ZoNATION: Does the Noah Movie Float?

Zo knows that liberal Hollywood has long leeched off the Bible to promote their world view. Whether it’s making characters that are religious fanatics to make people prejudiced against the Bible, or cherry picking scriptures and twisting what they don’t even really believe in to justify their world view. The 2014 Noah movie is no […]


Bootin’ Out the Bible

Annie Laurie Gaylor, of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is on a mission to do away with Christianity. It’s a step by step process, and one of those steps is centered around a hotel at Iowa State University. Atheists of course will not be satisfied with forcing their beliefs in the classrooms. They’ll keep going […]


ZoNation: Zo’s Take On the Nye-Ham Debate

Zo weighs in on, and takes issue with, the notion that Christians are anti science and technology. Acknowledging God as being responsible for the orchestration of the universe doesn’t void us of the curiosity of how His orchestrations work. And to make such discoveries takes advancement in technology. Technology and innovations help us to better […]

Allen West Accused Of Being A Bought Mother F*!cker.

Well, as usual, liberals talk about tolerance and civil debate while doing the exact opposite, and like this guy, when called out on it, tries to shrug off labels to through off the the scent. Then he tries to twist the history of intolerance in this country on to conservatives, and say that it was […]