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Post Racial Survival PSA: 50th Anniversary MLK Dream Edition


Many have asked, How come Allen West, or Condoleeza Rice, or even myself weren’t asked to speak at the event on the mall.

I almost experienced a bit of disappointment as I thought, why didn’t my conservative compatriots of color hold our OWN event to pay homage to MLK’s speech? Why did we sleep on this??!!!

And then I thought, We didn’t sleep at all! We honor MLK’s dream every day, because we’re awake and LIVING THE DREAM!

We don’t need to gather for an event and whine about the dream like these race hustlers do, who are a disgrace to the dream.

I heard that Boehner and Cantor were asked to speak, but turned down the invitation.

If that’s true, I’M GLAD!

The organizers went to republicans who would be squishy, and pander, and look weak.

They didn’t want to invite rock ribbed conservative republicans who would have reminded them that Martin Luther King was fighting the racism that the democrats instituted.

But this isn’t really a commentary about MLK’s speech, or the event. The left has profoundly missed his message, so I doubt they would get what I’d have to say about it. They probably won’t get this one either, but I know there are some that aren’t hard wired liberal who can dig where I’m comin’ from with these relevant observations, as I offer practical tips to get past racism, instead of offering a fantasy that racism can be solved by electing a black president who was elected by racist motives. Thanks for watching! PLEASE SHARE!!!

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