Guns: Oh, How the Left Don’t Learn.

Whether it’s Occupy Wall Street, the Second Amendment or property rights, liberal celebrities  like  Ice-T who almost gets it but not quite, or Jason Axelander who just doesn’t get it, still have the right to weigh in on an the issue of  guns in America or any other issue they want. But one would think that people like Jason would understand the one would not want to be pro gun control, especially being born to Jewish parents and all, but then again, look at the majority of the black community who vote for the party of the KKK; The democrats. Oh wait, a fair number of the Jewish population does too. Weird… More in this ZoNation video -Zo

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Dan Joseph, Blowseph Mad Holes In Short Sighted, Self Righteous Gun Control Thinkin’

“Every single time some nut uses a gun to commit a heinous act of senseless violence, liberals immediately begin questioning whether we should reexamine the second amendment.

I went out and talked to people on the streets of DC to find out if they thought we needed to change our gun laws and if they understood the potential ramifications of doing so. -Dan Joseph