fortunately for you I’ve authored one. If you really want my explanation I invite you to download it. Thanks

    • Yet another non-believer who is convinced that their casual reading of scripture gives them a better understanding of it than those who spend a big chunk of their lives studying it on a regular basis.

  • Auntie_Social

    Really good. Thank you both. Liberty rocks.

  • Rebecca

    Zo please keep in mind John 3:16. Mormons are not closer to Christianity they are Christians. I was raised in a cult. I spent the first 17 years of my life as a Jehovah’s Witness. They are also Christians. I am now Baptist. When we stand before Jesus our faith in him is what redeems us. I believe he will not fault theological differences. Jesus did not say make Mormons or Catholics or JWs or Baptists or any particular religion. The intent was to make Christians. When I was old enough to understand and my church (kingdom hall) preached that my Christian friends from other faiths weren’t saved because they weren’t JW I sat in church actually reading the bible back and forth. Many scriptures before the one that was referenced and many after to find the meaning God would grant me understanding. The problem with Christians is they have been demonizing each other since the being because of differences in theology from the crucifixion of Christ. We will all stand before Jesus. The only requirement will be belief that he is our savior. I have known many people of many different religions some were genuine and some were there because they thought showing up would redeem them. It took me many years to find a church to join and say I am this faith but all the churches I have tested were Christian churches and had people in them that I know I will meet in heaven.

    • joe

      Hopefully this may provide some relief to you. We can agree that Mormonism is a cult and it is not the way people can find the God they need. As a JW you know that under their rules, they had a fascist approach to control your behavior, they respected no government but themselves, and believed it was a sinned to pledge to the flag. In other words, its ok to reap the benefits of American society, just don’t participate in it. The mormon church as we know it today, does rule its members this way. They encourage civility and family structure (man and woman). What makes them a cult is that they collectively believe that salvation must be earned by good works. Also, even though they highly revere Joseph Smith as prophet, I think mormonism today is mostly reflected through the late Gordon B Hinckley. Joseph Smith was a polygamist, something that the Gordon B Hinckley group rejects. The hope for Mormons or any other works based religious order is for them to recognized themselves as criminals before a Good God and their need for a Savior, only then can true change take place.

    • Cara

      No… Mormons don’t believe salvation is earned on good works. There’s 2 different types of salvation in Mormon beliefs, the first being the resurrection of Christ and all. In Mormon belief this is free to EVERYONE, even if someone doesn’t believe they will eventually be saved from the grave and resurrected. The second form of salvation in the Mormon faith is the belief of people being able to return to God’s presence (they believe in a pre-existence, so it’s a return to God), and that is required on the amount of following Christ someone does. However, even if someone follows Christ to the best of their ability they will never be perfect and never be able to return to God or be able to even tolerate being in the same vicinity of God without burning, except they accept the atonement of Christ in addition to obedience to what Christ has said to do. If someone does not do everything Christ has said to do, and tries to be as good as they can for Christ, in the Mormon belief they achieve a level of heaven where Christ reigns forever, which is basically the heaven that every Christian tends to believe in. Both of these types of salvation are impossible to achieve on works alone but only through the atonement of Christ and His grace. If someone of the Mormon faith does not believe in Christ and somehow does every single thing they believe Christ wants them to do, that person will not achieve the highest degree of heaven by their beliefs because it’s ONLY through the atonement of Christ that mankind is saved. Basically, what Mormons believe is that no matter what you do you will always fall short without Christ’s Grace, but that Christ will judge whether you tried your best. Or as James 2 says, faith without works is dead and by works is faith proved. Just believing in Christ is not enough, you have to follow, just following is not enough, you have to believe. Faith, works and Grace and a three legged stool in their beliefs, you can’t remove one without the whole thing toppling.

      Also, Mormons do not deny that Joseph Smith had more than one wife (the branch of Mormonism that Emma Smith started actually denies he ever had more than one wife, but the branch that followed Brigham Young never denied it, the confusion being more whether he had any children through other wives, or what exactly that meant.) You’re confusing Gordon B. Hinkley’s statement against ‘fundamentalist Mormons’ who were practicing polygamy during his time and stating that the current Mormon church does not practice polygamy and hasn’t for more than a century and any Mormon who does practice polygamy is no longer a Mormon.

