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A&E Doin’ Duck Dynasty Dirty

I wouldn’t be able to make a ZoNation commentary on this til’ next year, so I’m writing up a quick observation.

According to liberals, if you disagree with same sex marriage, it can only mean you hate gay people.
That’s it. Nothing else.

And liberals call us Christian conservatives absolutists?

We have to agree with their lifestyle on their terms and dare not express a contrary thought
to it, no matter how civil, lest be accused of hate speech,

and liberals accuse us of being absolutists?

It’s funny. Democrats try to make like they’re the champions for the 14th amendment and equal protection, but democrats are the reason why republicans passed it.

Because democrats were the worst offenders of violating equality.

They demonstrate that today with how they attack Christians.

It seems they ignore that a person can’t be discriminated against because of their religion too.

Phil Robertson has been discriminated against because of His religion.

Sure A&E Has a right fire him, but they still discriminated against his religion.

Phil Robertson did not discriminate against gays. Giving your opinion on behavior is not discrimination.

Phil Robertson did not blurt out a hateful homophobic rant.

If you wanna hateful homophobic rant check out Alec Baldwin.

On top of that you can get it from many liberals who resort to homoerotic epithets to demean people they disagree with.

Secularist liberals selectively believe in Jesus when they think they can use Him to justify their world view.

(Which violates the commandment to not take the Lord’s name in vain)

On top of that these cherry pickers claim that the New Testament doesn’t address homosexuality, but when we point out that it most certainly does, they foam up like vampire that got a squirt of holy water.

They accuse us of being less evolved with our thinking, while they claim homosexuality is normal because animals do it.

Well if humans are displaying the same behavior as animals that will have sex with the same sex, and will have incestuous sex,

then it doesn’t seem like these humans have evolved much from beast hood with such behavior.

Don’t accuse me of seeing homosexuals as less than people. It’s liberals who resort to comparing homosexuals to animals to justify their behavior.

I wouldn’t at all be surprised if A&E Tries to make the Robertsons cast a homosexual as a condition to bring Phil back,

and if the Robertsons refuse, then A&E will use that opportunity to use the Robertsons to further promote the prejudice that Christian conservatives are bigoted homophobes. They will also try to drag the black community into this to try to bolster sympathy for LGBT Movement, as they try to force the perception of Phil as a racist. Since Liberals are dependent on people believing that being gay and being black have something to do with each other.

Remember. This isn’t ultimately about same sex marriage. It’s about destroying Christianity.

I think I’d be happier if the Duck Crew Migrated north from the pit of liberal vil. The Godless were being rewarded from the Robertson’s faith. Which is fine. God’s grace is paid for all. But instead of receiving it gracefully, they reject it, and they have that right to. So I’d say well, if they don’t appreciate the eternal gift of the Lord, let them not enjoy the fruits of the Robertson’s either. That right swings that way too.

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