One Of The Main Reasons Why Republicans Lost The Presidency

To those who have been curious about what I have to say about this election’s out come, here ya go. Warning. I know a lot of you aren’t going to like my answer, and you’re going to like it even less that I don’t care. Yeah I’m a little bitter that I had to hold my nose and get behind a candidate who I knew would be a better president than Obama, yes, but could not beat ‘em. -Zo

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  • Susan Ballou

    and how! Cain would have made a case for us! He would have also been an excellent president!

  • Kythas

    100% dead on, Alfonzo.

  • Ruppert Baird

    Dead-on right. I was in the Cain camp from the moment he announced. And your point was one of the reasons I supported him. Remember when Garafalo said that white-Herman-Cain supporters were just proof that they were racist? And it is spelled “boner.”

  • TexasBirdGirl

    I have felt like crap since, coming home from working the polls 17 hours on Tuesday….after seeing this I actually feel better—because I know I am not alone!! You could not be more spot on! Thank you for articulating this so well!!

  • Kandi Green

    You did Zo! You stated exactly what I’ve been saying all along! Thank You! <3

  • woody

    Yea sir I felt the same about Herman Cain, that’s who we needed.

  • Kymm Bradley

    Can’t say that I disagree at all. I too thought that Cain was a wonderful candidate.

    But the GOP is a group of RINO’s that do not define conservationism in the same way we do and loathe the real conservative section of the party

    And as far as 2016 goes, I am no longer certain that we will have elections then or that solid conservatives will be here to vote in it

  • noneimport

    Thank you, that’s exactly right…2016 Zo for president, I would vote for you

  • DocP

    Absolutely right with Cain…notice the false accusations stopped as soon as his family was exhausted.

  • LissaKay

    So …. what do we – little old Jane and Joe Citizen – DO to get a viable candidate? That is decided by people far out of our reach. We’re given a choice in the primaries, sure … but the choices there are already made for us. And when candidates we like, such as Cain or Perry, fall into GOP mainstream disfavor, there’s nothing we can do … is there?

    Fact of the matter is that a majority of Americans have figured out that they can get free stuff if they vote for the candidate promising that. As long as they think they will get their free phones, free birth control and free healthcare, they’re not going to vote for the guy (or gal) who is saying they are going to take all that away.

  • Ruppert Baird

    And Obama and his crew knew it. Why do you think they drug up that garbage and promptly dropped it as soon as he stopped campaigning?

  • Chuck Parker

    Amen…100000000% Dead on accurate!

  • Jim Roberts

    I just hope we have sense enough to listen. I knew last two elections when we nominated who we did we were heading for trouble. Cain would have been the ideal candidate for the reasons you stated. The RNC needs to learn that they can’t just keep pushing “their guy” into the nomination

  • mellieb

    You guys just couldn’t drop the stupid abortion issue. That is why you lost. You can’t go around telling women that they have no say in what happens to their bodies. Period. Many people would have voted against Obama if the Republicans weren’t pitching this horrendous agenda. That is what lost you the election. I am mad as hell. As a Canadian, I fear 4 more years of Obama just as much as you do… but you just couldn’t let it go… So good, you all deserve to lose. Maybe you can drag yourselves into the 21st century for the next election.

    • LissaKay

      What agenda? Romney and Ryan were not pushing anything about abortion or birth control or any war on women or even making tampons illegal. That was all LIES propagated by the left. Looks like you bought into them as well. If people were so worried about the government controlling their body, why in the hell did they support Obama and his Obamacare???

    • mellieb He said repeatedly that he intends to repeal roe-vs-wade. Look, I am on your side. I wanted Romney to win, but the GOP just kept spewing anti-abortion and anti-woman crap until it lost them the elelction. Did they deny any of this crap? No they went on record saying stupid things about rape etc. You and I may be able to see the bigger picture, but the average democrat voter got hung up on this and this is why no one could support the Republican agenda. @Red, I agree with you actually… I don’t think that this is something that should be subsidized… and @ Leonard Johnson… Ahhh shaddap. I don’t want to hear your misogynist crap. When you can figure out how to gestate a baby without forcing someone against their will let me know.

    • LissaKay

      “Roe v. Wade – a case of blatant judicial activism that took a decision that should be left to the people and placed it in the hands of unelected judges. With Roe overturned, states will be empowered through the democratic process to determine their own abortion laws and not have them dictated by judicial mandate.”

      Repealing Roe V Wade would not make abortion illegal. It would get a bad law off the books.

      “GOP just kept spewing anti-abortion … crap” … two men misspeak or speak a tough truth, albeit clumsily and that equates to the entire GOP saying the same thing? How in the world do you come to THAT conclusion? Unless you want to also say that Alan Grayson speaks for the entire Democrat party based on his campaign fundraiser in which jokes were made about rape and pedophilia.

      “Anti-woman crap” …. Examples please? With sources. The only “anti-woman” crap I see comes right from the liberal, Obama-worshipping left.

      And you were responding to someone else:
      “I don’t want to hear your misogynist crap. When you can figure out how to gestate a baby without forcing someone against their will let me know”

      When you can figure out how to get yourself un-pregnant without killing a baby, let us know. Until then, when you jump into bed with someone, you should do so with the knowledge that you could be creating another life. If this is an unacceptable outcome at that time in your life, or with that man, if you would be moved to destroy that life, then perhaps you ought not be having sex with them. The only way to be 100% certain of not getting pregnant is to not have sex. THAT is your choice.

    • mellieb

      Look I was not trying to start an argument.. I abhor the dhimmicrat left… I did not know that about the roe-vs-wade… I am in Canada, so I don’t really know… I am just telling you what sentiments I saw all around me. I was alone among my liberal friends tryin
      g to defend the conservative position. I am not on their side. I am just telling you what I saw and up here I certainly heard about this issue over and over again, and the right did nothing to counter it.

    • LissaKay

      Ahh. I see. What I wrote above was pretty much the extent of “the right” countering the crap from the left. I weary of it, and get a titch testy sometimes. Often. It’s me and thousands and thousands more like me, on Facebook, on Twitter, on web pages and forums like this, speaking out against the lies. The endless, endless lies. I agree … there isn’t enough done, there isn’t enough we CAN do, to counter the tsunami of lies.

      What we have going on here is that the mainstream media … the TV news, most of the cable news channels, most of the newspapers and news magazines …. they are in the tank for the Democrats and Obama and the agenda of the left. They twist and turn the truth, and often tell outright lies to make Obama look good. Benghazi has been all but covered up. Just today they FINALLY reported that Iran had shot down one of our drones … LAST WEEK! The recovery after Superstorm Sandy is limping along, people are starving and freezing, yet to read the reports, the federal response has been stellar … Way to go, Barry!

      After the first debate, the media reported that Romney flipped on some of his views. The truth of it is, for weeks they had been reporting that he was saying one thing, then in the debate he said something different … hence, he changed his views. They are believing their own lies!

      So yeah, the “war on women” meme was pushed, and pushed hard. Some women were convinced that Romney intended to not only take away their birth control but also their tampons, and also force them to get pregnant and pop out baby after baby. For AGES and AGES, feminists have been pushing for flexible work hours, job sharing, on site daycare and on and on, so women can “have it all” … a career and a family. When Romney proposes just that, it’s spun into “He’ll let you work, but only if you can be home in time to cook dinner.”

      That’s just a small taste of how American media has taken control of the entire political narrative and spin it to destroy conservatives, build up the liberals and convince an increasingly gullible American public that socialism is the greatest thing since sliced bread … you get free crap!!

      THAT needs to be our battlefront because no matter who we run, no matter how noble, moral, upstanding and on-message they might be, the media can and will destroy them. We saw it with Sarah Palin, with Herman Cain, with Michelle Bachmann, even Joe the Plumber. Somehow, the media needs to be exposed as the lying pack of jackals they are … and somehow convince the people of that. Then we can start selling the conservative ideals back to them.

      Heh. Right. Good luck with that.

    • Wes Watson

      Very well written, and you 100% correct!

    • debater

      Lissakay – very well said. If all of us conservatives could convey the message as articulately as you did here we could make some progress. You are correct, the media has become Odumbo’s fan club and instead of making sure that he is held accountable, they lie and cover for him. Therein lies the problem, and how can the Republicans ever overcome this?

    • Mary V. Diggins

      Amen and Amen.. Overturn Roe V Wade!

    • Mark Whipple

      Please provide one example of the anti-abortion agenda please. Just because the Left screamed about it doesn’t mean that it is true. Both Ryan and Romney made the economy the center stage. It’s not their fault if the media and bloggers made up a different agenda and convinced people that was the case.

    • BigRob53

      Romney, on tape, said he wanted to repeal Roe vs. Wade and de-fund Planned Parenthood. He said them early on, which was him appealing to the extreme right in order to win the Primary. I think he is much more liberal than any of the other candidates, and if he would have worn his true colors, he would have won over several of the independents who truly hate abortion, but know that if the men in this country acted in an upstanding manner, there wouldn’t be a need for abortion. They focused, and still focus on women who want to use abortion as birth control like it’s an easy decision like changing socks.

