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FROM, RIGHT TO CARRIE: Don’t Re-Brand Republicans With Liberalism.

 By CJ Rachel
        Frankly, while reading this New York Times Magazine article by Robert Draper ( who, himself sounds like a Democrat who hates taxes but his social/public policy beliefs end up demanding more government which in the end demand more taxes – a Libertarian or a RINO)  I was just as irritated with everyone else as I was with S. E. Cupp. 
        I had to find this article  because the bloggosphere and talk radio were buzzing about how S. E. Cupp attacks Rush Limbaugh. I pull the article up and the title is “Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence ” I wondered if he meant that because of Karl Rove and his ilk along with the old guard at the  R.N.C. and their decades long infestation all over Washington D.C.? Or, does he mean obsolete because of  Rush?
        Before I found this article I honestly thought this was an article in the New York Times Newspaper however, it’s a 10 page article in the New York Times Magazine so I had to do a little reading before I came to the S. E. Cupp attack. The whole article which is linked to here:  is a super frustrating piece, however I’m linking to it because I hope true conservatives read it – if anything it may rekindle that fire in the belly oh, and it will give you literal heartburn so take your Tums beforehand.
        So the author is sitting in on a gathering of young Republican pundits and consultants over some beers. The group is called Proximus which is Latin for “next.” They say their mission is to bring new voters in while remaining true to conservative principles. One of the founding members who is also
S. E. Cupp’s fiancee` says they want to show voters the diversity of opinion. He then says, “Republicans have such a small number of vocal messengers. What we want to do is add more microphones and eventually drown out the others.” Then S. E. Cupp chimed in, “And we can’t be afraid to call out Rush Limbaugh. If we can get three Republicans on three different networks saying, ‘What Rush Limbaugh said is crazy and stupid and dangerous,’ maybe that’ll give other Republicans cover.”
        Wow, are you just randomly plotting against one of our modern founding fathers or did he actually say something that day to anger you – because that would at least make more sense then the former. And as far as getting three Republicans on three different networks to go after Rush well, we only have one network called Fox but I’m sure the rabid foaming at the mouth Marxists on all the other networks would love to have your three fellow conspirators on. Did Rush do something to you to make you want to act so low down? Apparently you’re a little desperate for some drama or something. Be careful though, when someone doesn’t believe in anything higher than themself, they can tend to get a little cocky.
        Anyway, Ms. Cupp is a co-host of “The Cycle” which airs on MSNBC so next to the other Marxist co-hosts she looks like a conservative and they call her one too. She is also a columnist at the New York Daily News and says her brand of conservatism is “rational and optimistic.” Her heroes are Barry Goldwater (who is in my opinion was the final  Libertarian nail in the coffin which turned black voters away from the Republican party) and William F. Buckley Jr. She is anti-abortion (but so is Ron Paul unless if a particular state wants abortion, then it’s o.k.), for gay marriage, atheist, and a self described hawk.   
        But enough about that. A couple of other republicans the author talks to have interesting things to say. First, a 28 year old D.C. based G.O.P. pollster who describes herself as a socially tolerant, limited government fiscal conservative- She is conducting two focus groups. The first are 10 single middle-class women in their 20’s and the second are ten age 20-something men who are either unemployed or are seeking better work. All of them voted for Obama but said they weren’t committed Democrats and were wishy washy on Obama’s performance, so the pollster deemed them within reach of the Republicans.
        Interestingly, the female group believed social security to likely be insolvent and then a few of them said, “The Democrats care little about the working class but lavish the poor with federal aid. You get more off welfare than you would at a minimum-wage job” and another said,”and if you have a kid, you’re set up for life!” When asked about the Republicans one said, “don’t be so right wing! You know, on abortion, they’re so out there. That all-or-nothing type thing, that’s the way Romney came across  And you know, come up with ways to compromise.”
        The men were just as unaware with their remarks describing the Republican party with one saying, “be more pro-science,” and then, “embrace technology and change.” Another, most likely a graduate of a D.C. public school  said something completely incoherent – I tried a few times to make sense of it. I went to a public school where they promote Latinos from grade to grade who can’t read or write or speak English (I’m not just accusing I saw it for myself) and my school is considered one of the better schools in the U.S.
