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Monday Stuff 01.27.2014

MSNBC Incites Anger Against Huckabee With Another Edited Video Clip
To be fair, MSNBC is not the only liberal news channel to edit the Huckabee video clip without disclosing if they did so for time or context.

Face The Nation edits interview with Ted Cruz


Smaller Is Better? What Is the Proper Role of Federal and State Government?
Trifecta discusses the proper role of state and federal government. Is it to eradicate income inequality or to provide for retirement security? Could it be that the proper role of government is properly delineated in the U.S. Constitution? Find out.

Something’s Kosher with the First Amendment: Protecting Religious Freedom in Prison
A court ordered Florida to provide kosher meals to its inmates. Soon, the number of inmates requesting kosher meals soared, even among inmates who were not Jewish. Florida tried to fight paying for the additional expense of kosher meals but lost. Trifecta wonders whether the importance of religious liberty, even in prison, far outweighs the expense of serving kosher meals. Hear why.

Colion Noir for NRA News: Martin Luther King Jr.

Michael Junior

Bone Hampton @ Comedy Night


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