    • Leonard Johnson

      A baby is it’s own body, it is NOT a “woman’s body.” The choice women have with “their body” is whether to get pregnant or not!

    • Polly

      Women who don’t have access to birth control are not in a position to choose whether or not they become pregnant.

    • Wes Watson

      No access to birth control?? They accidentally had sex?? THAT is where the choice should be!

    • Polly

      Ah, so what this is REALLY about is that women should not have sex. So if all those sluts out there stop having slut sex who are the slut men gonna have slut sex with? Get a grip, buddy.

    • Mary V. Diggins

      Romney was not trying to limit access to birth control. He repeatedly said so.

    • Kythas

      The only ones who EVER brought up abortion was the Democrat party. There was no Republican move concerning abortion at all – it wasn’t even on the radar. You’ve fallen victim to liberal propaganda.

    • Polly

      Pardon me, the Republican PLATFORM said no abortion for any reason.

    • Kythas

      The PLATFORM has said that for 30 years. Political party platforms are nothing but a statement of ideas and principles that would occur in an ideal world. The Democrat party platform calls for the US unilaterally disarming itself of all nuclear weapons. Do you think they’ll really do that? The Democrat platform calls for new gun bans. Do you really think they’ll do that?

      Platforms are pandering statements to make each party base happy. The majority of the items on each platform are fantasy items which they say they’d like to do but know they will never get done.

      Everyone knows that to repeal abortion it would take an amendment to the US Constitution. Everyone knows that Amendment would never happen. Abortion in this country will never go away without that Amendment.

      So, yes, the PLATFORM says they are against abortion the same way a vegan says they are against meat. The vegan may, as an individual, choose not to eat meat the same way a Republican, as an individual, will choose not to have an abortion. A vegan may even say he would like to see meat banned from the diets of all Americans, because that’s his belief. But he knows damn well that will never happen.

      Grow up. Start thinking for yourself. Stop regurgitating everything that’s fed to you and do some research for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

    • mellieb

      Sorry Kythas but that is not the way that people see things. No one is going to look at a party platform and say to themselves “well they don’t really mean anything by this” And don’t shoot the messenger. Like bigrob53 said, the two sides are very alike, except on women’s rights issues and homosexuality and welfare. I think that people just couldn’t get over the right wing view about abortion. And I think that saying something so stupid like they intend to repeal Roe vs Wade is what sunk them. What is the purpose? Pro lifers are mainly republican so who were they trying to sway? They could have stressed that it was about freedom of religion because no one should be forced to provide a service that contradicts their beliefs, but they didn’t even bother… Don’t get so nasty… I HAVE come to my own conclusions, but you can’t bully the entire nation into seeing things your way. There was plenty of evidence in the Liberal news media of how this message was being received… No one on this side was listening.

    • Mary V. Diggins

      We Republicans DID stress that Obamacare restricted religious liberty. The Left did not want to hear it…….
      As for me, I say, you can legally kill your baby, if you want to, but I refuse to pay for it.

    • Mary V. Diggins

      Better that than “abortion for any reason at anytime”
      The Republicans value human life.

    • Red

      I have no problem with a woman having an abortion if that is her choice although it is not mine personally. I do, however, have a problem with Federal Tax dollars paying for it. If a woman gets herself pregnant than it is her responsibility to pay for it if she wants to abort it. If she can’t afford it, then I suppose she can suffer the consequences of her choice which is how life works.

    • polly

      Perhaps you are not aware that, *by law*, federal tax dollars cannot be used for abortions.

    • Kythas

      Federal tax dollars are used to subsidize Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood performs abortions. There are always ways around the law.

    • Rebecca

      Well you know I have sorta thought along these same lines myself at times. But if someone asks me point blank if I approve of abortion or not I would have to say NO. The rambling got them in trouble. Say “no I do not agree with abortion” enuff said don’t give explanation , examples and qualifications just say “no I do not agree with abortion” and don’t try to justify your position with some explanation. I believe it is wrong is enough. You agree or you don’t agree. Don’t discuss it further. That’s how they screw us. Your personal opinions beyond ya or nay will be so scrutinize it will sink you.
      Truth is……….. Do your own research. I don’t want ruin my chances of being president some day.

    • Rebecca

      Oh never got to the point. Three million or so republicans didn’t vote because they didn’t think Romney was a strong enough conservative. Now they get Obamacare. When their taxes go up and their healthcare coverage goes up and the dollar is further devalued maybe they will rethink the idea of the lesser evil.

  • Gods of Ruin

    Awesome points. Everything about Cain was solid except his policy.

  • PJRodman

    OK ZO, we were talking about impeaching O…then we thought about Biden. Scary…then we thought maybe we could get him too….then we thought about BONER. Crap.

  • ladyhawkmb

    Zo you are right in so many ways. And you have expressed what I have been feeling about the media destruction of Cain. The Republicans all dropped him like a hot potato, when the “scandal” broke, and then the media went away. What happened to all the women who came forward with accusations?

    The MSM took aim at each of the front runners and destroyed them until all the Republicans had left was Romney. And they needed a more dynamic and outgoing person. Herman Cain would have been perfect. He would have taken the reins and won with a good margin.
    Too bad I could not vote. I’m Canadian but I was really hopeful that Romney might pull it off.

  • Brittany Hitchcock

    No lie I have never agreed more with any of your videos before Zo. You are absolutely 100% correct about everything. I’ve been saying the same exact things since the beginning. I was over the top excited about Palin running as VP in 2008, and even more excited to see Herman Cain in the primary this time around. He was my guy and I was absolutely sickened when he dropped out of the race. I knew that Romney wasn’t enough to get the office. It is my belife though that there will never be anything conservatives or republicans can do to beat the Hollywood influance. I know its kind of wrong of me to say but i truely believe that each generation becaomes more blind, and willing to follow a crowd than the next. Love this video man, I’m not mad I’m absolutely with you. God bless you Zo.

  • Mark

    Allen West – Smart, Black, Conservative (Not Republican) 2016.

    • Jimmy Z

      Allen West is not the guy. Remember July 2011 when he caved on the debt ceiling deal, giving Obama a pass on the increasing debt THROUGH the election year? No thanks.

    • Wes Watson


    • ERB

      He also vote yes on the patriot act.

    • Scott Todd

      I’ll agree that was one bad move as was the debt ceiling vote. That said, I’d at least trust him not to abuse the Patriot Act (though it really should be repealed so as not to be abused by the next leftie that gets into the WH). Who do you say should run instead? Please don’t say Ron Paul. He’s great on economics, but is horribly naive on foreign policy.

    • Right Way

      What about the NDAA that West voted for that gives the POTUS the power of a dictator.?

    • Will Summers

      Alan West 2016

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Does that mean that the people who voted against him are RACIST?

  • Nancy DahnSchuh-Boyd Eustice

    I supported Hermain Cain. Even sent money to his campaign and then that controversy came out and he dropped out. I was not happy with Romney however, I was hoping he would win. I had a feeling this would happen, but still held out hope. I just do not know if this country will ever be able to get out of the mess we are in. I agree with you Alfonzo. Look what is happening to Allen West. I was hoping Allen would have ran for president. Hermain and Allen would both make great presidents.

  • Garrett Mondini

    Alfonzo 2016

  • Rebecca

    Herman Cain was my first choice. I am still not so sure that some or any of the stuff they used to push him out of the race was true. I thought even if any of this is true why can’t he still be president. Clinton got elected with bimbos crawling outa the woodwork and didn’t leave office when he was caught red handed with the cigar, the dress and the bimbo. I liked the 9 9 9 plan. It sounded doable. It would have lowered my taxes by about 2%. And people who don’t pay a penny would have started paying at least something at the cash register. They would gotten something outa all the under the table bums in my family who hate me because I’m conservative who worked hard and got ahead.

  • Mark Whipple


  • Karen Chadwick

    I agree. Cain was the best candidate out of the bunch. He could have beat Obama. I was so disappointed when he dropped out of the race. I was planning on voting for him. I live in MO, so our primary turned out to be a joke. I actually went and caucused to make sure the guy I voted for was represented at the caucus. Fat lot of good that did. He wouldn’t have won any way. The only one who could have out of the bunch that ran was Cain. Next time Allen West or Marco Rubio. Any other ideas?

  • Geoffrey Derpy Hooves Barber

    Spot on, Zo. 100% correct. You really should run for office. You know what it takes.

  • Newman

    I voted For Alan Keyes in the 2000 primary . I like him. :-)

  • whoknows99

    I’m not sure cain would have done any better…..the leech class now outnumbers the workers.
    but in trying so desperately to save their welfare state, they have ensured its end….its unsustainable…but republicans will never win the presidency again, unless they outbid the democrats for votes…and then whats the point?

