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The Atheist Antidote w/ Brock Lawley: This Is A Great Birds & The Bees Talk

Liberals are a strange breed. They feel that soda is more of a threat to a child’s future than pre-marital sex.
They’d rather see a teenager reach for a condom than a Coke. I watched Brock’s amazing video and reflected on myself as a teenager. I could have gotten defensive and indignant. I could have said, “Well I was having sex as a teenager and I turned out ok.” I could have taken it as an attack on me and my not so pure teenage skirt chasing. I’m not perfect ok!!!! Whata ya want from me!!!

But that would be selfish of me. I know that this so called “liberated” lifestyle more often weighs people down with imprisoning baggage.
It doesn’t make me a hypocrite to let teens know, and encourage them that it is in their very best interest to wait until marriage.

If I was still out there trying to dive into every pair of draws’ I could shake a stick at, then yeah that would make me a hypocrite.

Teens will say, “What’s the big deal? It’s only sex.” Even the secular minded adults will encourage the idea.
To which I say, “If it’s no big deal, why are you in such a hurry to have it? Why are you so defensive about the experience Why so appalled by the thought of not having it until marriage, if it’s no big deal?”

It’s hard to wait. I KNOW! It’s especially hard when the culture is more and more making sex the fashion. It was like that in my teen years, and with teens in the generations before me. I was no angel, and my ego isn’t to big too admit that.

But I’m hopin’ that these teens will be stronger. My part is to encourage them to be so.

I was disappointed, though not surprised when I saw that Brock’s fantastic vid had more dislikes than likes,

and I reckon the ones who are disliking this video will be types like selfish males who would get your daughter pregnant, or a young female who would abort whom could have been your grandchild, or a male who feels entitled to sex who could be a date rapist, or a child molester watching porn on his computer, all of which who actually believe that they are just as moral as anyone else.

As for me I’d encourage ANYBODY who’s got kids, especially teenage kids to bless their kids with this vid by Brock Lawley.
If your kids aren’t teens yet, save this vid for ’em. –Zo


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