Harvey Weinstein’s Gun Control Dummit, Uh, I mean Summit

Hollywood loves making movies with guns and explosions. So why are Hollywood producers like Harvey Weinstein asking for more gun control? Find out as AlfonZo Rachel looks at the Hollywood response to the Aurora, Colorado Batman tragedy.-PJTV CLICK HERE FOR ZONATION VIDEO Thanks for watching my vids! Make sure to download a copy of my […]

Guns: Oh, How the Left Don’t Learn.

Whether it’s Occupy Wall Street, the Second Amendment or property rights, liberal celebrities  like  Ice-T who almost gets it but not quite, or Jason Axelander who just doesn’t get it, still have the right to weigh in on an the issue of  guns in America or any other issue they want. But one would think that […]

Examining the Word, Greed.

Like the term racist, greed is another word that’s tossed around about as much as the word “Bogus” was back in the 80′s. Which is quite fitting because these assumptions of racism and greed are pretty bogus anyway. Not to say that there isn’t racism and greed, what’s bogus is a lot of the accusations. […]