    • Mary V. Diggins

      Democrats want to protect their “choice” to kill babies, and they will say and do anything to advance that agenda. They use the fear of minority voters as a weapon against Christians and conservatives. Blacks and Hispanics have been deceived by Obama. They honestly think he cares about them. It is tragic.

  • BigRob53

    Zo, I love your videos and your great intelligence with conservative politics, and wish more people believed like you. That being said, I disagree with you about Cain and putting up a black candidate just to beat another black candidate. The problem with the GOP is that they are out of touch with the majority of Americans today. The base is rabid, and will not leave the party to ever vote across the aisle because of what the Democrat party stands for, but they lost this election because they were out of touch with the majority of what America wants. The two candidates were liken to people’s dad (Romney), the guy who doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Obama is the guy you can have a beer with and will tell you exactly what you want to hear, partially because he doesn’t know what you really need. Romney, and the whole of the GOP, lost a very winnable election because of 3 big things that pushed undecided voters over to the Dems. 1. Women’s rights. Nobody likes to admit that the majority of women abhor abortion and don’t feel it is a good thing, but just like men are with guns…don’t ever talk about taking the right away, even though we know guns are involved in a ton of murders each year. The gaffes from Aiken and Murdock were what sealed the deal for women who were on the fence about voting GOP. 2. He left too much out of his plans to heal the economy. The only thing he really gave any minor details about was lowering the tax rates on 20% of American families. When so many people don’t pay taxes because of deductions and low wages, they really don’t care that you’re going to lower the rates, and it just appeared like he was going to lower rates for his millionaire buddies, and that is the fight du jour with the middle class. If a negative tax rate goes down, doesn’t that mean he was going to give the freebies to more people? If so, he should have said that and pitted those people against Obama. 3. The marketing of Obama’s brand. The only company that does a better job of marketing crap online is Vista Print and Amazon. They are able to capture the attention of younger voters because they are quick with putting GOP gaffes online and they go viral very quickly. The GOP typically goes after the older crowd, and won that demographic, but were very far behind in the younger voters. The GOP didn’t capitalize on the poor debate performance in a witty way, and Big Bird was the savior of Obama’s poor performance. After that, he regained the upper hand.

    The sad reality is that the GOP has always been the party of old, white, rich men and we put the face of that at the podium. The best part of Mitt was that there were far less skeletons in his closet, and he practiced what he preached. The bad part of that is that the youth of this nation doesn’t respect that (as shown by no attention given to Obama’s pot smoking and cocaine use coming out).

    The reason moderate candidates lost in ’08 & ’12 wasn’t because they were too moderate, but because the party has swung so far to the right that they lost the independent voters that didn’t want Obama, and this year felt that a change was needed. Just my thoughts, but what do I know.

    • SP1966

      IMO they lost due to two issues: ONE: running another moderate, no appeal to its base. TWO: Allowing the media to define who they are and what the issues were. They were so focused on “It’s the economy stupid” that they didn’t define for the public who they are, and where they stand, thus allowing the deceptive media to paint them as extreme. That last part has to be the worst, the GOP ran a moderate, and yet because of the media portrayal and their lack of fight they allowed themselves to be seen as extremists.

      And to Zo’s point, I was 100% on the Cain bandwagon!! He made the case for his conservative values and I so much wanted to see the media falling all over themselves trying to paint him into a corner without exposing their own racial biases!!!

      The problem with the GOP isn’t that they are changing with the times, its that they are trying to do so and doing a hysterically bad job of it!!!

  • Tom Biddle

    What are you doing in 2016? You have been drafted.

  • johnnyrocks67

    Totally dead on correct, Zo. As soon as I heard Harry Belafonte say that Herman Cain was in his opinion the worst type of person the black community could produce I knew he would be a lightning rod to allow America to see the racism and vitriol of the left. The Repubs better figure it out fast or they will go the way of the Whigs.

  • Jyslinn

    I would have voted for Cain without any hesitation. As soon as he dropped out, those fake accusers disappeared. Hopefully in four years, the Republicans will have a better candidate. If we’re allowed to vote by then.

    • stevetheperformer

      Totally true. I hope we still have America as we know it in 4 years.

    • Mark Mnich

      That’s because it wasn’t about the fake accusers…it WAS about Cain upsetting the apple carts of the people who CONTROL our elections by controlling who the candidates end up being.

  • Memorylane Vance-Batton

    Oh ZO, I only have one thing to disagree with you about, and that is that I PERSONALLY think that there were a couple others that could have been put in place of Cain, such as West (one of my first choices) also Rubio…..and although some may not agree the popular choice, Pailen. Maybe a combo of either of them, and I personally did like Romney I just do not think the base was ready for him! Thank you for AGAIN pointing out the obvious! Solider on in His name!

  • Kaye Dowdell Taylor

    Simmer down Zo! I loved Cain and Palin! Cain chose to step away from the campaign, we didn’t turn our backs on him.

  • BoyWonder

    Cain was my choice, but he dropped out before my primary

  • infragreen

    Give me a break. Ron Paul was the only truly conservative candidate. Herman Cain sunk himself with his ridiculous 999 plan that made no sense. He lost me with that, not the scandal.

  • Jim

    Yes , you got it , nailed it, slammed it , anything else besides what you are saying is just wasted words , rhetoric. This was perfect the storm 100 years in the making. Now refine your message further. Until we go back to the schools and save our youth form the indoctrination from liberals they are recieving America will be destroyed as we know her.

    • Larry

      Jim, you nailed it. The future is being hijacked by liberal college professors indoctrinating our young people with secular humanism, without giving a thought to what that is going to do to a country founded on christian principles…..and now we have a muslim in charge who thinks this country is muslim….. Do our young getting-an-education population actually have a chance after they finish their formal education? Not unless the current administration is taken down. And the NEA is taken out to the trash heap. And the unions no longer hold sway with the population. And the givers start to outnumber the takers……

    • Polly

      This country was *in no way* founded on Christian principles. Please get your facts straight before you try to make an argument.

      “The United States of America should have a foundation free from the influence of clergy.”— George Washington

      “The United States Constitutional Convention, except for three or four
      persons, thought prayers unnecessary.”— Benjamin Franklin

      “This nation of ours was not founded on Christian principles.”— John Adams

      “Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for
      every noble enterprise.”— James Madison, letter to William Bradford,

      “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense,
      founded on the Christian religion” ~Treaty of Tripoli 1796

    • stevetheperformer

      Oh, you are SO wrong. Look at The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and all the founding fathers. The Christian influence was what it was founded on

    • Scott Todd

      Always the same short snippets and all of them out of context. BTW, something like 29 of the signers of the Declaration were ordained ministers.

    • Lech Dharma

      Right on. Progressives are evolutionists (pun intended) not revolutionists; they are in it for the long haul. With Obama as a candidate in 2008, they realized that all their decades of public school liberal-indoctrination, and white guilt pandering, and slow-chipping away at American moral fiber would finally pay-off big time: enough of the electorate that didn’t struggle under the Carter administration, and could easily be manipulated into believing that a great orator with charm and charisma could and would deliver on every one of their individual special-interests (“immigration reform” , gay marriage, financial entitlements, free healthcare, legalized marijuana, etc). Every time Obama failed to deliver, the same mantra was chanted: it’s “Bush’s fault”; an “inherited” mess; “obstructionist, racist Republicans.”

      And the media kept pushing the message as if it were fact.

      The challenge before us is to “fix” indoctrinated Americans; and it must start on school campuses, in movie theaters, and the popular culture. A daunting task.

  • Azim

    Mellie abortion is NOT why we lost the election. First it’s actually polling at 46-54 for pro life last time I checked. Prolifers are more adamant than pro choice. Abortion is legal and not really on the table right now. 3 million less republicans voted this year than 08.

  • Don

    Keep it coming Alfonzo!!!

  • Travis Blaylock

    im right there with you Zo. Cain was my guy. it wasnt because he was black, but because he didnt talk like a politician.

  • Alex

    ZO 2012?

  • Rob Alan

    All I can say, (as usual) is, EXACTLY!!! Once again you’ve absolutely NAILED it Zo.
    Oh yeah, Allen West for President in 16!

  • Dave Mundy

    Brilliant, Alfonzo! Brilliant!

  • Jade Hand

    I love the way you think and I agree with you at least 98% of the time. I agree that our best chance to defeat the current administration was Herman Cain. I supported him since he announced and was greatly disheartened when he dropped out. I didn’t think he could win because he was black, but because he had the better ideas. Were all of his ideas perfect? probably not, but closer to the point than most others. Who do I think is our best chance next time around, if the republic still stands? Allen West. Because he’s black? No. Because he’s a good man with the background and experience needed to right this boat. I hope he runs and wins.

    I could go on for hours here, but I don’t want to bore you or your readers. We need to change the beat that we’re dancing to. Conservatives need a 3rd party, perhaps the Constitutionalists party. We’ll go through the laws and toss everything that doesn’t fit in with the Constitution. The founders were right on limiting government power, and we’ve strayed way too far. I hope we find our way back.


