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The Black NRA?

20 lb SLEDGE is not your typical rock band in that they’re not in lock step with the liberal ideology.
And they take issue with the “Funny or Die” Video called “the Black NRA”, which had about as much comedic fire power as a spit wad. It was cheap shot against people like NRA Spokesman, Colion Noir.

It features celebrities like Sarah Silverman, and David Allen Grier, and we know how much star power is so important to Hollywood.

And a lot of good their message does. It’s their message that gets liberal democrats voted in who have control over the worst cities.

These cities aren’t the way they are because they listen to us.

I’m quite sure a lot more people know who these liberals are than they know who we are.

And who are we? We’re just a group of American blacks who don’t buy what these liberals are selling.

Whether it’s social ideals, economic ideals or in this case their view on the 2nd amendment.

We support the 2nd Amendment. We know that freedom is a God given right and it has to be protected from people who will infringe upon it, whether it’s a criminal or a tyrannical government. (Which can be the same)

And the liberals in that video are the type of people who influence other people to give that kind of power to the government.

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