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…And That’s Why I Took It Down.


Hi all!
I’ve received emails asking me why I took my donation button down.
I took the button down after I reported that The California Tax Board
Went into mt bank account and stole every penny out of it.

I’m blessed with supporters who contribute to my efforts,
and when supporters found out that the CA Tax Board cleaned me out,
they wanted to pitch in and help restore what the government stole.

As much as I appreciate this, I couldn’t accept it.
I don’t want y’all pickin’ up for what the government stole.
Especially since the federal and state governments are stealing from you too.

I don’t owe the government any thing. None of us do.
Taxing our income is a violation of our right to property,
and the government would be well enough funded to do what they’re supposed to do if they followed the original tax model, and our economy would be much better.

But my taxes were paid, but they took what they wanted anyway, because California is run by greedy liberal democrats who feel justified in being entitled to other people’s property.

I was never warned that I supposedly owed. They just burglarized my account.
I was never put through any sort of audit. They Just took every cent.
If I owe anything, they still have yet to tell me how much I supposedly owe.
It’s been since May, and they still won’t give back my money and they’re still not telling us why they took it.

The CA tax board has made it more difficult for me to do my job, because they’ve interfered with me being able purchase equipment and software etc.

The CA Tax board costs me over draft fees because I can’t really keep money in the bank, because they’re likely to steal it.

I can only sneak in a little bit to pay our bills electronically and allow our charities to deduct, and hope they can before the CA Tax board steal it.

I don’t know how much they plan to take, or when they’ll stop.

Liberals accuse people of hiding money in their mattresses, yet they’re a big part of the reason people resort to such things.

So as I said. As much as I appreciate the gesture, I don’t want folks taking it upon themselves to replace what the CA Tax Board stole from me.

That’s why I took the Contribution button down.
But thank you for seeing Macho Sauce Productions worth supporting!



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