  • HFactor

    Alfonzo Wake UP!!! ALL your talking is nonsense. Sorry for hitting you in the ass with a 9 iron (Ping s56)…your rant is as ignorant as a dem/liberal saying the same thing with their ‘Us. vs. THEM’ mentality!
    Presidents are SELECTED by the corrupt FEDERAL RESERVE Banking System period! (Theres more to it than that) but thats whats really going on!!!
    Romney vs. Obama was the ONLY game i the Mass Media town! There was MANY true conservatives out there with GREAT message… “Bring the Troops Home” “End the Fed”….”Screw WallSt” etc etc….but NO! Corp CRIMINAL CLASS controlled the horse &company pony show…….and RE-SELECTED OBAMA!!!

  • John Caucis

    Alfonzo… you are courageous and brilliant… GOP so-called “strategists” need to start listening to you!!!! We need your voice now more than ever!

  • Frank Bliss

    Right on Zoe. Maybe you should run the next campaign. I picked Cain first. We need to fight the fight the way the libs do. Use their tactics against them.

  • tdpwells

    Can’t argue with most, but when I look at how we did champion West and Love through to the very end it still wasn’t enough. Mia Love lost in Utah for cryin out loud. There’s a piece missing from your puzzle, I just can’t put my finger on it yet. The entire left are pretty much willing victims of Stockholm Syndrome.

  • John Caucis

    Zo, you need to speak at CPAC next year…

  • Sherry Cesnajke

    Repubs better get on the ball and learn about how advanced progressivism is. Obama is an aggressive regressive progressive backed by Soros, a global elitist…NWO, anyone?

  • Guest

    The only problem with this theory is the media and the left would total pant him as a house ‘n’ word. I would follow Allen West into battle, I’d ask what I could do to Cain, I could easily trust Condi Rice to handle the country’s foreign policies as the commander in chief. But, the media and left have a huge advantage, they can easily pant them just as they did with Clarence Thomas as Uncle Toms/House ‘N’s. I loved the video though and agreed with some of it. Cain would have been the nominee if not for the scandal or he was running as a Democrat. For some reason Republicans are always held to a higher standard by their own party and by the media/left and they always hold themselves to a higher standard. This is why Cain dropped out. The left and the media always use this to their advantage.

  • Greg Ditrick

    The only problem with this theory is the media and the left would total painted him as a house ‘n’ word. I would follow Allen West into battle, I’d ask what I could do to Cain, I could easily trust Condi Rice to handle the country’s foreign policies as the commander in chief. But, the media and left have a huge advantage, they can easily pant them just as they did with Clarence Thomas as Uncle Toms/House ‘N’s. I loved the video though and agreed with some of it. Cain would have been the nominee if not for the scandal or he was running as a Democrat. For some reason Republicans are always held to a higher standard by their own party and by the media/left and they always hold themselves to a higher standard. This is why Cain dropped out. The left and the media always use this to their advantage.

  • Guest

    The only problem with this theory is the media and the left would totally painted him as a house ‘n’ word. I would follow Allen West into battle, I’d ask what I could do to Cain, I could easily trust Condi Rice to handle the country’s foreign policies as the commander in chief. But, the media and left have a huge advantage, they can easily pant them just as they did with Clarence Thomas as Uncle Toms/House ‘N’s. I loved the video though and agreed with some of it. Cain would have been the nominee if not for the scandal or he was running as a Democrat. For some reason Republicans are always held to a higher standard by their own party and by the media/left and they always hold themselves to a higher standard. This is why Cain dropped out. The left and the media always use this to their advantage.

    • リー

      That’s the point! When they start throwing those epithets, they’ll be exposed as racists. ;)

  • Amanda Belge

    Gloria Allred dashed our hopes for Herman Cain.

  • Jeff A.

    So true HERMAN CAIN 2016 I wanted him first time around and still want him to run!!!! I also agree that Allen west could also be another viable person!!! The reason McCain got more votes was the level of enthusiasm for Sarah Palin then McCain and conservatives were ready to fight for her tooth and nail……….we need a person were willing to fight for again, not one we want to stand along with!!!!!!!!

  • DavidBarr4x

    You are right. You are 100% right. Amen, brother. You are one smart cat, and a wise owl at the same time. I have a new addition to my list of conservative all-stars.

  • Robert Lee LaPointe

    Right on the mark, Zo!

  • raesie

    I like Cain and would have voted for him in a heartbeat! And I agree w/ Rush Limbaugh…you can’t beat “Santa Claus”…think about it!!

  • Mike Coville

    All though I agree with Zo, it scares me that the only way for a candidate to win the white house for now on is to not be white. Is America really that racist?

    • swampfaye

      No, Only minorities are – but you need them to win now. I’m saying this as a hispanic female. It’s time to get the governor of New Mexico to run for President. Or hell, Mia Love! YOU GO GIRL!

    • swampfaye

      Let me make another point. THe point is there are enough truly conservative minority candidates that are QUALIFIED that you should definitely use one. Why wouldn’t you? Why even give the DNC that ground when you don’t have to?

    • tyrone Jackson


    • Mary V. Diggins

      Not racist, just deceived … by Democrats.

  • Brian

    Zo, I believe this is a powerfully accurate analysis. Kudos. But if the republican party doesn’t get their act together, it won’t matter. Winning in 2016 will be doubly difficult even with a black conservative candidate because far more people will be dependent on the government by then. And you know what they say, when you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul’s vote!

  • Michael Hatfield

    HA! Dude, that was awesome!

  • Michael Mattson

    Awesome, man. Absolutely love the “beat ‘em in the but with a nine-iron”. Great vid!

  • melissa kaffen

    Alfonzo in 2016.

  • Elaine

    Alfonso, you are a gem to the Republican party. You should have been Romney’s adviser.

  • swampfaye

    You are so right. I supported Cain because he WASN’T a politician and I was sure, as a businessman, he could find the people he needed to run the government as a business.

  • Dixie Miller

    You got it right on the nose.

  • Bill

    Sorry man but Cain would not have stood a chance in the debates against Obama. The fact that Bill Ayers is an expert in voter fraud should begin to steer you in the right direction. What should happen is for our Congress to order a recount of all votes. And prove beyond doubt that EVERY vote cast was legal. May take a while to actually contact all those who voted and prove that they actually cast a vote but for the security of this union it would be great! If not then you can all continue down the path to socialism. And good luck with that! But just remember I told you a way to turn this around quickly!

  • Jeff Sullivan

    Well stated Alfonzo! The Republicans need to gow up and step up. Herman Cain was my choice from the very beginning!

  • Nick

    Great to listen to you.

  • Greg Iskat

    WOW!!! Nailed it! Mister Cain was actually my FIRST CHOICE!!! Whatever sins might have occurred in his past I thought he was a true man of God and an awesome businessman & leader.

    I had a hope about him that he would have done what this country REALLY needs, Gotten elected, Left after the inauguration & went straight to a certain church in New York City (see the pictures of how it was spared on 911) where some guy name George first dedicated our country to the Almighty God who through his providential care ordained our freedom, humbled himself (as Washington did) and got on his knees & Re-dedicated this country to the One true God, who is our only hope!
    So essentially Zo, I agree Dawg!

  • Lindsey Hood

    I think I fell in love with you! lol. You are right on the money! I said some of this on facebook & then I was called racist the night of the election.

  • Natalie

    Cain withdrew his name from the ticket – it killed me! I would have voted for him no matter what! I LOVE HIM and he is EXACTLY what the Republican party AND AMERICA needed! That being said, Allen West 2016!

  • gahnzo55

    THANK YOU Alfonso… You got it so right on… Cain would have been great, if the Wonks would have stood up to the MSM and supported him. But no…they had to find another piece of cardboard to put up against Obama. Mitt’s a good man, and I actually find it amazing that anyone would put up with the crap the MSM and political wonks throw at anyone running for that office. My ex kept saying he (mitt) is just doing it for his rich friends… My response was… really? Don’t you think, given the fact, that he’s worth millions, that there is an easier way (using lobbyists) rather than subjecting yourself and your family to the onslaught of mudslinging and outright lies against you? And isn’t it funny that as soon as Cain is out of the race, hmmm where did the woman go??? I am disgusted. I say let the Dems send the U.S. down the shitter, give em everything they want… and in a year or two when the bottom has fallen out, and the debt is out of control when companies only hire part time workers, and major companies have gone somewhere overseas, or the price of gas has gone over 5.00 and BHO is still pouring billions of dollars down the “green energy rat hole”… ask the voters.. is this the change you wanted? I wonder how long it will be before the college graduates from the last three years (and those in the next couple) will continue to sing the praises of Obama when they can’t get jobs, and the government is taking every dollar from them to pay back their student loans. Fricking ldiots…look at Cuba, Russia or any other country that has tried to make everything “fair and equitable”…. the Fair is in August…. JMO

  • Jersey

    Hoped and prayed for West. A West/Condie team too much to ask for? Brilliant respected woman (who is still a..ahem…woman) take no prisoners, play no crap tell it like it is Man with brain like a vault. Sigh. What about West/Christie…can you even imagine two razor sharp candidates running together. We’d be cleaning up the blood for weeks. Honestly, I’m starting to think conservatives are serving up the country on a silver platter. They don’t defend themselves, stand by their beliefs or call the left on their hypocrisy or lies. Everything I know, I had to research on my own. Why isn’t the right showing us what they are really about while revealing the nature of the left? It’s so easy to do that I can’t help but feel like they forfeit. Call me crazy, but maybe this is a sign that they Mayans called it!