        The D.C. public schools are considered to be bad by the government so they must be really bad – kids probably graduate with less intelligence than they came into the world with. That should frighten everybody. The pollster has polled all kinds of groups from all over the nation and she says every group has said the first place to cut spending is the defense budget and that no one understood the G.O.P.’s opposition to gay marriage or our love for invading foreign countries (I guess they weren’t taught our love for invading our own country as well to end slavery, gosh we Republicans just love war). So, the pollster concluded that, “we’re not in the 21st century.” She then went on to talk about Jon Huntsman and how she admired his position on climate change and social issues. “To prosper, the party should not have to eat its own,” she said. I totally agree. I would tell her, “get out!” “There are two other parties you are better suited for.”
        The author also talked to a few tech guys who worked for the G.O.P., R.N.C. and conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation. They are unanimously irritated with the G.O.P. for not taking advantage of the digital age. They talk about all the young people the Democrats have and trust to do what they need to and how far superior the Obama team was compared to Romney. The old guard and Karl Rove hired one firm to help the R.N.C., it sounds like all of the G.O.P. and any other Republican group. A few brilliant techs as compared to dozens and dozens of eager and excited techs set free to do what they love. It sounds like Rove and the old guard were trying to run a Bentley with a Yugo motor.
        Remember Project O.R.C.A. on election night? Unfortunately, all the tech guys the author interviewed were R.I.N.O.’s / Libertarians too.  One of them said that almost all tech / digital people have “a Libertarian streak that runs in them – information should be free, do your own thing and leave me alone, that sort of mind-set.” Yeah, my good buddy AlfonZo Rachel has observed that “water is free, but the process of how we get it clean and coming directly to our homes isn’t.” This guy being interviewed also said when it comes to gay marriage that he and those sharing his views don’t want to be on the wrong side of history.
        Sure, so whatever the public says is the right thing at that particular time like burning witches at the stake or owning slaves, as long as mostly everyone thinks it’s o.k. then what the heck, it’s o.k.!
        And finally, an interview with a top Obama digital consultant where the author asks, “isn’t the G.O.P. just one postmodern presidential candidate – say, a Senator Marco Rubio – away from getting back into the game?” This irritated me because we always put our hopes into a candidate instead of introducing the real Republican party to everybody in the 15 to 45 age bracket despite the educational system, media and entertainment.
        Then maybe they will see a reason to vote for a Republican. Anyway, the Obama consultant enjoyed answering the author’s question. “We won the Cuban vote! And it’s because younger Cubans are behaving differently than their parents. It’s probably my favorite stat of the whole campaign.” Well then, it’s evident that somehow the lessons of Cuban parents did not connect with their kids as to why they left Cuba and chose to come to the U.S. Instead their kids have been taught for 16 years that Communism isn’t so bad, Che` Guevara is really a hero along with Fidel Castro, and America and the Republican party have been overreacting. Their kids have probably been influence by a population with loose morals and have been overindulged by their parents just as many kids are – just like a great deal of young voters in the U.S. The consultant also said our problem with latinos is not immigration it’s economic policies – they supported the health care bill the most. Yeah! We conservatives know that but Karl Rove and the old guard don’t! To quote Reagan, “they know so much that isn’t so.” We know Latinos are like practically everyone else regardless of ethnicity. They want all of their so called rights: food, clothing, shelter, a job, daycare, an education, birth control, transportation, a phone, health care, and internet service and they want someone else to pay for it.
        This really was an interesting read. I didn’t know that the most Republican part of the electorate under Reagan were 18 to 29 year olds. Hellooooooo?The article mainly points to something that’s got me confused though. Everyone who was interviewed said all they hear coming from the Republican party is far right wing stuff. The Republicans are too conservative. I wish! Unless if the only thing they’re paying attention to is a.m. talk radio (which I’m sure a bunch of 20-something R.I.N.O.’s are) then where in heck are they hearing all this scary conservative talk? I hope I find out someday but for now I’ve got a.m. talk radio & some corners of the internet.



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