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If Only Charles Ramsey Were Secretary of State, Not Hillary Clinton

FROM PJTV: “Charles Ramsey earned national fame for answering Amanda Berry’s call for help. AlfonZo Rachel wonders why the Obama Administration did not answer Ambassador Chris Stevens call.”

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Y’all know me for talking about how we need to promote conservatism in the cultural. This is one of those ways. If y’all appreciate the Macho Sauce Message I bring in my ZoNation Videos, help me put that message into more action by helping my band 20 lb sledge connect that message with the culture in one of the biggest ways liberals have influenced much of America; With music. Don’t underestimate the power of music, and entertainment. Let’s use those God given talents to break the spell of secularism. PLEASE SEE BELOW!!!

To those who have been requesting for 20 lb SLEDGE to be heard on Air1, THANK YOU! Keep it going! If you haven’t PLEASE DO!!! They take the request between 7:PM and 10:PM PST. If they’re going to consider us they need to know there’s a genuine continuing desire to make it worth while to add us, not just a one time request! IT’S REALLY EAZY!!!
1. Just go to this link:
2. You don’t need to set up an account you can log in with Face Book when there.
3. You’ll see this: “Still can’t find the song you want for Mixology Live ? Click Here to suggest it to us!” CLICK IT!
4. Then you’ll see this: “We value your feedback! Please send us your suggestions!” Then cut and paste this message and link there!

Can you play Divine Battery by 20 lb SLEDGE?! Here’s the song link!

And Do this every day between 7:PM and 10:PM PST Tell your friends!!! Blessings!

Remember, if you really want to help get the Macho Sauce Message out there. This is a big part of what helps!!! You’ll have less bad hair days, you’re draws won’t cramp as much, You’ll be more regular, And other nifty stuff!!!


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