  • george

    thats exactly what i said when herman cain first got on the ticket. i was hoping so bad that he was the one obama had to contend with cause i knew obama wouldnt have had a chance against cain.

  • Mrussrsf

    I’m a 50 yr old white, conservative woman. Think Romney is a decent man, but I LOVED Herman Cain. He connected with a large cross section of voters and would have been a FIGHTER! Was so disappointed he dropped out. ..

  • C Madden

    That’s why we need a Third Party, so we can express on run on TRUE Conservatism, right along with the culture of America.

  • CommSpecialist

    Very good video..I agree with all of his points. I just recently came across the famous Malcom X video where he warns that the Democratic party is just using African Americans for their voting block. Seems Malcom was right.

  • cuda1

    On point!!! Rubio/West 2016, that is if there anything left…..

  • Thomas Bridges

    I agree with you – Herman Cain & Michelle Bachman were my top 2 choices int he primaries & unfortunately both had been taken out by the time the primaries came to my state. One other person who I would have liked to see run is J C Watts – always thought that George Bush shouuld have picked J C Watts for VP in 2000 instead of Dick Cheney so JC would have been ready to run in 2008.

  • Don

    Herman Cain was the best candidate, I was a huge supporter of Mr. Cain and I really hope he runs again in 2016..

  • EdHill

    I agree 100%. Again, we allowed the Republican “establishment” clowns to drive us in the ditch. When will we finally fire them and put some real conservatives in charge? I’ve been white for almost 70 years but I would have voted for Herman Cain in a heartbeat! I’d love to see him try again in 2016!

  • Pat Montecki

    Right on. Cain had my vote. In addition to representing conservatives he would have taken race out of the equation. We needed that to win. I also don’t agree with his 13 year dalliance but we have come to expect that from our politicians. It wouldn’t have been a deal breaker. I shudder to think who they’ll come up with in 2016, assuming we are still a democratic Republic then.

  • Lucy Castillo-Riley

    Agree! However, the media completely destroyed Herman Cain when they found out about his extra marital activities. Romney was a clean, wholesome, good hearted man who was denied the presidency mainly for his color of his skin. Very sad! The next conservative candidate must be a completely clean, non white male or female since we know the leftist liberal media will look for ANY dirty laundry in that candidate’s background to advance the democratic candidate.

  • Rosemary Meling

    Excellent! And I agree with you. Cain was my choice and I was so disappointed when he stepped aside that I didn’t want to vote Republican at all. Previously I supported Alan Keyes. But do I think the Republican Party learned anything? No. I’ve been voting since 1973 and I can tell you they don’t learn. I frankly don’t know how Reagan ever managed to get himself through their ‘moderate’ gauntlet.

  • marshiana

    There is no denying Zo. He is spot on!

  • Sunney Skys

    I get your theory, but once racism is cancelled out on both sides, it would have come down to qualifications. Pizza guy versus the POTUS. I can see Allen West more than Cain.

  • katie

    I so wish that Cain had be the one chosen…

  • Dan Baker-Grumpy

    Thank you for having the ability to say what I was feeling. Speaking for myself, I think the establishment Republica party is a bigger enemy of our cause than any Liberal Democrat ever could be. Keep preachin Brother, I’ll keep listenin…

  • Lisa Lisa

    Zo, Excellent analysis and video! And thanks! H Cain

  • Sam Hartley

    I was pleased he went in the direction he did. But he is naive on the whole “pointing it out to them” about Democrat racism. We have been pointing that out FOR A LONG TIME. We also point out a lot of other things, but Liberals do not admit it, and claim the complete opposite. But he is correct, no matter who we ran, the results probably would have been the same. It was NOT a Romney issue, and I have been saying that since the 6th.

    And he says in a different way, what I said yesterday…. that the way Liberals think vs Conservatives was the problem as well. NOTHING Obama has done, is doing, or will do, is wrong or bad. A Liberal candidate has NO negative issues for them (not cheating, drugs, lying, nothing), yet with Conservatives EVERYTHING is an issue. NO person can be good enough or any issue NOT worth throwing them under the bus for.

    It is not so much the Republicans not running a good enough candidate, it is that they destroyed BETTER ones, for what they thought would be “less abrasive”, and then they even complained that he then……. was not abrasive enough!

    This election WAS about culture. And when you go up against a culture where anything (but YOU) is perfectly fine, and try to do so using any method other than what THEY do, it is nearly impossible to win. It is like telling one prize fighter to follow strict rules, and then the other that he has NO rules….. who will win? The one following the rules? Yeah, right!

    It is time to get as dirty as the Liberals. And we heard how many years of bitching, screaming, and misdirecting all issues onto GWB? It is time we at least start standing up for the REAL crap Obama and his ilk ARE doing, and have done. Being nice, or having more grace or class is NOT the way to win a street-fight, and you can rest assured, we are in a street-fight.

  • Jimmy Z

    Regardless of race, Cain was the right guy. He didn’t have to bow out – I think he did get pressure from his wife after his (really stupid) idea of giving money to a woman to help her out (kindness, okay, I get it) BEHIND his wife’s back, but I digress. But Cain would have been a great candidate, a great president, and a guy who could beat Obama – in spite of race.

    • Jimmy Z

      And Palin isn’t smart enough – I’m sorry, but she’s not that smart. Where was she during the primaries? Pretending to be a non-partisan hack commentator on Fox News. Where was she during the presidential campaign? Nowhere.

    • Jason Show

      Agreed Jimmy, I don’t know where people get the idea Palin is so good. She didn’t endorse a candidate during the Rep primaries until AFTER she voted. Which was way too late.

    • Mary V. Diggins

      Palin never pretended to be non- partisan! She was very straightforward in her opposition to Obama and the Democratic platform, but if she would have backed anyone during the primary season, that candidate would have been destroyed — such is the hatred that the liberal Press has for her. It is similar to the hatred that Muslims have for Israel.

  • Julie

    You nailed it, Zo! You get it and I can’t argue with anything you’ve said. I wish more people would listen to you.

  • Challeron

    Funny, Zo, that you did the “shame shame” bit on Herman Cain over an allegation that didn’t seem to me a whole lot worse than Romney giving charity to people he knew. Where were you expecting to find a “better” candidate?

    And, personally, I’ve reached the conclusion that the GOP doesn’t want to win, because it’s so much easier to sit on the sidelines and complain than it is to actually, y’know, lead or anything….

    One thing did become pretty clear, though: The Tea Party – which lost, all up and down the ticket – have taken Ayn Rand to heart, and “gone Galt”; I guess the rest of us will just have to suffer through the Economic Collapse (a.k.a. the Cloward-Piven Strategy) until Rand’s Objectivist Heroes can be bothered to leave Galt’s Gulch….

  • Blewits

    I don’t necessarily disagree with any of that but even if it were a black man or woman running against Barry, you still have a liberal media that will go as far as it takes to destroy a conservative candidate, no matter what their race, sex, etc. When your press is nothing more than a propaganda machine for liberal ideas, you aren’t going to get very far. What is more important is to find an EFFECTIVE way to combat the lies and accusations from the ENTIRE left. And also to dumb down the winning idea of financial freedom and independence.

  • Polly

    For those who have paid attention to the results of this election, not just nationally but on a state-by-state basis,you’ll notice that not only was President Obama re-elected, but the *entire* conservative agenda was overwhelmingly rejected. Stop obsessing over the color of anybody’s skin and get the point: it’s NOT who the candidate is, it’s what the candidate’s message is. And the USA does not like the right-wing message.

    • BigRob53

      Polly, I think you’re correct, but still feel that the two sides are microscopically apart except on a few issues (women’s rights, homosexuality, welfare) and those are the issues that put the right far away from the left. The left won because their message is “I’ll tell you what you want to hear” and it resounded by bashing Romney for his Effective Tax Rate, versus his Marginal Tax Rate and put him in the category of the 1%, even though the President earns enough to be considered part of that group as well. The Tea Party agenda is more extreme than the Conservative agenda, or even just the Republican agenda, and is pushing more people away from the right. Many people on the left and independents said how very similar Obama & Romney are on policy, that they really didn’t know who would be better for the country. Many see that there are economic indicators that show our economy is coming back, and felt that it was enough to re-elect O. The right needs to learn from this election, but I fear they won’t.

  • TSgt Ciz

    I agree with you ZO. I wish you would also take up the issue of folks like Jimmy Z who are so quick to crucify our best people over the slightest thing.

