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An Anthem of Hope

This song is from an EP called The Hit Helicopter

Like Olympius Gods we poke and prod with our lighting rods.

So young and thin in the tightest skin
no return to where we’ve been.

we swear that we care but we don’t know
Bending words into an innuendo

That faithful sun is rising
Oh how a view can change a mind
These borrowed days this stolen time
In suits of armor shining
These days are castles we are kings
Stand up and draw your blade tonight

So taunt and toned a face high boned
eyes like flint make them squint
Both young and grown
You Camoflage a soul mirrage
Truthful tint go to print they’ll never know
You declare Pomp and flare but it’s all show
Everyday every hour Is a new low

That faithful sun is rising
Oh how a view can change a mind
These borrowed days and stolen time

It’s a whisper That grows louder
Our young hearts Misdemeanors turn to crime
Creator stiched and star-crossed
Are you and I

There’s an answer To your question
And it can Save you from your mayrtrs mind
All who wander are not lost

Outro lyric

Unvail your eyes to a soul disguise
Find A lonley truth in a pack of lies
Look again it’s all right here

The stars they fall into mystery
A shaken snow globe world for you and me
Look again.
It’s all right here
So Look again.


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