Liberals Gettin’ You Down? Get A DownLoad of WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION.

DOWNLOAD OPTIONS BELOW!!! “A few words to describe the 1st audio chapter of your book: WOW, DAYUM, WOW WOW, DAYUM, DAYUM, WOW WOW WOW, DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM!! To liberals, a person with a mind is a person with a dangerous mind with dangerous thoughts which could lead to liberal self destruction. ON POINT BRO!” – […]

Alfonzo Rachel on drums

Breitbart.com spotlights Alfonzo Rachel: Renaissance Man

When God was handing out talent, it is evident He knew fellow BigDawger AlfonZo Rachel would use every last one of those talents to glorify His Holy Name. And so He blessed AlfonZo with an abundance of talent. With his own production company, Macho Sauce Productions (Macho Sauce being AlfonZo’s reference to “the blood of […]