Does Celebrating Independence Come With Celebrating Individuality?

I did a video a little while back called Declaration of Dependence I did it because, well I won’t spoil it for ya. Just watch it! It fits with what’s left of Independence in America. I know that sounds so cynical, and I hate cynicism like I hate a low pressure toilet, but our country is being more and more shaped into a state of dependency. My vid for today is a call to celebrate and defend independence, and individuality! But as much as we claim to love independence it’s slipping away, and as much as we claim to love individuality, that’s slipping away too.

  • HDLadee

    Love it! You break it down for Hendrix very well. I remember Hendrix playing this and I still have his original album…yep! He was a true American and Patriot!

  • Bro. Steve Winter


  • That was dope!

  • David

    Dude loved your version!! Beautiful. Almost shed tears on that!! Great job

  • nomorekoolaid4me

    You got the true spirit of Hendrix, from one who saw him in person. And here, you have another spirit – the spirit of Reagan in a young man, Byron Donalds who is running for congress in SWFL. Listen to this speech at a recent meet and greet in Naples Zo, I promise you will find your soulmate!

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