“Repeat the truth often enough” Intellectual Froglegs No.13

It’s 2012 and our government still bans books from our institutions of learning… but it’s more than that.  Let’s be honest.  It’s the banning of Christianity.

Aside from the fact that our taxpayer funded schools are intentionally omitting the most historically significant book in all of mankind from the curriculum (in the Holy Bible)—they also do not teach the Cambrian Era… aka evidence of actual fossils that destroy Darwin’s Tree of Life theory.  And these two things share one thing in common…. they both support the existence of God.


Please enjoy Intellectual Froglegs #13, and feel free to share your thoughts.

  • James

    We can’t disprove unicorns or the Easter Bunny either. The burden of proof lies with the people who DO believe, to prove that it DOES exist. There has been more evidence disproving the bible, compared to evidence proving that what is in the bible is fact. There has been no evidence backing up the supernatural aspects of the bible. The bible has been proven wrong time and time again by basic science. Ex: the Earth being 6k years old, the Arc story. Jonah living in a fish for 3 days (that just takes common sense). Come on people. Really? You may be thinking “Those instances don’t count”. But they do because millions of people believe the bible word for word, for example. Pentecosts, Evangelicals, Protestants, at least the Catholics who have Vatican scientist know better, they don’t believe in all that. Hell, the bible proves itself wrong because it contradicts itself over and over again in the bible. Ex: Do you realize that Judas dies in 2 different ways in the bible? Don’t get me wrong, you have every right to believe what ever you want. I have every right to not believe what ever I want. Why do Christians feel the need to carry the flag of “my religion is under attack because not everybody believes in it like that should”. And for the record. My opinion comes from south of Houma Louisiana. From Cajun country like our esteemed host. LOL.

    • SPBatman

      Wow, have you done ANY searches on Christian apologetics? Seriously, this post has so much ignorance in it I honestly don’t even know where to begin. Do your homework before spouting regurgitated nonsense!

    • SPBatman

      The Bible never claims the Earth to be 6k years old, first of all, also, people can take the Bible seriously without taking every word literally – not all scripture is meant to be taken literally as much is poetry. Also, Judas hanging himself and being found later to be bloated and burst open isn’t a contradiction – if the other Christians didn’t know to look for Judas and found his body several days after he hung himself, what type of dead body would you expect them to find? probably a dead bloated corpse that was rotting. And for the record, we are under attack. Maybe because you don’t TRY to live a biblical moral life, you wouldn’t understand the degree to which we ARE under attack, true? Nice try, but no points awarded due to interference on your intellect.

    • The bible does say the earth was created in 6 days, and we learn later that a day in heaven is unto 1000 years on earth. Thus 6000 years to create the heavens and the Earth.

      Answer me this though james, why do you feel the need to attack Christians every time you speak yet have no idea what your speaking out against.

      The very laws of Thermodynamics make it increasingly harder for the Big Bang to have even happened.

      Most people such as yourself just fear the fact you may have to answer for everything you have done, so its easier to stick your head in the dirt and ignore the truth in front of you.

      Most people, such as the gentlemen in the CNN report said. “When I tried to disprove GOD, I ended up proving him”. The thing is that people say its “either Science or GOD” and I say nay! Science only shows humans how things are made and operate, nothing more. Using the empirical truths of science I cannot prove you have a brain and you cannot prove you have one either. I have faith that I have one and you have faith in science that you have one. You cannot see Gravity yet it is ONE of the fundamentals of the universe that we know of. You can only see the effects that Gravity has on an object yet you never see it.

      I find it funny that every day in the news that Science found out something new, or was surprised by something. Yet they know with 100% certainty that there is no GOD…

      “The fool has said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they
      have done abominable works, there is none that does good.” – Psalm 14:1

    • Tim

      The following link may offer some explanation to your Judas accusation. If you are not too overly ensconced in the religion of Evolution, you may want to take advantage of the search feature on the following website and peruse the multitude of the “inconsistencies” and “lack of evidence” from science. Presuppositions have direct influence on interpretation of data/evidence……..Empirical science and the scientific method tend to lean Biblical.

  • Dan

    C.S. Lewis never said that lol. Other than that, I like this guy.

  • Very well spoken. 100% agreed! Keep speaking the truth!

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