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To HollyWood Celebs: Just Be Content With Projecting Yourselves On The screen, Not On To Us.

I had to address this again because a lot of people really missed the point.

Hey! Thanks for watching my vids! If you like the message in them then you’ll have a blast goin’ Christian Conservalicious profundus, Nukin’ the liberal Narrative with my Audio Book, WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION! CLICK HERE AND CHECK OUT SOME REVIEWS, AND GET YOUR COPY!!!

Here’s some recent reviews, also!

Nick Brinleyposted toAlfonZo Rachel

Zo sir, been listening to Weapons of A.S.S. Destruction over the past couple days. Very well done so far. Humorous, informative, and down right entertaining. Love it!
Mitchell Choi ‏@mysouljior
@AlfonZoRachel re-listening to the audio book again. Amazing book. #constitutionaltruth
Bill Robinson
Bought your book. Read it. You are intelligent, articulate, a master of analogy, and definitely a credit to humanity. Thank you for such a well thought out book. Books this good do not come along too often and I am glad I have it. My wish for you is that many folks, especially among the Republican establishment, read your words, understand them, and take them to heart, and finally put your thoughts into political action so that we may all live in better conditions. Peace and love to you Zo. Live long and prosper.

Joyce Lindner purchased this on I-tunes last night, informative and interesting but the big problem is turning it off to go to bed cause it’s just that good! Will be finishing it up today.
Jonathan Clark ‏@AsleepNTraff1k
@AlfonZoRachel You know those chill bumps you get when hear a really good song? I got those just from Chapter 1 of your book. #Truth

Just got your audiobook on Audible today and am LOVING IT! About two hours in and am looking forward to listening at work tomorrow! I can see you in my mind’s eye doin’ your thing! Awesome job, Sir!!!!! Diane Raack
Stephanie Hockenbury Arnold I got it in print form, it shipped and delivered in a couple of days and read it already and can’t wait to buy more to pass out!! Soooooo good. I too like a book I can hold in my hands.-Matthew Davidson

Just got it on iTunes, listened to it in one day, loved it! Keep speaking the truth Zo!! -Terry Tulip

Hey Zo. It is I Ray from Texas. I wanted to say thanks for what you do. Your audio book keeps me straight when I feel hopeless for our country. I know you get a lot of email’s. I felt that I needed to tell you, Thanks!

Terry Gillispie
Just finished reading “Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction”. Loved it! Keep up the good work Zo!

Melissa Gunnys Girl ‏@Luv_My_Marine
Purchased & downloaded Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction by @AlfonZoRachel Loving it!

David ‏@DR8801
@AlfonZoRachel I purchased your audiobook. It’s great! Keep up the good work!

Listened to @AlfonZoRachel Weapons of ASS destruction on my long drive home to UT. Zo is one of the best conservative thinkers of our age.-Jim Hunt ‏

Chapter 6, only because I can’t stop rereading the chapter I just read because it’s so good and spot on. Insightful, simple and wrapped in a bit of comedy. Killer book and I must admit, I like saying the title. 😉 Thankyou for taking the time and effort to help restore our nation.


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