      Since Mormons believe Christ is their redeemer and savior, I have no issue calling them Christian, even if I don’t agree with all their dogma.

    • Joe

      Cara, you actually confirmed my statement. You cannot appease God for salvation to attain his grace. You are not entitled nor are do you deserve. Grace is given to man is not determined by anything that you do. Look at it like a court systems. You are guilty of a crime and you have to stand before the judge to receive your sentence for the crime. Can any past work atone for the crime you committed, No. Justice must be served and the crime must be paid for. In our case, the punishment for breaking God’s law is death and when Jesus gave his life to ransom us he did the work (It is finished). Salvation is never based on any work we have done, currently did, or will do, it is solely based on what Jesus did. To take part in salvation is to surrender your will and realize you are useless to try and appease God. Believe that the finish work of Christ is all you need to save your soul and by this promise you will be saved. Then the works you do for Christ are done not to attain salvation (because you already have it by trusting and believing in Jesus) but done out of love for him and for the desire to others come to him as well. Please read the all the gospels, including Acts and Romans

    • Zo

      I’m not talking about Mormans being closer to Christianity. I’m talking about the platforms of Republican compared to democrat. You’re talking about something I wasn’t.

  • Audrey

    I love this, I think it’s so good that she is telling it like it is. I know that a lot of people both white and black are on welfare and such, and the thing is that it’s almost like the government is acting to keep them down in the depressed state they are in. Instead of offering programs to help educate people that are from low to no income families they’d rather just give them out a check every month and keep them where they are. And one thing that irritates me is when you hear people say they never had a chance to better themselves, yet others from that community did go out and better themselves, if one can do it, others can, don’t sell yourself short by saying you can’t do something.

  • the way we live should reflect out fath. However, some comment sins of adultery and THEN find Jesus and even some fall on the way side and repent just like David in the Bible. no in no way continuing to comment sin is ok because we may DIE in them and will not be given a chance to repent. i agree we need to think like my pastor said ask God each day for His daily bread and put on His armor each day. but STOP saying vote Bibically because Romney is a MORMAN!! how can you not say or see that??? i agree with your comments about Obama but my gosh speak on Romney as well. Romney may be as you think ‘close’ to christianity but HE ISNT A CHRISTIAN!! Obama is wrong yes but they both are unGodly!! top of that do research….Romney agreed before that abortion was ok and that it should be legal!! if you don’t believe me check out this vid the Bible speaks of a double minded man. how much double minded do you need of this man???

    • Brian Weseley Johnson

      “voting Biblically” only equates to “vote for the Christian” when there is actually a Christian choice. If there were a genuine Christian candidate, of course you would vote for him. But when there are no Christian choices on the ballot, you vote so as to preserve as much Biblical principle as possible, to compromise as little Biblical principle as possible and to preserve an environment of freedom to worship without persecution as possible. Not voting at all is not an option. It is the most foolish thing you can do. You have squandered a God given right.

    • we are NOT required to vote in the Bible but to pray for our leaders!!

      there are several stores in the Bible where people couldn’t worship Jesus or God and they didn’t follow neither will i. i agree that it’s great this nation is free to do so but i wouldn’t care if it weren’t the three men tossed in the fire i am sure were told they were foolish as well and according to you so am i…then i will remain that in your eyes

    • The US was a God given blessing to this world and to us, and you DO have a God given mandate to be good stewards of God’s blessings.

      As a matter of fact, God is very displeased with those who do not do right with the blessings or opportunities given them. Matthew 25:14

      You are playing small minded legalism which is the same as the Pharisees and we know how Jesus felt about small minded Pharisees

    • you are blinded and i don’t expect you to see what i see. Please watch all of their vids especially about Obama since you are a little unsure of what i am saying. TheForerunner777, ChristianADC and The Vigilant Christian. you are twisting the Word up so badly and you are wrong. i use my gift to be kind to my fellow co-workers, to take care of my cancer ridden mother, to teach my child about God and truth, etc…you take that scripture out of context for what makes you happy. lol and then you compare me to pharisees. read kings in your Bible if you have one and look at all the kings the isrialites demanded that they wanted a king and look at the ones who caused the entire nation to fall!! the Bible says pray for those in leadership NOT vote!! the pharisees believed not in God but did what they did for mans approval and obviously i am not doing this for yours, lol you need to study ok and look at those vids

    • i will not vote for the lesser evil but pray that they turn and stop lying, stop persuading
      a nation that either one will govern soon to do immoral things (abortion, same
      sex marriages, false doctrine, lying, flip flopping). just like a child who
      sees his/her parents act a certain way that child has a tendency (in most
      cases) to grow up doing the same.

