From Zo, To Israel, With Tough Love. (You’re Tough. You Can Take It.)

No matter what it is, or how annoying, or even in the case of the issue surrounding Israel, I’m not one to say, ‘Hey singers! Shut up and sing!’ They’ve got 1st amendment rights too, even if they’re as young and naive as Selena Slomez. I Mean Gomez. (Sorry, Selena. I was gonna say ‘Selena […]


ZoNation: Observing Black History Month

Zo takes a look at what Carter G.Woodson was celebrating when he pioneered ‘Negro History Week.’ Has more of the black community become what Carter envisioned as a cause for celebration? Has too much of America regardless of race fallen for dependency and fallen further away from the independent and self reliant spirit that the […]


Was Zo Targeted and Attacked By the Tax Man?

Since the CA tax board has raided my bank account, I wonder if liberals will accuse them of racism. Find out more in my latest ZoNation video. Hey! Thanks for watching my vids! If you like the message in them then You’ll have a BLAST nukin’ the liberal Narrative with my audio book of Christian […]

Part 2: Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Well, Actually it’s Zo.

Ok y’all. Here’s PART II of my commentary on the Chick Fil-A Kiss-in. protest AND HERE’S PART I, in case you missed it, and want to view it before viewing PART II Thanks for watching my vids! Make sure to download a copy of my audio book, WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION! You’ll Have a BLAST listening […]

Brock Lawley, Calls It, “GENERATION SCREWED”

Brock, spells out a fitting commentary to a generation with a lot of people who thought that the Titanic was just a movie and not based on a real event. It’s ok, I guess. There’s people who believe the Jewish Holocaust never happened. But it’s not just the idea of people thinking that the Titanic […]