    The only thing in the Republican party worse than the RINOs are the cannibals.

  • Purple

    Can’t say I totally agree. I believe alot of voter fraud went on, and conservatives were pouring into voting booths this year because we DO get it now. I would have voted for Cain, but in the end he proved he wasn’t strong enough to hold the office by getting out of the race at the first sign of liberals trying to corrupt him. What we need is a STRONG man who will call a spade a spade, and not these nicey nice, “Obama is a good man,” type of people like Romney and McCain. We voted for Romney though!!! Just like Sarah Palin says, “Anyone but Obama!” So it all comes down to voter fraud in my opinion. I know what you’re saying though, our media is what needs to change so the culture can change. It’s just, how do we get in there when they’re the old money controlling everything and we’re the poor people struggling to keep or get jobs just to pay our bills or buy our food? Allen Keys comes off as too preachy and domineering to me, but I would definitely vote for Allen West, even Cain if he ran again.

    • Scott Todd

      That’s what Glenn Beck is trying to do with The Blaze TV.

    • Mark Mnich

      Cain didn’t get out because liberals tried to paint him as corrupt…he got out because they threatened to KILL HIS GRANDDAUGHTER. Why else would he step down on the day that he was supposed to be announcing the grand OPENING of his national campaign HQ? The night before, Cain’s WIFE filed the paperwork to start the organization “Women for Herman Cain.” Why would she do something like THAT if she didn’t think Herman was telling the truth? He got the threat via a phone call WHILE HE WAS WALKING UP TO THE STAGE, he believed them, and he never thought twice. Can you blame him for not being STRONG enough to sacrifice his family? Need proof? Go watch the video (if it hasn’t been banned yet) posted by a campaign worker ON THE GROUND in Atlanta after Cain stepped off the podium and just TRY to measure the daylight between Herman and his Secret Service detail. Go ahead and try because YOU CAN’T! They were on him like they were GLUED to him! I chatted with that man who said it was a total shocker because everyone spent all morning long getting the HQ ready to OPEN. This is why we need a man LIKE Cain who has absolutely NO FAMILY that can be threatened whenever he gets too close to winning a shot at upsetting the apple carts of the people who are in REAL control of our electoral process.

  • LT

    Totally agree about Cain and a outraged about the media. What can we DO about the media bias? Boycotting isn’t an option because people will only watch their preferred networks anyway. What about approaching our local news stations and letting them know we won’t stand for it anymore. I don’t know how it works, but it seems to me at some point it has to go to the national level…We’ve been lied to and kept in the dark and told what to think by the media at large…if the left had known all the details about Libya would that have changed their minds? What do they think people in NYC and NJ are getting from the gov’t that they aren’t in an uproar like they were with Katrina! SICK AND TIRED! The MEDIA IS RUINING OUR COUNTRY….

  • T-Ray

    Your right Cain was the right man for the job! Unfortunately we let the lefty media run him out of the race. I liked his 9-9-9 plan and his conservative values. In addition, I was giving monthly to his campaign.

  • T-Ray

    Rubio/West 2016!!!!

  • butlerfactor

    This guy is a fool. This guy just can’t leave his slave master. Could of… Should of… Don’t cut it. See ya in four years.

  • VinceInHouston

    I remember that right before Cain got knocked out of the race – I’m not happy with the circumstances, but would have still preferred Cain over Romney – a shot came from the left about him not being an authentic black man (or something very similar) and the immediate response was the fact that he was more black than Obama. There was no response back to that and in my opinion, THAT’s when the left saw real trouble ahead. Not too terribly long after that, Cain was bowing out. These guys are politicians and not saints. The left doesn’t seem to care what kind of past their side runs. Our side does. As Zo said, nobody that we come up with will make everybody on our side happy. I don’t know the answer to that unless we can come up with our own candidate that has the right values and message and at the same time has no real past to tie him to. No scandals no nothing. Then the left will probably fire back about how that candidate is too good and somehow unqualified because nobody could live up to that standard.

    I’m personally holding out for a half a billion legal tax free dollars, because I’ve probably got only slightly less of a chance of getting that than we do for getting our perfect candidate. Who knows what will happen by 2016… Somehow I doubt that Biden will be their candidate then as he has announced and who knows what shape the USSA will be in by then either.

  • texjoy

    Naw the liberals stole the election with rigged voting machines, plus a campaign that was based on lies and deceit!That’s how he got re-elected! Obama and the Democratic Party are nothing more than a bunch of thugs that will steal, kill and destroy to get what they want! Satan has them right where he wants them!

  • David Martin

    Amen. Amen, I say to you.

  • William Henry Bowen

    Zo, you’ve got it dialed in completely – and sadly the RINO so-called “leadership” of the Republican Party (including “Boner”) will refuse to take delivery on your message. This is one Cain supporter that is with you. Carry on my friend.

  • RJC

    Alfonzo, you’re an American hero! I would have voted for you.

  • bondroid

    FINALLY!! The FIRST DEAD ON analysis of what happened! I hate that race is even a consideration. It’s absurd and evil, but since the left will NEVER think of anyone as a just a human being… (And yes, sadly, they exist on the right too) I have for YEARS said the only ones who are going to be able to save the Republic are black conservatives. Those of us who despise race or sex even being brought into the mix, will unite behind them because of what they believe and stand for. We LOVE you Zo!! Thank you for your unwavering courage to stand and take no prisoners. You give us hope!

  • kds

    I have to agree with Allen West. He doesn’t back down, hates Muslims and HAS A GREAT MILITARY BACKGROUND. With Obumer going to deplete our military it is going to look like the Revolutionary War again in this country

  • Tom T

    Right on the money! Cain was the only one who could have beat him. The establishment GOP and the Democrats both ran him over w/ the bus. If they continue to run neo-cons they will never again have a GOP president. I live outside Atlanta and used to listened to his radio show, to say he “gets it” is such an understatement. He is replacing Bortz in January I for one can’t wait.

  • John Smith

    Freakin’ brilliant analysis, and I know good analysis. Better than Krauthammer, who thinks it’s a policy decision the GOP needs. For Blacks, women, and Hispanics, it’s about what Obama represents,
    not his policies. Romney represents “old white males”, and Christian ones at that.

    GOP needs to embrace, not just tolerate, but embrace issues from other people. It’s not about logic, it’s about LISTENING to other people and their issues.

    Dems call the Tea Party racist, this is a strategy. TP people shrug their shoulders when called racist, they say “What? We just care about the massive deficit”. They are 100% right. But it doesn’t matter.

    They are using logic, Democrats are tapping into emotion.

    This is how they get Jews in FL to vote for Obama +40% in a down economy where Obama openly snubs the Israeli leader(!)

    GOP will have to learn it’s about Venus and Mars, not just Mars.

    Keep it up!

  • MacdonaldC

    I totally agree with Alfonzo. Obama race was a factor for him winning twice. Say anything thing against him and you are labeled a racist. Cain would have taken the race card away from Democrats and would have shown what the Democratic Party really is, a party of closet racists. What would that douche bag Chris Matthews would have done? His inner Klansman would have come out. The Republicans are going to have to wise up. As much as I wanted Romney to win, the country club Republican is not viable with today’s electorate; they, the electorate who voted for Obama, are superficial. They like what is cool and hip; and right now being black is hip. Next time it is being Gay. Amongst Hispanics and blacks, it is all about race. This is where Alfonzo is wrong. Hispanics and blacks may have conservative leanings, but race trumps all. With Hispanics it is all about the illegals and hatred of European Americans (Why their ancestors pour into a European country is a mystery). With Blacks is is hatred of whites period.

  • Alfred C. Martino

    Alfonzo, I am sorry to say I have no idea who you are, but after watching this video it’s clear to me that I better start following your future commentaries immediately. Brilliant.

  • Corsica

    “It’s spelled ‘Boner'”. LOL!

  • Southern Girl

    You are so right, the reason the Democrats and Republicans worked for so hard to discredit Cain is because they knew he might win

  • Southern Girl

    Marco Rubio in 2016 – he will appeal to the Hispanics, blacks and whites. He is young, charismatic and conservative. Out with the “old, white, male” perception of Republicans. Once the “takers” figure out the gravy train is coming to a halt maybe they will get some sense.

  • Aliotto

    WHO is this guy??? I LOVE him! Thanks for spelling it out!!!

  • kizzmygritzuliberals


  • Michael Fiala

    Alfonzo – that last video was right on the money! I’m a marketer and I could see this stuff happening a mile away. Republicans have been targeting the wrong audience with the wrong product and they’ve been paying the same price anybody else does when they do that. Keep on my friend!

  • slim grizzy

    I’m white. Love Herman Cain. Shows that white people don’t have a problem voting for a black guy. He was the only one who had any big ideas to change government other than Paul. The rest were normal politicians but we picked off the best ones at the drop of a hat until we were stuck with Romney. I hated how everyone bailed on Cain when he had some issues. Nothing ever came from the accusations and he never accepted them as true. But it was enough to get him out of the way.

