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Observations Of The Romney NAACP Speech

So Romney got booed at the NAACP. Booed Shmood. We knew that was gonna happen. We saw that comin’ like we saw OWS comin’ to protest Obama’s celebrity fundraising friends. Oh wait…  Sorry… Um…How ’bout, we knew Romney was gonna get booed just as sure we knew that the hypocritical OWS wouldn’t protest Obama’s rich fund raising buddies. How ’bout that?!

As I’ve said on many occasions, the majority of the black community has long complained that the republicans don’t do anything for them, while at the same time making sure republicans are not welcome in their community to do anything.

They’re upset about the state of their communities but welcome democrats with open arms, seduced by democrat pandering.

And the democrats keep them in their discontented state while blaming republicans when republicans aren’t even welcome in office in their communities to be at fault for anything!

And after making sure that republicans aren’t welcome they turn around and say that the republican party ignores them and doesn’t care about them and only cares about the rich, which of course makes the republicans racists.

That’s all it takes to be racist?

Democrats have done evils from establishing the KKK, to Planned Parenthood, and which to this day is the party of eugenics waging a genocidal campaign against the black community through abortion, but they’re not the racist.

Mitt Romney was welcomed to speak at the NAACP, and he showed up. Kudos, but he didn’t go there with the pandering power of Biden! And if Biden were black, Biden wouldn’t have had to show up at all, and they would have been just as loyal to to ’em!

They Love people like Bill Clinton who’s mentor was a segragationalist, and who made excuse for Robert Byrd being in the KKK at his memorial,

But they keep Romney at arms length, even though Romney’s father was a civil rights activist.

It’s strange how the black community for the most part opposes homosexuality yet seems to love being politically, socially, and mentally sodomized by the democrat party.
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