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We Gots A Vote For You To Rock, CPAC’ers

The assertion that I keep hearing from more and more “republicans” is that the republican party needs to become more moderate, or republicans need to ditch conservative social positions, avoid talking about their faith, Be pro-choice, support re-defining marriage, legalize drugs, etc.
Ohhhhhh and then goody, goody, goody! People will like us then!!!

Like us for what, Being liberals?

That’s a deep bag of somethin’ that sucks, right there.

There is nothing that any person or party or whatever has ever done for me or will ever come close to doing though my life than J.C. So If any of y’all think I’m throwin’ the King of kings and Lord of lord’s under the bus then y’all seriously must be high on that stuff many of you think ought to be legal, like liberals do.

You know… So we can be cool and liked for the wrong reasons…

Like liberals do.

Instead of the republican party becoming more liberal to be accepted, I propose another idea.
Why don’t y’all just become democrats?


Ok, how ’bout this?

If you really want to adopt a liberal way, I’d say adopt their creative disposition.

Liberals take the most uncool crap, make it cool, and sell it on people.

Environmentalism is uncool, and very expensive economy crippling crap!!!

But it’s all the rage largely because of the creative exercise that so easily connects with those who are so easily subject to their own self righteousness.

You mean to tell me that republicans can’t make our conservative values delicious?

J.C. is the coolest Brotha to ever walk the earth, sea, and sky, and has more cool in the wound of His hand than all humanity put together, but we want to scoot Him off the field?


Or A man and woman in love who raise children as husband and wife, but we’re actually made to believe that’s fairy tale land now!?

And it’s uncool to believe in fairytales.

So the real world should be made to accept redefining marriage.

Hey if you’re gay. That’s you’re business. I don’t care, But you trying to change marriage would be like someone trying to change you to be straight.

You wouldn’t go for that, and I wouldn’t blame you.

So CPAC is coming up and I reckon the objective is to develop ways to promote conservatism positively in the culture.

1st. we gotta have a standard of what conservatism is, and as I’ve said earlier there’s too many people trying to change what conservatism is to suit their selfish ideals so we can project the illusion of cool to be accepted.

The standard has to be laid solid before we can promote it.

2nd. Politics don’t make America great. Our God given freedom, applied skills, and talents do.
The politics are the part that should be used to CONSERVE this REPUBLIC so that we can keep and enjoy such blessings, and be blessings to others.

But as it is y’all, I’m burnt on talking about how to make conservatism look cool.

I’m all about the do, more than ever.

Music, comedy, and entertainment in general have been the greatest tools in promoting ideals.

The liberals have used it MASTERFULLY.

My band, 20 lb SLEDGE are workin’ to fill that gap where patriots are needed in alternative rock.

A band of Christian, conservative friendlies, minus the corny hoakiness???


Yes… Way.

And we certainly aren’t the only ones.

We republicans especially Christians got punkers, rappers, rockers, jokesters, sketchers, painters, animators, etc.

But instead of supporting them to help promote in the culture-

We keep looking for the next politician to support without even laying the groundwork of promoting conservatism for them to stand on.

So what do you think CPAC crowd?

Would you like to see my band 20 lb SLEDGE perform at CPAC?

YES or No?!

If we want to put into action this talk of connecting with the culture, I reckon this could add to moving that idea along!

Show that we can keep to our conservative values and still rock like a newly wed’s parked van on their wedding night.
Leave a YES or NO in your comment if you’re attending!
Let’s go for at least 500 YES.
If you can do do that for us, we’ll be there for you!

So are y’all ready to show that conservatives can turn it up and throw down, or is CPAC a big gathering of politics as usual?

Sure, I understand it’s a “political” action conference.

But what good is a message without effective ways to deliver it?

So in the words of my friend Bill Whittle, “Let’s get this Grand Old Party started!”


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