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Don’t Just Preach To The Choir. Arm Them And Send Them Among The Wolves.


Before Listening to the video below, please consider the following.

For years I’ve been workin’ to let conservative republicans know

that shaking your fist at the government while your back is turned to the culture

is a losing strategy.

The government we get doesn’t appear out of thin air. They are representatives of the culture’s desires.

Unfortunately too much of the culture desires that the government give them benefits at the forced expense of others.

The politicians are happy to oblige because it means another term for them.

And what we end up with is a government that is liberal with taxing us,

liberal with spending the money it takes from us,

liberal with regulations and fees,

liberal with borrowing- that’s putting us in to a very liberal amount of debt,

and over all taking gross liberties with their power, and and taking liberties with the constitution,

as opposed to being conservative on all these fronts.

Leftists. And when I say leftists I’m talking about, Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, socialists, communists, statists, fascists, and more often, atheists.
( There’s Christian Leftists too but their world view doesn’t square Biblically.)

Leftists have advanced their world view because they use mediums like music, comedy, story telling, and creative illustrations to relate their ideas to people.

As I’ve often said. ‘Leftists have the wrong message, but they’ve got a great delivery system. Conservatives have the right message, but they’ve got a wrong delivery system.’

Conservatives are far too lacking with creativity. They claim to be the party of the free market, but competing in a free market takes creativity. They claim to love Reagan, “The great Communicator,
but aren’t practicing enough how to effectively and creatively communicate.

The leftist world view is a selfish and self righteous world view, and selfish people are VERY creative when it comes to getting what they want, and they can be very creative with turning people against each other to do it.

the democrat party and even democrats who consider themselves Christian have instituted the violations of the ten commandments. The very foundation of the democrat party was founded on instituting what is apart from God.

The foundation of the republican party was established to honor the God given rights of all men protected by the constitution. It’s basis is the most respectful Biblically and constitutionally.

The problem is the people who represent as republicans, not the platform. Too many republicans have deviated from what the republican party was founded to be.

A lot of people aren’t so much disenchanted with the republican party because they think they’re too right wing. The problem many people are having is that they can’t tell the difference between the two parties.

because too many republicans are acting like democrats and have forgotten their Godly roots that set them apart from the democrat party.

The people now just see politicians in general as corrupt and power hungry.

Republicans have allowed leftists to mock God, and to insist that God has no place in the public. Leftists have frightened the people with the notion that the Christian right wing conservatives want to make our nation a theocracy.

When if they knew anything about Christianity, they’d know that it’s Christianity itself that protects us from becoming a theocracy. For Jesus Himself is the ONLY King we’ll accept.

The Bible does not want earthly kings trying to play the roll of executive, legislative, or judicial priests.

But too many Christians have been deceived by the notion that they’re not supposed to stain their faith with politics. I don’t blame them. Politics suck. But the spiritual war manifests in things like the cultural and political arena.

The leftists are working vigilantly through the culture to remove God through political process, and And too many Christians are letting it happen.

The leftists are sucessfully doing this because they know how to use the tools that effect people: Music, Comedy, Story telling, and creative illustrations, and it’s well supported.

They’ve taken hold of the people’s imaginations, and turned their imaginations against you.

Republican Conservatives, if you want to succeed in getting this nation back from the cliff bound road that the leftists are driving the country towards,

you gotta get creative or support those who are creative.

You have a creative legion that you have yet to connect with, and they’re your Christian artists.

Support them!!! Build a relationship with them. Let them know who you are, and that we believe the same thing.

Abortion Violates the commandment to not murder and the the right to life. Democrats support Abortion. Republicans don’t.

Income taxes Violate the commandment to not steal, and the right to property. Democrats support income taxes. Republicans don’t.

Income taxes violate the commandment to not covet. The leftist are always looking at someone else’s wealth and saying they need to pay their fair share,
and demand the government take it from them and redistribute it. Democrats support wealth redistribution. Republicans don’t.

Income taxes violate the commandment to not have any other god’s before God, and violates the right to free exercise. When the government taxes you, they’ve taken
your 1st fruits before you can tithe. This violates your right to free religious exercise, and puts the government before God. Democrats supports this. Republicans don’t.

Democrats have institutionalized adultery. Women are rewarded for having children out of wedlock, and can keep receiving tax paid benefits as long as there’s not a contributing man.
Democrats support same sex marriage. Republicans don’t support these things. Democrats do.

Democrats have made it an art to falsely accuse thy neighbor as they’ve waged a campaign of prejudice against the republican party- Accusing the republican party of being racist when it’s the democrat party that founded the KKK, Imposed Jim Crow laws, the Dred Scott Decision, Eugenics, Anti-miscegenation laws etc. As well as accusing republicans of not caring about the poor, when the poorest crime ridden areas are ran by democrats.

The bigotry in American history that people claim to be angry about
has been lead by the democrat party. But the democrats have successfully yet falsely accused republicans of the evils democrats have done.

So to conservatives, you have to get creative and counter. And your source of creativity is in the church! Do it now, because more and more the church is building a wall against you to their own peril.

Because they’re not seeing that what is unGodly is being advanced politically.

If we want a bigger harvest and keep our God given freedom, we have to be able to do it without the government infringing on the 1st right of the 1st amendment; Free religious exercise.

And you all know that’s what’s happening as the culture grows more hostile to Christians.

The republican party was founded to protect the God given rights of all men as outlined in our founding documents. It’s rooted in Christianity. Christians and republicans gotta get back together, and don’t let any one tell you other wise.

Don’t even let republicans try to tell us to leave Jesus out of it. And unfortunately there are some with that mind set. Too much of our problems is because we keep trying to leave Jesus out of it.

Some Christians will say I’m being divisive, not realizing that I’m pointing out to them that it’s the leftists that are the agents trying to divide people from God.

Conservative republicans are missing a key element to advance in their efforts to keep this nation from going way left off a cliff. That element is creativity. That creativity is in the Christian culture.

Support it!!! Start here. Go to this link and Donate. Even if it’s just a dollar! DO IT! ChristianRock.Net

Let ’em know you at least hear them, and start the relationship to reach the culture using the tools of music, comedy, story telling, movies, teleplays and other illustrative mediums the left has been using.

Go to this link to make a contribution. Get the ball rolling to compete in the culture!

Lastly here’s a rant from a young lady who also understands this.

Warning. She uses a lot of profanity.

F bombs all over the place, but she’s telling a lot of truth. And she very much understands the powerful impact of music and art. She’s delivering potent insight, but again she uses a lot of profanity.

I’m not at all saying that we have to resort to using such language to get our point across. As you may have noticed I didn’t use a lick of profanity in this blog, and I don’t rely on profanity in my videos or my music.

So in promoting a Christian message, the Gospel doesn’t need profanity to make it more powerful. The Word of God Spoke the universe into existence. It’s powerful enough on It’s own. Adding the F word to It ain’t gonna make It more powerful. It ain’t like God said, “Let their be F#$?in’ Light!!!”

We gotta get creative y’all. And that Creative resource is the Lord, manifested in the Christian artist culture. Team up. Support.

Follow this link if you want to hear the rant spoken of in my blog. CLICK HERE
(but don’t forget to donate to the link I shared with you!!!)


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