Baby, Don’t Go! I Can Change!!!

Ann-Marie Murrell ain’t trying to hear that mess. She’s in survivor mode like Gloria Gaynor, and telling the MSM to get gone.

She doesn’t want to hear any thing about how the MSM can change. They’re not, and if they did it will most likely be a change for the worse.

The MSM is Like a lot of shallow men and women who don’t know a really good thing when they have it, and won’t know what they’ve got til’ it’s gone.

The MSM Doesn’t know that they’re taking the steps to ensure that we lose America, because America isn’t good enough for them, and they think they can do better.

Ann-Marie says, you go ahead and hope over that fence and roll around in that socialist grass that you think is so green. But we’re not going to let you just stay and pee in our yard in the mean time. Watch Ann-Marie’s Video as she breaks up with the MSM. You just might catch yourself saying, GON’ GURL! Drop that zero and get yourself a hero!!! – Zo

  • Living Large without the MSM

    AMEN SISTAH! We unplugged a year ago and haven’t looked back since. Don’t worry, you won’t miss those shows. There’s plenty of conservative news sources to keep you busy!! Plenty of shows on HULU and other internet sources to view shows. I have replaced MSM with reading and learning about natural healing. I’d rather educated myself than sit in front of the idiot box and turn into a ZOMBIE!! HA HA HA! YOU GO GIRL!

  • Hey Zo! The woman and I got rid of our cable 10 years ago, by choice. It was the best decision we ever made together. We still pay for the cable internet, but at least we get to choose our entertainment. We don’t miss it, and we don’t even think about it anymore(Until we see a news story about the hatred we’re missing). No reason to be bombarded with all of their hate and stupidity on the idiot box. Pull the plug America! NO MORE BREAD AND CIRCUSES!

  • Ashley

    Nothing feels better than not depending on the “idiot box” to do ur thinking for you! Why wld i want to sit and stare at something that makes me feel DUMBER the longer i look? Sad that it has come to this in America but it allows more time for whats REAL. And with that being said, time for me to go running 🙂

  • azfreedom

    Pulled that plug 18 years ago, life has been much better without the stupidity and propaganda.

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