The Parasitic Unions. Killing Their Hostess.

FROM PJTV: Liberal labor unions took another victim: Hostess Brands and the iconic Twinkie. Now they are talking about striking at Wal-Mart on Black Friday. Do liberals value laziness more than a hard day’s work?

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  • budprepper

    yet ANOTHER GREAT MESSAGE – when are you coming to the midwest to speak in person?!

  • sealster

    I am always eager to hear what Zo has to say. By the way, Zo, having a degree doen’t mean you are smart., the same way not having one doesn’t mean you are stupid ( or even ingorant, which CAN be cured, while stupid is forever ) Keep up the good work. You always make me think even if it makes my head hurt sometimes. Thank you for being the voice of reason in the wilderness.

  • seasonedwell

    Zo, I’m an American living in Mozambique and enjoy watching your videos but they take forever to download. Can you post/link the transcripts also?

  • This is really the jag that Bill Whittle is on at the moment as well. Good stuff, Zo.

  • Mark Madrid

    Yo Zo what do you think about Jamie Foxx calling the Bamster his lord and savior? He is trippin hard core!!

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