  • Royal Foust
  • Jamison Dickerson

    To conservatives and believers in fiscal responsibility, to those who hold traditional family values, after these last two presidential elections as well as the recent senatorial elections you might want to consider the possibility that no matter how much you love your country, your country doesn’t love you. In fact all your country wants from you is your taxes. A majority of the nation, no mater how slim that majority is, do not share you values nor appreciate them in you. I have never seen such a distinct division in this nation. We had always been able to find common ground until now or at least since the Civil War. It saddens me to think that half this country voted for handouts. It also saddens me to think that half this country put social issues before economic issues. In the bigger scheme of things, I have always believed, that without a strong economy all the social issues don’t matter. Because why worry about gay marriage, or abortion, or what ever when you can’t feed yourself? When your hungry these things don’t matter. That doesn’t seem to be the case in this country any longer.

    If that is truly the future of this country if over half the people feel this way, then there may not be a active role for the afore mentioned conservatives to play in this country any longer, other than as tax payer. That perhaps this country is actually hostile towards you and your views.

  • Cosmo

    As usual, Zo is right on the money. Cain was my first choice. Why? Because the Democrats feared him. Why the hell do you think they came up with the accusing bimbos? He would have beaten Obama bloody and eliminated the Democrats stranglehold on their slave base; black Americans. Blacks would finally realize who the real racists are and would have left the Democrat plantation in droves; never to return.

  • Lanny Sudduth

    What an eye opener. I have been thinking that maybe we need to be a little more moderate to win. I was wrong! WOW did you make the case for TRUE Conservatism!!!

    • victorbarney

      IT’s ABOUT OUR “JEWISH-“SAVIOR & LUCIFER & SATAN’S 6,000 YEARS IS JUST ABOUT OVER!!! WAKE-UP because it’s a matter of HEAVEN OR “DEATH”i.e., HELL)! Just saying…

  • Old School American

    Well, I look forward to 2014!

  • stevetheperformer

    Dude- you’re preachin’ to the choir- quit acting like none of us knew this. I would take Cain or West all day long and twice on Sunday over Osama… I mean Obama.

    • victorbarney

      I doubt that OUR “GATHERER’S”(WOMEN & BLACKS) WOULD AGREE WITH YOU! Just saying…

  • T Walsh

    While I agree with 99% of what you are saying I believe there is also another reason the republicans lost and this one is in the numbers. The number of zero liability tax payers in the United States is around 49% of the population at this point. 49% of the population does not pay into the income tax base and will for the most part vote on the side of those who will protect their interests. That’s any town, state and federal worker plus welfare and what not. Now add in the fact that almost all of the husbands and wives of the 49% will also vote in the same direction to protect the household income and benefits. The numbers jumps into the 50% plus range. Now add in the fact that probably close to 70% of all private sector union workers will also vote on the same side and you have a voter base of somewhere in the range of 65%or more of all eligible voters will vote democrat to keep the money train rolling. I agree that we need a candidate that will fly in the face of everything the dems throw at us but I also believe whole heatedly that we are just out numbered. We are living Lord Alexander Tyler’s quote. “The fall of the Athenian Republic”

    • qualityrkc

      You are so uninformed. BTW federal and state workers do pay income taxes and seeing as that is your central argument I would challenge you to look at the demos of those not paying taxes. Most are old people and military personell who traditionally vote republican. This is why you lost. Bc you live in la la land. You are the party of stupid. Who would vote for the party of stupid?

  • boone471


  • Kimberly Webb

    Never heard of you before, but you are spot on!!

  • K. Kurtz

    Zo, I really appreciate all that you do for the cause. I did support Herman Cain; I was really excited about him. But he took himself out of the running, didn’t he? Are you saying that he was forced out by the establishment? I truly did not get that impression, nor have I seen any evidence of that. Please elaborate if you can. Again, I can understand what you are saying and completely agree with the premise.

  • Rich G Tampa

    Amen Brother! You speak the truth. Cain should have been the man. And thanks for the truth on Democrats and racism. I’ve never understood how normally intelligent people have been so blind about who really are the racists.Cain in 16. I know, i’m dreaming.

  • machodog

    I love this guy!! What an intelligent, refreshing, logical mind this young man has. He should consider running in 2016. I AGREE with EVERYTHING he said. I am white, not racist, but have resented what some blacks have done since obama divided this country on race and I believe that race relations in America have been set back 60 years and MARTIN LUTHER KING MUST BE CRYING IN HEAVEN.
    I said from the beginning that the Republican contender should be CAIN. It was the most logical choice…but then, what does logic have to do with politics.
    Keep on keeping on, Alfonzo. You’re THE man!!!

  • rdncoic

    Bill Badman Here. You hit the nail right on the head. I spent 26 years in the military and know that we need all our conservative, white , black, hispanic…………..You are right about everything. and he is john boner for sure.

  • barbara ashdown

    You’re absolutely right, Fonz, but to a point. Many of us backed Herman, but Herman backed out. We have been screaming about the GOP establishment picking our candidates for us for years now, but to no avail. Tthe GOP will never run a true conservative, and, as such, I am 100% behind Herman Cain who just came out and said we need to start a third party. If we don’t strike out on our own by offering a real conservative choice to the American people, we’ll never get America back.

    • victorbarney


  • MaterDeiOPN

    You are sooooo right!

    Herman Cain was my first choice, too – I was so excited when I first heard about his plan and his conservatism and I started promoting him among my friends and family. Next thing I knew, he’s gone, thanks to a Clinton-esque bimbo eruption.

    I think he could have won, if he’d have gotten some support from the RNC, instead of, as you say, letting the liberals disqualify him for us.

    I’m so sick of the Republican party giving us moderates. I’m just plain sick of the RNC.

    • victorbarney

      No Herman cain couldn’t win! It’s NOT REALLY ABOUT “black” & “white,” but about HEAVEN & HELL! Just saying…Again, ” we the people:” WE LOVE IT HOT! I MEAN VERY HOT!!! And, Scripture predicts that we still WILL NOT REPENT!!! Again, just saying…Welcome to adam’s world even BEFORE the 1ST MURDERER was even conceived!!!

  • Carol Cumbie

    Why are they not checking on the voter fraud . I don’t believe Obama won There was too much fraud. This is not . It need to be looked into . There are too many cases. I didn’t like Romney but I voted for him because The fear of what Obama will do scared the hell out of me. They had the machines rigged and it can be easily done and no one woul dknow.

    • victorbarney


  • Carol Golembiewski

    I agree it’s about the culture. But here’s a big difference – when liberals lose, they blame their opponents and villify him/her. When conservatives lose, they blame themselves start in fighting and blaming themselves. Let’s stop that and villify the d-bags that liberals are.

    • victorbarney

      No! It’s about the “hunters”(typically “white” males) and the “gatherer’s,” typically “women” through their biology, along with “blacks,” through a combination of both biology & CHOICE! That’s OVER 70% of our population, FOLKS! Hello!!! Just saying, it is what it is…KISS OUR “REPUBLIC” GOODBYE & “FIRE & BRIMSTONE:” HELL-O!!! Again, just saying, what is, is…

  • Aaron Cherry

    I agree ZO! Spot on. I think Cain would have been my choice. The Dems knew he could win and that well played bimbo story did the trick of making sure that didn’t happened. UHHHHG! When are we gonna learn how to sell our candidate? We have quite a few blind voters that when asked why they voted for the Dems this year, they can’t even tell me. “He got Bin Laden, he’s a great guy, blah, blah, blah. Nothing real though. I guess we will see what happens the next 4 years. I am praying for a great representative in 2016, if we even have elections.

    • victorbarney


  • Jonathan Linowes

    did he just say “you people”? what a racist! (just kidding) Love this vid!

  • TNMamaw

    Alfonzo Rachel for president in 2016!!!

  • Red Herring

    Alfonzo, I like the way you think. Keep up the good work.

  • Edward Wronka

    My Post-Election Predictions:

    1. Obama will pretend to participate in “serious”
    negotiations with the Republicans in the House of Representatives to resolve
    the Sequestor, the Fiscal Cliff, and Debt Ceilng crisis.

    2. As a potential
    agreement emerges, Obama will quietly and behind closed doors intentionally
    increase his demands at the last minute in much the same way Bob Woodward had
    described in his recent book** about previous debt ceiling negotiations from a
    year ago. Obama will definitively ask for whatever it takes to destroy any
    possibility of an actual deal.

    3. No deal will be
    reached. All defense cuts and job loss from the sequester will happen. All tax
    increases in the Fiscal Cliff will take effect. And a debt ceiling increase
    will occur simultaneous to a formal reduction of USA’s credit rating.

    4. NBC’s Brian
    Williams, Matt Lauer, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, ABC’s George Stephanopolous will
    report that Obama did nothing wrong and that Tea Party zealots are imperiling
    the future of USA out of pure personal hatred and racism against this
    President. Republicans will be interviewed and asked why they want to ruin USA
    just to hurt Obama. Obama will be asked how he can maneuver USA passed the Tea
    Party threat to our children’s future.

