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Hi! Welcome to my channel! I’m AlfonZo Rachel. I Make videos sharing my thoughts on things; Faith, Politics, culture, etc. I hear they’re pretty thought provoking and even pretty funny sometimes! I’m also the founder and drummer of 20 lb SLEDGE under my production moniker, Bronze Serpent Media. If you like bands like P.O.D., SevenDust, Helmet, Disturbed, then ya might really like us too! My objective is to create media from commentaries to music to teleplays and movies through a biblical filter.
I also have an audio book, WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION (American Socialist States). Check it out!

ZoNation Commentaries

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Playlist 1:

The 2008 video below, “The Vote Reaper,” features the humble beginnings of Zo’s homemade productions.

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