The Locust of Climate Change

The plague of self righteousness takes to the streets with their holier than thou hymns of hypocrisy. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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Sheep Lead by DonkeyWolves

Jim Wallis; Obama’s “pastor”.

We hear it all the time from the left, “Jesus was a liberal, or He was a socialist, or other nonsense they try to use His name to claim as the take his name in vain to try to justify their world view. But liberals know how to use artists to make their assertions believable.
Conservatives have to use creative ways to combat their assertions with the truth. You can’t just use facts with people who live in a world of make believe. You have to present and illustrate the facts in interesting ways to distract them in their own fantasy world so the light of reality actually shines in. It takes music, comedy, story telling, pretty pictures, and even ugly pictures if they’re done good.
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