Examining The Term, “Conservative”. Why Does It = Racist?

FROM PJTV: “Zo gives a history lesson about the legacy of racism in the Democratic Party. Hear how Democrats take gross liberties with concepts of freedom IN THIS ZONATION!

Allen West, among those saying it best; in effect saying, Liberals talk about how there aren’t any people of color in the republican party, yet when it’s made clear that we are present in the party liberals then attack us for being there.

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  • Antonio Menendez

    Great video! Abe was republican,Dems fought integration.George Wallace! Dems can’t keep a checkbook or a budget.Want Govt.control of everyone.Voted for Keyes most intelligent during debates!

  • Momkat

    You say that Republicans did not stand behind Herman Cain. I am a 65-year-old white Republican woman and I was rooting for Mr. Cain from the beginning (before he even announced his candidacy). As a matter of fact, I love nothing better than you great black conservatives…Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Star Parker, Larry Elder…Alfonzo Rachel. I wanted to see him run and win…this country did not need another lifetime politician living in the WDC bubble world; we needed a down to earth business man like Herman Cain, and that was who I backed. By the way, I voted for McCain though I wanted to slap him across the snout for being such a pushover candidate…I voted for him because Sarah Palin was great! I was devastated when Mr. Cain suspended his campaign. I voted for Romney because he was better than the socialist usurper we had in the White House, but we lost and that guy is now set up as the next Fidel or Hugo. So long, America. But don’t include all conservatives in the group that wouldn’t run a black for president. Herman deep-sixed himself.

    • wow great post! i totally agree. i think Cain was set up. If he ran he would of smoked Obama in a freakin landslide election!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dee Mann

    ***** ZO RULES ***** It is just amazing that there are ANY rational people, such as yourself left in this screwed up Place. Keep up the GREAT work educating the brainwashed Sheeple. You ARE The Man Zo !

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