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Here’s a playlist of the Next Generation with Allen West starting with his comments on the up coming State of the Union Address.  Higher gas prices. Higher unemployment. Higher debt. Increased tensions in Asia and the Middle East. Colonel Allen B. West thinks the state of our union is failing. Hear why as the former Congressman delivers his response to President Obama’s State of the Union address.  CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO.


Author and radio host Larry Elder talks to Col. Allen West about the unintended consequences of the war on poverty. From the breakdown of the family to chronic unemployment, the liberal vision of the welfare state has produced little more than more poverty. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO


The Arab Spring began two years ago and was supposed to usher in a new era of democracy in the Middle East. While Egyptians were able to oust Mubarak and install new leadership, can we really call their coup a success? Find out as Col. Allen B. West talks to Egyptian political activist and Middle East Forum associate Cynthia Farahat. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Time Magazine has declared Marco Rubio the savior of the Republican Party. Are they right? Find out on this edition of Up or Down as Col. Allen B. West is joined by Tammy Bruce and Bill Whittle. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Col. Allen B. West worries about revelations of President Obama’s drone kill list, and reports that he has unilaterally executed American citizens overseas. Does Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” provide answers to America’s fight against terror? Find out as Col. West warns of the dangers of drone warfare and kill lists. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Young entrepreneur Justin Segal sits with Col. Allen B. West to discuss his business Paradise Bowls. Segal talks about the challenges facing young business owners. From complicated regulations and tax laws, Segal tells West what it takes for the next generation to start a business and succeed in America. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO







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