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Hope to see ya there!!!

“Hey, Zo I’d like to see your band, but can you guys play on a weekend?” Ok, We are playing this SATURDAY at the House of Blues (I know we just played there. They asked us back quick cause we suck so bad.) 😉 Ok they needed a slot filled, whatever. Anyway, we’re getting a great rep with promoters because they really like our band and are well aware that we’re a Christian band despite the secular venues and over all environment. But being a band that they like and wanna try to help get exposure because they believe we deserve it isn’t enough. They need to see that we can bring an audience, too. That’s what gets us even more work, that helps us stay on a platform to spread seeds. If you’re in L.A. We hope to see y’all Saturday night 04.13.13 See flyer for deets! Blessings! HOB 04.13.13

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