Liberals Gettin’ You Down? Get A DownLoad of WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION.

DOWNLOAD OPTIONS BELOW!!! “A few words to describe the 1st audio chapter of your book: WOW, DAYUM, WOW WOW, DAYUM, DAYUM, WOW WOW WOW, DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM!! To liberals, a person with a mind is a person with a dangerous mind with dangerous thoughts which could lead to liberal self destruction. ON POINT BRO!” – […]

Left Wingers Shoot The Bullets, And Right Wingers Bite The Bullets

From PJTV: Liberals have no respect for the First Amendment. They do not believe in freedom of religion, and hide their hate by accusing others of anger and violence. They even accuse Christians of being extremists because of their opposition to abortion. Check out more in this ZoNation video! Thanks for watching my vids! Make […]

Part 2: Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Well, Actually it’s Zo.

Ok y’all. Here’s PART II of my commentary on the Chick Fil-A Kiss-in. protest AND HERE’S PART I, in case you missed it, and want to view it before viewing PART II Thanks for watching my vids! Make sure to download a copy of my audio book, WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION! You’ll Have a BLAST listening […]

JoeDan’s Intellectual Frog Legs: Gays, Chickens & Farrakhan’s Mother Ship

Joe Dan callin’ out the libs who think they’re so intellectual, but are sitting in a pot of water that’s coming to a boil. Just like they can’t tell the water is boiling, they can’t smell their own doo doo, or maybe they can, and they just convince themselves that they like it, since self […]