Wednesday Stuff: Feb 26, 2014

Bob Parks Black & Right: The M-Word How many apologies equal an “apology” to a liberal? Bob Parks Black & Right: MSNBC’s Wagner Latest To Attempt LGBT-Civil Rights Link. Another lame attempt to equate the black civil rights movement with gay rights TRIFECTA: Lego Politics: Assemble the Perfect Candidate for 2016. In this three part […]

Hey, Look Y’all!!! Vaginas!!!

That’s not me saying that. That’s the antics of Code Pink. Dan Joseph loads up on anti-biotics and walks among the vagina clad Code Pinkos who truly represent everything bad about the attribute they claim to hold in such worshipful feminist esteem.

Still Not Seeing What Great Good the Occupy Movement Does.

So while there is still no record of the Tea Party going around harassing people, we keep getting more footage of occunuts invading businesses, vandalizing, and in this case harassing people outside of businesses. But we Tea Party Folk are labeled as terrorists in America by the likes of Janet Napolotano. No woman has been […]

Allen West Accused Of Being A Bought Mother F*!cker.

Well, as usual, liberals talk about tolerance and civil debate while doing the exact opposite, and like this guy, when called out on it, tries to shrug off labels to through off the the scent. Then he tries to twist the history of intolerance in this country on to conservatives, and say that it was […]