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From Joe Dan: Conservative when convenient… Intellectual Froglegs S2E7


FROM JOE DAN: “So is a ‘little‘ communism good? Well, it must be, judging by the number of ‘so-called’ conservatives that watch/support The Obama Media.
And as the War on Christianity picks up steam…. we now have Army Chaplains being reprimanded for basically being religious— one would think that science has all but proven that God IS a delusion (as “Atheist Jesus” Richard Dawkins so loudly claims)… but not so fast. Science appears to be stacking up even more evidence in favor of the Supremely Intelligent and Powerful Being, we call God.
But alas, our shameless ‘grant-driven’ scientific community has been exposed as the government lackeys that they are: “the scientific whores of political johns”
So anything that suggests ‘a creator’ is scoffed at and ridiculed….as good lefties do. They embrace ‘theories’ and ‘consensuses’ like Darwinism & Global Warming, while ignoring ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that challenges the left-wing agenda… aka their bosses.”
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