AlfonZo Rachel For Public Office?

By AlfonZo Rachel: I often get the words, “You should run for office, and I would totally support your campaign”, expressed to me by many who really dig what it is to be an American. There could be many reasons why people tell me this. They know that I wouldn’t go into office to lead, […]

Sonnie Johnson Parodies OWS

What can I say about Sonnie Johnson? Well, if ever you’ve heard girls referred to as “Fly”, Sonnie Johnson Would be one of them.

Alfonzo Rachel on drums

Breitbart.com spotlights Alfonzo Rachel: Renaissance Man

When God was handing out talent, it is evident He knew fellow BigDawger AlfonZo Rachel would use every last one of those talents to glorify His Holy Name. And so He blessed AlfonZo with an abundance of talent. With his own production company, Macho Sauce Productions (Macho Sauce being AlfonZo’s reference to “the blood of […]