Recognizing Some Cultural Conditioning

The culture has been lead to believe that Bush’s economy was worse than Obama’s, even though unemployment was around 5% and Obama’s around 9%. Very, Very, Very simple math that even I can understand. But the growing liberal culture thinks that math adds up to Obama’s economy is better, and the Obama supporters who don’t think it’s better, claim it’s Bush’s fault that it isn’t. That’s a real problem that’s festering in the culture, cultivated largely in entertainment media. And what do a lot of conservatives say? “Awww just ignore them. Nobody watches that stuff.” -Zo

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  • beth johnson

    i have been laughing at your style of presentation for over a year and back up the culture influence that we as conservatives need, more than a saving politician. and i am finally going to download your audio book! thanks for being a great american in the public eye. we need more of your influence spread online and television!

  • Chris

    Just now found about you… Enjoy your style…

  • Hay u r right we need to get r duck in a row before 2016. So we can get the right president candidate to take down the democrats.

  • AngryConservativeAsianDude

    Conservatives sadly had long abdicated the culture war. Time to jump into the arena.

  • Hammy

    Alfonso, Your viewpoint and method to win America over to conservatism is refreshing. I appreciate what your doing and your voice for conservatism. You are spot on with how the Democratic politicians have duped black Americans into believing they care for them.

  • VinceInHouston

    I think that Alfonzo is effective for two reasons. First, common sense conservatism. Secondly, he has his finger on the pulse of pop culture. Rush has been very good at that, but there is a whole new generation of youth out there that doesn’t respond to that brand of conservatism – or listen to AM radio. I was watching some ZoNation on my Xbox and my then 17 year old son stopped and watched 3 different installments with me on his own. If it had been Rush, or Hannity or probably any other conservative commentator, I can almost guarantee he wouldn’t have watched. Not because of the message, (both of my kids lean conservative) but because Zo’s got the same fast paced to the point style that the videos permeating YouTube and the net in general have. He’s doing the important, heavy lifting and getting the message into hands and minds of the youth – where it can do the most good. I bought the audio book a little over a month ago and I say, to you, Zo – Keep up the good work.

    • Ivan Campbell

      Alfonzo comon sense is just about selling his books

  • Cosmo

    You’re the smartest man with a GED I know.

  • III

    You make so many excellent points, and BTW – I had a “Honkies for Herman” sticker and was really PO’d when the RNC crapped on a great man. Kinda like their lack of support for my personal choice for any office that he wanted, Lt. Colonel West. And Sarah Palin. If the RNC wants our support, they better get to the point of represent ‘We, the People”.

  • Ray Wall

    VinceinHouston and all other like minded people that like the “ZO” . I have been a fan for about four years now. To watch him grow professionly and spirity and entertaining! Has been a rewarding experience. I hope and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Vince, I’m from H-town, GO TEXANS!!!!

    • VinceInHouston

      Watched them eek out a victory over the Lions on turkey day as I fought a food coma. It was good! 😀

  • Esther

    You are great Zo! Glad I stumbled onto you video!

  • You jive to much man.Be your self

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