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FROM RIGHT TO CARRIE: A Short But Perhaps Not So Sweet SOTU Commentary

By CJ:

Settled in to watch the state of the union address with my barf bucket at the ready, I didn’t even have time to get comfy on the couch before I started yelling at the screen, “That’s not the government’s job!” It’s not the government’s job to reward individual initiative. I can just picture Alexander Graham Bell or Steve Jobs working diligently on their inventions so that one day someone from the federal government would knock on their door and what, pat them on the head and say, “Atta boy”?

Then I hear the president saying that we expect our representatives to put the nation before their respective parties and that America moves forward only when we’re forging reasonable compromises and working together. In my own experience, even those who don’t pay attention at all are aware of a divisiveness among the citizenry.  There’s (hopefully) a large population of republicans who consider themselves conservative and respectful of the constitution. They don’t want their party representatives to compromise America’s ability to remain a constitutional free republic just to get along with the other party at the moment. Unfortunately, that’s all we’ve gotten from the republican party for the last 20 years (probably longer but I’ve only seen it with my own eyes for the past 20). We had the presidency and both houses for 6 years. If the president and our representatives were truly republican then we would’ve seen a dramatic roll back of the tax code, all the federal agencies, and all the bureaucracies and they sure as heck wouldn’t have voted for the big bailout! So, basically were at the point where republicans are the party of JFK and democrats are the party of Nikita Khrushchev. Republicans who actually believe in the original party platform are considered to be conservative today. It’s no wonder there’s divisiveness. The so-called republican representatives put up a small phony fight against the anti-constitutional bills the democrats propose meanwhile, the democrats are plastering  their same old (and I do mean old) ad hominem attacks all over every social medium convincing the people the republicans want your disabled child to fend for him/herself, they want you to drink dirty water, they hate you if you’re not white, they would rather you just die instead of having health care, etc. And, in the end the so-called republicans compromise and give us a larger more intrusive controlling federal government and slap us with a larger bill. So, Mr. President as a republican or “conservative” I’m frightened, disgusted, and nauseated at how much the two parties work together.

Now as for the budget, you said raising tax rates on the wealthiest (here’s your wink & nod phrase to the occupy freaks & union thugs) “1 percent” will help to reduce the deficit but every time this is tried, less money comes into the treasury and less money from the evil wealthy participates in the economy. You’ll just see less retail spending and less investing all around. But , I saw you in an interview with Charlie Gibson where he tells you this and you said “it’s about fairness.” So, you know it damages the economy and you wind up with less revenue but, you and I guess the republicans as well proceed with this policy anyway. Interesting. Well next I hear that economists say we need to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion in order to stabilize our economy. Gee, maybe we should not have spent that $5 trillion after all huh? Apparently it destabilized the American economy! And the sequester that YOU PROPOSED and personally signed (hat tip; Joel Pollak at well, most of that should kick in anyway. I must say I’m surprised that there are members of congress who want to prevent the defense cuts by cutting some of the things that the federal government has no business being involved with in the first place like medical research, education, energy, the abortion industry, public radio, public television, and so much more.The federal government has proven they can’t manage Medicare and Social Security but we just keep rewarding them with our money, our votes, and our silence every pay period and every April 15th. But, for now we’re stuck with these two huge burdens and again your solution is to ask the evil greedy wealthy to pay “their fair share.” The democrats never get tired of hearing this phrase. The cameras were on them as they gleefully stood up clapping and smiling and cheering and they can be giddy because the laws apply to the citizenry not to the ruling class.

Alright, I’m going to take a break and do something fun for now, besides my brain is starting to itch. Later I will try to figure out what is meant by just paying for quality not for actual services rendered in the next portion of the state of the union address. The Affordable Care Act, this will be interesting. -CJ Right to Carrie


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