    5. Attempts at grass
    roots levels to express sympathy and substantive arguments on behalf of these
    Republicans will be quietly disparaged and delegitimized by their neighbors as
    nothing more than racism and hatred.

    6. Obama will use windfall
    of revenue to offer more goodies to voters and wage a federally-funded program
    of spending to win mass adoration from voters while doing nothing to
    meaningfully restore the fiscal solvency of USA.

    7. Obama will use
    political capital to reform campaign spending. Ultimately it will limit all
    election-affecting speech to 6 news/editorial entities, 5 which support a
    pro-Democrat party message and 1 that supports the opposition. Neighbors will
    quickly disparage, demean, and belittle anyone who watches this 6th entity,
    much less sympathizes with its message or accept their reported coverage of
    scandals of Obama administration as if its legitimate.

    8. On Comedy Channel, Jon Stewart will occasionally quibble
    about these 5 pro-Democrat networks, but regularly launch satirical tirades on
    the 6th one and eventually question whether or not we even need any opposition
    media in the era of Obama, a President supported by majorities all around the

    9. As more and more
    economic misery unfolds due to continued horrible economic policies that
    discourage productivity and encourage dependency, Obama uses media machine to
    blame all problems on Republicans for slowing down his attempts at rampant

    I’m not sure exactly
    of the details of how it devolves after this, but USA begins to quickly follow
    the steady death spiral we already see in Europe. Any chance of USA to recover
    its promise of freedom and opportunity will be lost forever as we will be
    permanently trapped on a path to bankruptcy.

    George Soros, the biggest donor to Obama’s campaign and most
    frequent visitor to the White House will double his net worth once more, just
    as he did in Obama’s first term.

    **Excerpt from Bob Woodward’s “The Price of Politics”
    “Obama succeeded in getting Boehner to tentatively
    agree to as much as $800 billion in new revenue, a major concession, only to
    surprise the speaker with a request for an additional $400 billion as their
    negotiations neared the final stages. Unable to muster support among his
    lieutenants for such a proposal, Boehner ducked the president’s phone calls
    before pulling out of the talks for good.

    “Obama reacted
    angrily to Boehner’s refusal to take his calls, according to Woodward, telling
    the speaker when they talked next: ‘That’s not a reason to cut off the
    conversation. I asked you to consider it. And you never got back to me.’

    ” ‘He was spewing coals,’ Boehner told Woodward in the
    BTW: This is why our credit rating dropped a year ago.

    Twice actually.
    Once a year ago and once just before the election. The media never even bothered to mention this 2nd drop since it would’ve hurt Obama.

    • victorbarney


    • qualityrkc

      People like you are the reason why repubs lost. Need to stop being the party of stupid to garner respect from normal people.

  • Myptofvu

    Hey don’t be dissin Captain Kangaroo…the guy was a real war hero also called one of the bravest men that ever lived…look it up

    • victorbarney


  • Myptofvu

    About running Cain and that being able to expose the racism of the left I’m not totally sure that would work. I think they would just convince themselves that Cain was a sell out or mentally deranged. Your idea is good in theory but you may be underestimating the lefts ability to delude themselves.

    • victorbarney

      AGREE 100%! It’s BECOME ABOUT “GETTING” & NOT GIVING!!! Again, just saying, what is, is…

  • Fred

    I’m a middle age white male and I appose obama for the same reasons I supported Cain.
    I do not care about obama’s color, its his policies and what he stands for that I detest.
    Same with Cain, I couldn’t possibly care less about his color. Its his ideas and what he stands for that I support.
    I don’t for the first second believe any of the dem party lies about his sexcapades. Reason why…. NOTHING has ever come out that could be considered credible since hes stepped down.
    So if he was committing all these alleged crimes WHY did nothing else come of it? WHY is he still married?
    I doubt his wife like mine and many others would stand for such stuff and not leave.

    • qualityrkc

      Real question is why did he step down once the rumors surfaced? If it weren’t true he would have never left office.

  • Sydney

    Zo, Totally agree with you. I wanted Herman Cain from the start. Liberals are all about hypocrisy. They hurt the ones they con into supporting them. Conservatives need to hear your common sense. Weapons of A.S.S. Destruction is on my Christmas list. Thanks for all you do.

  • Qali

    Mitt lost because he is not conservative enough They were too much alike

  • AddisonDewitt

    More the half this nation could give a sh it the greatness of America and our freedoms—they do not care about anyone or anything but THEM. ..all they care about is their XBox, layin’ up in their house eatin’ some McDonalds and KFC and having a few bucks in their pocket to buy beer and reefer… and an EBT card that Obama keeps filling.

    • qualityrkc

      Having the most prisoners kind of makes it hard to argue we are the most free.

  • TX grandma

    Zo, you are so right on the money! I was so hoping that Mr. Cain would stay in the race – he was my guy! I was ready to stand by him and give Obama a run for his money.

    • victorbarney

      Mr. Cain wouldn’t have WON for the same REASON, IT’S ABOUT “GIFTS” BEING GIVEN & NOTHING MORE!!! Again, just saying, what is, is…Our “GATHERER’S” ARE OUR SUPER-MAJORITY BY FAR!!!

  • victorbarney


  • Tara

    My choice for 2016 ~ Allen West/Sarah Palin, Allen West/Mia Love, or Sarah Palin/Mia Love

  • Jay S. Ostler Ecv

    The Republican Party had 3 other nominees that I would have considered voting for. I’m certain that I’m not alone with this opinion. I’ve been known to jump the fence in the past. Cain may even have been a better choice than Romney. You blew it with Romney, Period. So, I disagree with Alfonzo’s opinion as I have with most of them. Especially when he was trying to call Liberal Protestors as racist and liken them to the Tea Party… Rediculous

  • MikeandCarolyn Morris

    I said exactly the same thing about Cain being our only chance to neutralize the leftist platform. All I heard from my conservative friends was “He can’t raise the money”… Well I’d rather taken my chances with Cain. I voted for him in the primary.

  • MikeandCarolyn Morris

    Btw, since it’s unlikely Cain will run again, do you think it’s possible that Rubio or Jindahl have enough minority juice to get it done?

  • Greg

    Herman Cain withdrew on his own. We (Republicans) didn’t thrown him under the bus. I actually sent him an email begging him to stay in the race because he was the BEST candidate to run against Obama. I hope he considers running in 2016!!

  • Sandra L. Moran-Cartica

    you’re awesome!

  • George buds

    Thanks Zo for denigrating the name of a REAL MAN Named Zo Alonzo Mourning

  • Carrie

    Alfonzo, you got the goods, bro. All you videos are right on the mark. <3 your vids, man–keep 'em coming. :)

  • Daniel McMillen

    Cain/Condi 2016?

    • qualityrkc

      hahaha you people do not learn. Putting up 2 tokens with horrible records gaurantees a landslide failure.

  • Mark Byrge

    Well damn I agree where was this guy when we were picking primary candidates? He is pretty damn well rooted in the B.S. the Liberals were selling. Why was this man not listened to a little more? I will be honest this is the first time I have ever heard of him, but I think I am going to subscribe to his channel, not cause he is cool,not cause he is black but because he is Real & Black. The Conservatives say they want to relate to the average black voter, then go to the average black voter who is already behind your party, & get some street education about what the voters want to hear. Don’t just listen so you can say, “we listened”, listen with the intent of learning and doing something about it. Take this well spoken charismatic and attention grabbing man, why was he not tapped as a possible consultant as to the talking points, the look, the whole package to run against another person picked specifically for his angle of being able to speak and give a speech that is just simply repetition and emphatic on the right words to be all but hypnotic. Why do you all think the “Doctors & Surgeons Association of America filed an official medical complaint of using a form and type of hypnotism in Obama’s speaking, I will tell you why, because that is exactly what he did he gave speech’s that were just that a lot of syllables and nonsense other then just a few words like “Change” for instance listen to a typical Obama speech and you will hear what it is about in the first 2 minutes with out you even knowing it. He would start out by saying “we Want change” give a few other sentences then “We NEED change” a few more sentences of wish wash then “We MUST change” then on to “we CAN change” then “We shall change” “We ARE change” then to “YOU want change” “YOU need change” “YOU must change” “YOU can, shall & are change” next thing you have is people leaving the rally saying to them selves “I AM CHANGING” the only word that was not empasized was the one word he was sudly suggesting you to do and that was CHANGE. CHANGE what? “THE PARTY IN THE WHITE HOUSE”. No body caught on to it but the Doctors who were trained to listen for this form of speaking, and they were only against him because they were against CHANGE, CHANGE to the Health Care ACT, and for that reason they were out to get Obama & could not be trusted. It was a brilliant well delivered form of subtle hypnotic suggesting until he had them eating out of his hands about how it was not him that was going to change this nation, no it was not him it was going to be them, them being the voter and the ELECTORAL VOTERS OF EACH STATE……….. Listen to this man he know his stuff.

  • mony1


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