    • God used many people to fulfill his will and they were not always Christians. No one says -including God- that political leaders have to be Christians. Most were not and are not-But Romney is a decent man with an open heart and would listen to hear God.

      TO insist that our President be evangelical Christian is silly and not found in scripture.

      However, at this point it is a moot point, since the election is over and wound up exactly the way it was planned.

    • i do agree with you on one thing and that is that this election was indeed PLANNED. did you see the judge milian show where two weeks before the election they posted the results? the numbers were different from the actual election results but i am just saying it is something that people are still speaking about. i know God can use men and women that don’t believe in Him and i know there are MANY in the Bible He did use like that. my point still remains of how i feel though despite that fact. i guess i will remain ‘silly’ thinking our nation should be run by a godly man and i find it odd that it seems as if that is something you are obviously saying you dont want. well…that’s what i get from your comments. as mentioned look up videos called Romney lies and see how this ‘decent’ man that you call is not so decent but a liar just like obama. listen, John the Baptist called things for what they were and if you lie….what do you really call a person that lies Kymm??? a…..LIAR! please look up Romney the liar or Romney lies AND the previous information of the three subscriptions i have that i requested you to view tapes of. i am begging you!! until then have a blessed day

  • Alfonzo and Kira for president 2016!

  • Dimitri

    What a crock. President Obama proclaims Christ, was baptized, was married in a Christian ceremony and had his daughters baptized as Christians. He walks and talks and lives a Christian life. If Mitt Romney lived in Biblical times he would have been one of the money changers in the temple – and got tossed out on his ear. Mitt Romney is a Bishop in a Church that denies Christ’s. What does Revelation teach about those that add to or subtract from the Word? Unless you are Mormon’s I can’t believe you would try and misrepresent President Obama and the Bishop From Planet Kolab. Now I’ve seen it all. But none of that really matters – what matters is that the President stopped the Bush Recession, got Bin Laden, signed the equal pay for women law, saved the auto industry, started the exit from Iraq, helped make sure all Americans have access to healthcare and oversaw Gaddaffi (the murderer of Lockerbie) getting brought to justice. Thank God we have a strong Christian leader in President Obama.

    • Walks, talks and lives a Christian Life but claims other Christians are clinging to their Bibles and guns……..yes, they cling to Life and Liberty as that is what the Bible and Second Amendment represent to conservative Christians. I don’t disagree with your views of Mormon’s not truly following Christ. However we have freedom of religion in this country and the left and their leader seem to want to squash any kind of statement of belief from Christians!

      We are still well in a recession, it has not ended. Boeing, Lockheed and others are laying off thousands……conveniently the week after the election. In fact, since your head is so far in the ground I’ll shout through the terrestrial blinder you have on “FISCAL CLIFF”. Yes, both sides call it this, which means it is really friggin bad. The President’s solution is to spend more, tax more and print more, which will only make the situation worse and pretty quickly crash the economy, which is what they want……because then capitalism “fails”……..even though it is hard not to fail when purposeful focused sabotage is carried out systematically over the course of decades.

      He didn’t get Bin Laden……he had to be convinced after 3 attempts that they (SEALS) can go get him because it was politically beneficial to him. Equal pay for women law? If women are so much less expensive to employ then why are they not beating men out of jobs left and right? I mean these are all money hungry capitalists, why wouldn’t they prejudicially choose the less expensive worker? He didn’t save the auto industry…….he kept 2 companies out of bankruptcy that would have forced them to EFFICIENTLY restructure and minimize cost to regrow their company. Instead they get welfare from buddy boy Barry and now they are outsourcing to China and India like crazy. American’s don’t have access to healthcare, they have a new TAX and legal requirement to carry Health Insurance stipulated and controlled by the Federal Government and enforced by penalty by the IRS. Brought Gaddaffi to justice? He toppled a government with no approval or oversight from Congress. Then that toppled leader was savagely sodomized and murdered….yep justice the Christian way right? You are absolutely warped in your moral compass.

  • LMD

    That was great

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